No Regrets

This is a pretty vague title to a blog, there’s a whole bunch of things I could be referring to when I say I have no regrets. I could be talking about my life path, the jobs I chose to do, the people I met and associated with, the drugs I took. But if you saw the front picture that I attached to this post, it’s pretty clear the subject of regrets that I do not have. As my parents are from the baby boomer generation, mainly all my aunts and uncles are from the same era. The main statement I get met with when they want to have a bitch at me about something is this:

You’re going to regret that tattoo when you’re my age!

I have 2 tattoos for reference, they are only mainly talking about 1 of my tattoos. My leg tat, no one has an issue with, in fact, if I’m talking to cool oldies they actually really like it. That is the tattoo that also gets pointed out on the street sometimes and complimented. It starts with a Treble Clef on the outside of my left ankle, with sheet music running up around my calf which stops about an inch from my knee. There are small notes with some stand out giant notes on the music. The first question that people ask is if it is a particular song. It is not, because that would mean I would be tied down to a particular tune which will be forever known as my favourite song. That design was the first design I ever thought of wanting to get down, back when I was 13. I was doing musical theatre from the ages of 6-16, I have 7 years worth of classical singing training. I love music, most music, I have that many songs that mean something that there’s no way I could tie myself down to one favourite song. As I said before, this is not the tattoo that people usually have a problem with, this is:


(It’s the smiley face on my boob! Sorry about the photo, it’s hard to find a photo of the boob tat without looking like a big slutbag!)

There is only 2 different facial expressions I get when people see this tattoo, disgust (from the women) and pervy smiles. I don’t care though, I have no regrets about getting this tattoo and I never will.

If you haven’t noticed, my page has the smiley face as my logo, it has always been that way. It’s ironic because I don’t smile much, and I refused to smile much as a teenager. I used to buy t-shirts, tank tops wit the smiley face on it, I love the thing. Because for me, it was like a big fuck you to society. I have smiley stress balls, badges, lanyards (the things that hold your keys so you can wear them around your neck). My favourite movie that isn’t horror is Smiley Face, which is the best stoner movie of all time.

Originally, I was going to put this tattoo on my wrist. I thought about it and realised that no matter how badly I wanted to express myself through tattoos, doesn’t change the fact that people are still highly judgemental and I really needed a job. So I decided to get it on my boob. Why? Because fuck you, that’s why.

No I thought it was a good place, as I could show it off in the summer and if you could see it when I was wearing office attire, then clearly that top is inappropriate for work. It’s honestly pretty easy to hide.

I got this at 22, completely single, still 2 years from my very intense relationship and I was playing the field something chronic. This tattoo did bring out the very worst in men, that’s for sure. It got interpreted in a whole heap of interesting ways. The main one being, Easy, totally easily fuckable, I mean there’s a big fucking smiling ok on my tit. I expected that, after all, most are simple minded like that, none of them really cared to know why I got it. So cool, the ones that didn’t want to know and treated me like a piece of fuck, I knew were not the people I wanted to spend my time with. And in that same token, there were the men that hated the tattoo so that in turn helped them know what they werent into. What’s wrong with that? Some of those guys were just plain out gross, but also stupid. The way I saw it, if I’m going to be seen as an object to these misogynistic pricks then I may as well get the most out of them. Free drinks, free food, and stuff. My boobs were like a magic get free stuff ray. Do I feel guilt about any of that? Considering the way women are pictured and treated in society, no, all I did was use that viewpoint and capitalized off it, thus giving me the power over these men. As a rape survivor, this was incredibly empowering.

Another reason I put the smiley face there was for feminist reasons, because this is my body, I’ll put a tattoo wherever the fuck I want!

This tattoo is a part of my personality now, when you have something out in the open like that for a while, it kind of gets that way. I never understood why the number one argument against tattoos is, you’ll regret this when you’re old. Why? Why are looks your number one priority when you’re old? I hope by the time I reach 70, if I make it, I’d be covered, and my grand children would look at them and think, I have the coolest granny ever, because lets face it, that generation is going to be way more open minded then even Gen Y is.

My opinions on everything to do with choice stands as this. It’s your body, your right to do with it what you want.



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