Warning! High Volume Creeper Post

I’m pacing as I write this on my phone, I’m kind of freaked out. Things in my life have made me paranoid, and the recent things I’ve been choosing to watch well, that makes it way worse.

If people aren’t familiar with the game Minecraft, the picture featured is called a Creeper, it’s also the name I give to unsavoury people on the net, which is different from a troll as they leave you feeling gross instead of angry. As Minecraft is a free world building game that’s played online with a whole bunch of people, creepers are purely programmed in to fuck up your shit. Literally, you’ve been building a base for over 2 hours, creep, creep, creep, fucking KABOOM! There goes that thing you worked so hard on. This is how I’m feeling now, I was stupid enough to feel safe on WordPress but I realise now there’s no where I won’t get shit, it’s the internet and life, I need to get a grip.

I’ve deleted the comments on my About page now but that was the first instance to make me feel uncomfortable about a guy that started following me at random, so usually I’ve been following back just as a thankyou I guess. So he decided to post a comment that I didn’t read into much at first. Please, if you think I’m being paranoid about any of this call me out on it, please, I would love to not be thinking about this any longer. He’s also just liked and randomly commented on a few things but nothing bad. Ok this was the first:

Thanks for the follow 😉

As I said didn’t read much into it but winky faces make me feel gross when written by men, that sounds sexist as fuck, but it wasn’t women who were urging me to send tit pics on my greasy online dating days. So I replied with.

No worries 🙂

Obvious smiley face is obvious, smiley face means friend, it means cut out any wrong thought you may be thinking, well that’s what it means to me anyway.

So like 3 or 4 days past until he posted another comment:

Do you have an email.

Which I replied:

Uhh don’t you need one to start a WordPress account…

That seems uncomfortable right? Right, because I was fucking uncomfortable. For one it was a blatantly obvious question that he knew the answer to and two wouldn’t you just ask not be cryptic. Again this sounds slightly crazy but my head is going nuts because it doesn’t stop here.

He decided to post something blatantly racist on his page, a link to an article which he says he didn’t read as it had American Muslim in the title. He also said he knew he was going to lose a lot of followers for this post, proceeding to spout some more stupid on the post. Why? Why would you do that, it was an obvious troll. So I decided to tell him how appalled I was then said I was going to unfollow, which I did then I blacklisted his name for comments.

Why don’t I stop to think though, why am I so fucking impulsive. Obvious troll is obvious DONT FEED THE TROLL! I shouldn’t of said shit, I should of just unfollowed and left it as that, there was no need to stir the pot. I don’t like confrontation, anymore. He was already creepy, don’t feed creepers they will creep!

So this morning I wake up, I’m still seroquel brained and I see 2 emails from him. Two separate emails. I gotta start putting up some major security now. First email said.

Since you unfollowed, please delete my comments from your blog.

Four hours later he decides to send another that is just slightly worse, I don’t know if he’s trying to guilt me with some type of threat against himself or what. But this is what it was:

Just so you know, this blog will be deleted before the year’s end. Fuck it all. Fuck everything.

I stupidly sent an aggressive email back just feeding into it fucking again! What is wrong with me! I don’t know what information he has of mine, my email may be easily accessible but people can do a lot with a little bit of information. There is a lot more to the internet then what we can access, that’s for sure. We only can access 10% of the internet but the rest is all there, under the surface. The deep Web that’s what I’m scared of when I say where did my information go.

So if you’re reading this guy, no I won’t put your name on here so everyone can watch out. I’m not starting shit because I don’t know what you’re capable of. But I know how to do things also, I also have a lot of people close to me that can do. So disregard my email and don’t send me anymore. Let’s just leave it as that.



3 thoughts on “Warning! High Volume Creeper Post

    1. I know but it’s like a knee jerk reaction for me but I feel incredibly stupid for doing so. I blocked on my email but this can still be viewed so I’m going to check everywhere I’ve been, put up more security and hope nothing bad happens.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Absolutely it’s a knee jerk reaction. I’ve got it, too. Maybe it’s my age – I am 50. I’ve burned myself SO often that I’m finally counting to 10 before I react. But it’s damned difficult.


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