The Solution: Important Safety Info

I have done a bit of research, and I have come up with 3 options that I will give some pros and cons about. I have read the WordPress policy and there isn’t really anything that they’re going to do about it. Their reasoning it seems is so they can easily find stalkers and what not but it doesn’t help to keep you anonymous from everyone else. It’s clear that I could email complaints till my fingers fall of and they wont give a shit. So here are the ways to get around it, and honestly use these for everywhere else also. I mean, when the internet first was a thing everyone was all about staying anonymous for safety reasons yet in this day and age that principle has flown out the window. Every site nowadays want to know everything about you, every time we sign up for something the website stores all our personal data. They may not share it but if it’s there then it means it can be discovered by anyone that is smart enough to hack. You know all those adds you see on the side (if you haven’t installed adblocker) like ‘local singles in your area’ which gives you the exact suburb you are based in. That’s the website pulling your exact location from your IP address and spamming you with advertisement. These methods are still not 100% fool proof, there are some very smart people in the world, but they’re the closest you’re going to get to it.

Firstly though, the email thing. There isn’t a way to get past that on here. If you don’t want people to know your primary email address then make an account that is purely there for signing up on websites with. Put false information on it, leave nothing on it that links to who you actually are. In all honesty, I made one for facebook, I have a fake account on there. Why? Because of all the damn phone and ipad games all wanting you to be on facebook! I cant progress in these games without it, sad I know. But I changed all the settings so even if I gave you the alias or email you can’t search for me anyway or even add me. Even without an account I can still find people and view profiles if they haven’t changed their settings, all with just typing their name into google. So search for yourself on google, if you can find yourself easily, it’s probably best to change some settings on the websites you use. And here are the options. Got to give credit to Zoe too for telling me, honestly, the best option, along with this email thing.

Proxy Servers & VPNS

Credit to Zoe for this. For those who don’t know what these are, the definition of a ‘proxy’ is; the authority to represent someone else. So a proxy server is a website that has the authority to represent you, by hiding all your information. It is legal for people to use, illegal to those who have had the court say no you can’t use proxys. There are a few different ways proxy servers operate but here is a picture best describing what a proxy server does:


The base of that diagram is is that the proxy basically stops the source from knowing your information. So you’re the client, the server is WordPress, you can still go on wordpress but there’s a proxy there stopping wordpress (or people on wordpress) from seeing what you’re actually using. There are a few types of different proxy servers, however, most are sufficient at keeping your anonymity regardless:

Anonymous Proxy – This conceals the IP address of the user so that the target server cannot identify the origin of the user, however it identifies itself as an anonymous proxy so the target server knows its a proxy server.

Distorting Proxy – Instead of hiding an IP address it instead reveals an incorrect IP address to the target server.

Elite Proxy – This is the highest level of anonymity you can get as it doesn’t identify as a proxy nor does it reveal the IP address of the user. This is usually a paid service though I doubt you’d find it for free anywhere.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) – This is a proxy that encrypts your internet traffic, therefore no one including hackers and your Internet Service Provider can snoop on your web activity or your private information. This is probably the safest proxy you can go for but you usually have to pay for it.

So these are the type of proxy servers they are, as I said above, any of these are sufficient enough to keep you anonymous (if you’re not doing anything illegal that is). I am going to provide a link for a list of good proxy servers.

Most of these should be free

Pros – All of what I just mentioned! This is the easiest, safest way to browse online on websites like these.

Cons – You have to go to that proxy website you’ve chosen every time to stay anonymous.


Privacy Software

If you don’t want to constantly make that extra step to go to a proxy server there is the option of buying software that automatically does it for you. I guess you install it the same way you’d install any anti-virus software. You install it and it does it’s thing. There isn’t that much to say about it. I haven’t seen any free ones so far so I guess they’re like anti virus programs, if there are free ones then be careful which ones you get. Research before you download anything, and in that same statement, just because you paid money for it doesn’t make it the best thing ever (*cough Norton).

I don’t know enough about this option to link you anything, honestly I think you’re just better going through a proxy then going to all the trouble of buying something. But I will link you just one example of a program, that apparently is the best thing ever according to itself, this is just an example though:

Example Software

Pros – It’ll provide you with a list of proxys, or it will automatically pick a proxy so you don’t have to manually find one.

Cons – You usually have to pay for it, and update it. It does the same thing as a proxy server anyway. It’s a bit overkill, in my opinion. I could be wrong though there could be some really great ones out there.

Tor or other Anonymous Browser Software

Tor is like an anonymous Chrome basically. It hides your IP and lets you surf the web with complete anonymity. It also allows you to browse the deep web. Chrome, Explorer, Firefox etc are surface web browers, Tor allows you to access all of what the internet has to offer. If you’re only using it for surface web sites and normal day to day use then it’s great for that. If you want to do some deep web browsing then I suggest you don’t just install Tor and go nuts, especially if you’re running Windows. There is a lot of viruses on the deep web and a lot of bad people, there are methods to surfing the deep web that are a lot safer then just installing Tor. I will put a link up for Tor:

Install Tor Here

But if I’ve peaked your interest for surfing the deep web, then for the love of fuck be careful and please watch this video and follow this guys advice to the fucking T.


I hope that this blog has been informative, if anyone has anything to add then please do and I will make any adjustments accordingly. Bear in mind that I am by no means experienced in IT, I just know a few people that are and I’ve done this research on my own accord. So any IT specialists out there, this is a very dumbed down guide, this is just the basics for the average person that uses the internet but please link in more or better information if you can. This is just a base for things, I encourage, actually I insist that you please do your research on anything that I have suggested. Nothing is ever going to be 100% accurate or fool proof, just remember that, but with these basics it gives you a helluva better chance at being safe. Don’t even ask me if you want to share this, just fucking do it. This information is incredibly important, awareness and education is the most important aspect of safety with anything, not just the internet.

I hope this has been helpful. Stay safe everyone!



2 thoughts on “The Solution: Important Safety Info

  1. Firefox has an addon/plugin where you use a proxy but browse like you normally do. It can be slow and I think there were ads, too. I can’t recall if there’s a premium version or if it’s worth it. Or even what it was called. Anonymous X or something. Additionally if you find a proxy from a list of free ones (some even elite) you can set up your browsers to connect via the proxy in the settings of your preferred browser. I’m mobile now so I don’t have any links and I’m a bit foggy on this stuff. It’s been a little while.

    This is a fantastic post. With quite a few alternatives that are there to help protect ourselves a bit more. Personally I hate how the Internet is now all about “you” β€” I have been burned so many times, seriously. I also have a dummy FB account for games; I haaaaate that.

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    1. I really should’ve mentioned plug ins but I myself don’t know much about them so thanks for bringing this up. I also should’ve said that using a proxy will slow down your internet as it has to process the information between something, but really that’s just a minor inconvenience for a lot of peace of mind. Thanks heaps for bringing this up as well as the compliment πŸ™‚


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