50 Shades of CENSORSHIP

This is the one argument that I  keep coming back to. There are so many debates I have such strong opinions about, most of them are a lot more relevant then this topic but I feel that out of all of them, this one I’m the most passionate about. I’m most passionate about this issue because I feel like this shouldn’t even be a debate, like it’s back tracking on all the progress that’s been made towards anti-censorship.

For anyone who has not read the book or seen the movie, I’m completely jealous of the fact you’re so blissfully unaware or I’m proud that you haven’t fed into the hype of this subject, but I guess for the purpose of this rant I mean ‘relevant passionate opinion’ I better tell you a brief synopsis. I am going to extract something from an unbiased source, just so you understand the intention of the author over the interpretations of the 50 shades of abuse people. (Ok, it’s virtually impossible to find an unbiased source on this subject, so here’s a brief extract in amongst the strong heated opinions)

Fifty Shades of Grey is the story of a college student, Anastasia, who begins a relationship with a 27 year old very successful and powerful businessman, Christian Grey, after interviewing him for her college newspaper. Ana loses her virginity to Christian, and he wants her to sign a non-disclosure agreement and a contract that keeps their relationship purely sexual and defines how their relationship as one of “dominance and submission. The novel plays on tension over the nature of their relationship and the possibility of romance and love as well as Ana’s sexual explorations.

By the way I have read the book but have not seen the film, nor did I bother to or read any other book in the trilogy. May I also note that this was written as fan-fiction to Twilight, I mean, come on, doesn’t that speak for itself? My honest opinion of the book is that it was a poorly written, over-sexed piece of shit excuse for adult literature. I think it’s pretty pathetic that it gained any sort of positive recognition in general let alone a franchise.

But it has, and yes it sucks but really, the book to blame here is Twilight, 50 Shades was just an extreme example of what spawns from the minds of desperate women who idolize crappy romance novels. It almost seems like one of those embarrassing fantasies that she happened to write down that wasn’t meant to be seen by the public and her jerk friend decided to steal the writing and send it into a publishing company and boom, instant publicity.

But if you read any romance novel, they’re kind of all pathetic like that in their own way. I don’t have anything against anyone that enjoys the romance genre, book or movie, I just don’t like it. I think the romance genre in general gives a false sense of what a healthy, realistic relationship is meant to be. But who the fuck reads fiction for realism? Might I remind everyone that 50 shades is fucking FICTION, you aren’t meant to take it fucking literally!

It’s not this book that scares me, it’s the reactions from intelligent females that feel so strongly against it. Just because you don’t like something does not give you the right to boycott it! And then there’s the opinions of the BDSM groups that have come out of the greasy shadows to get some sense moral high ground on the subject. Are you fucking kidding me? You make porn, what the hell right have you got to bitch about the supposed ‘bad name’ this book is giving you. Porn in general has a bad name. Porn has always been exploitation of women for the sole purpose of men getting off. Isn’t it sad that everything is so PC now that even the dirtiest of porn has to be about ‘love’ and ‘trust’. I don’t know about any of you but that’s not the reason I watch porn (and yeah I don’t have any issues with porn as it is what it is). Those two words are the last thing I want to hear about when I’m watching people do that shit to each other, that isn’t a turn on. It’s the same reason people watch porn, because nothing about it is realistic, porn is fantasy. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it but for fucks sake don’t censor it just because you disagree with it.

People keep missing the main point of the story too, when they talk about the abuse of it, and how she didn’t know any better and wasn’t explained the rules properly. She signed a fucking contract, who signs a contract without reading the fine print first! Actually in general, who signs a contract about dominance and submission without knowing what that actually entails! The thing about contracts is that it usually says everything in the fine print, it’s just that people are too lazy to read it and that’s kind of your own fault. Morale of the story, don’t sign contracts you don’t understand and aren’t prepared to research first.

What makes me even more sad is that these 50 shades of abuse people clearly think that women everywhere are fucking stupid. That everyone that disagrees with them are fucking stupid, or we hate women. Lets get one thing straight.


Are we going to go back to the good old days where we burn all the books in a big book burning ceremony? The thought makes me shudder. Even the shittiest of books and ideas doesn’t deserve that. The world is never going to be what people want it to be, there are just too many differences of opinion on how the world should work. If you start censoring one thing, then everyone has the right to censor what they want to censor then there goes our freedom of speech.

You may think I’m being dramatic, but I think wanting to boycott a book/movie is far more dramatic because people think that a book is going to influence the way girls perceive a healthy relationship. This book has not made an impact of how terrible young girls self esteems are. This book is not going to change the way relationships work. Feminism has come a long way and because of those brave women we do have a chance to be treated as equal in this world. I agree, it’s not quite there yet but it’s a lot better then what it was 50 years ago. I also agree that that’s a pretty weak argument but banning a franchise is not going to help either. Education was and always will be the key to making a difference.

I’ve been told that I don’t understand the difference between censorship and a boycott. For the record, I understand that boycotting something is not censoring it, it’s just encouraging people in an intimidating manner to agree with their opinion and refuse to do something like read the book or watch the movie… Because that doesn’t sound just as fucked up…

Censorship is wrong. Censorship is ruining it for everyone else just because you’re too lazy to educate your kids about the importance of your own morals. Censorship is forcing your own opinion on someone that has a different opinion to you. Censorship is evil and wrong. By all means, disagree with something, I hate a lot of things too, but don’t force people to agree with you. Write about it, blog about, bitch about but don’t ever tell me what I should and should not read. Oh, and stop making people who actually enjoy the book feel like martyrs that don’t support women’s rights!


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