This is Important

To everyone, I’m serious. I don’t know whether people already know this or haven’t realised or not but, I need to mention this, especially for all the people trying to remain anonymous on here.

I found out how that Creeper got my email, it’s so damn easy to see and I feel incredibly thick for not noticing.

Every email you get about moderating a comment has not only the email address of the person commenting but also the person’s IP address. I was shocked at, the fact that I was stupid enough not to notice this sooner but also what the fuck is WordPress putting up our IP address for everyone to see?!

With an email, I can search for you online, I can find all your social media pages, no big deal right? It is a big deal, because social media sites are easily hackable and with your email, if already got one piece of info.

This is scary shit, for those who don’t know what an IP address is, it’s the address of the computer or device. This is how people can track you. This is what hackers can use to fuck up your shit. This is what police use to find people also, kind of like tracking phone calls and location. But hackers is the main issue with this. Having your IP address on display in the internet world is like the equivalent of having your house address on display. With your IP address, hackers can hack into any area of your computer, accounts, everything you use and find your personal information.

So I’m going to find the solution on how to hide this, and then I’m going to post again. As I said in the Creeper Post, the internet is so much bigger then what we can access, I said we can only see 10% when it’s actually only 4% and I can explain all that in more posts if people are interested. But I’m still going to post the solution to this issue as soon as I find it. I’m not a computer expert but I believe it’s in my best interest to start learning.


10 thoughts on “This is Important

    1. I saw it and was like wtf. Most websites can find your IP, but I’ve never seen a website just blatantly post your IP for the world to see! I will be making a complaint also but I’m trying to research how to hide your IP on all devices.

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      1. I know who the Creeper was. When I read that post of his, I unfollowed him and took him off as one of my followers. And he was emailing me too. Not cool!

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      2. It’s gross, I blocked him on Gmail, was he sending similar stuff? I don’t like my privacy being abused like that, and this is why people need to know these things. The stuff that is actually on the net, the stuff people can do, it’s scary.

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  1. You make a dummy email for WordPress and use a proxy to access the site — this might protect you a bit. I have had people email just because the email I use for WP shows up on their comment moderation page.

    This is a good feature to have for blocking and reporting people, but it’s a door that works both ways. Sadly.

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      1. I had a case of a stalker on another blog venture and that IP helped the police but I really hate that it shows your IP. I find it very violating and dangerous. I actually wrote to WP about it, but I never heard back. Don’t know if they’d listen to a petition.

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      2. Everything about Google and everything isn’t right, it’s scary. I find it completely stupid that you can only black list people on here but you can’t keep your Page hidden, it’s some dodgy shit. No, they won’t listen to a petition the only thing you can do is spread the awareness of this issue so people can be safe online.


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