Karma in My Favour

I made it through the Sunday/Monday combo with my mother, yay! No complaints about the house that we spent a few hours cleaning on Sunday night, so that was a win. Didn’t realise how bad her back has gotten now until we walked up to the hospital which is largely short easy walk, 15 minutes max. It took us double that because of how slow my mother walked and the fact we had to stop on numerous occasions because the pain got too much. This was even with me holding her large handbag. And don’t worry, no one was in hospital or anything, mum has worked in the hospital as a purchasing clerk for about 31 years. My mum’s an inch shorter then me so only 4’9″ with giant hips that already make her walking more like waddling, but it’s still not right when my normal pace was incredibly fast and I usually have to jog a tiny bit to keep up with the people with normal sized legs.

So we did that, the girls from the office came down, gave her a card, standard smelly handcreams, chocolate and a big bottle of grog. I used to catch the train from the station that’s close to the hospital to get to school so I’d go stupid early with mum in the morning, bum around the hospital for a while then head off to school. There was a Cafe in the hospital for both staff and patients and before school I would be sent down to get mum her cappuccino and I would get a hot chocolate with it. All the staff in that Cafe were nice and they already knew my mum’s order, weak, skinny cappuccino extra hot, so they learnt that I was always going to get a hot chocolate. This was 8 years ago, fuck, that’s how long I’ve been out of school for.

They still asked if I wanted a hot chocolate, after all these years they still remembered me! I then proceeded to say no, I’m an adult now, I’ll have an adults hot chocolate, a mocha. So I was sitting with mum and her work colleagues, a bunch of women ranging from 45 to 60 and I still felt the same way as I did when I got forced to do this as a child. I understood what they were talking about but it’s still just as dull and boring as it was 8 years ago. All I can hear is chicken clucking, thats what my mind spans to anyway. So there was lots of crying and all that. My mum didn’t want to quit work, she was a year off retirement but she was given so much shit in the last few years, she was so stressed out it was affecting her health so she said fuck it, no more. So she took 3 months of sick leave she’d accumulated, then some long service leave, then some more sick leave. All this time they didn’t know whether she was coming back so they couldn’t replace her or train anyone. So then a week before Christmas she resigned, all that time lost for them and no one to put in her place. They asked her to give them the password to her work email so they could get the supplier information from her, she said no so they just had to shut it down leaving the suppliers wondering what the fuck and them needing to chase them all up manually. They asked her to clean out her desk, she said I don’t want to come in yet, you can wait, so instead the manager packed it up and drove it straight to her house. Now I see where I got my fuck you attitude from.

So our internet stopped working yesterday. We called telstra and asked what the fuck man, they told us that they’ve been having issues with the cable, a lot of people are experiencing the issue so they had to send out a technician to fix it. No technician to the 4Th of January, that’s 2 fucking weeks away! I don’t mean to be so dramatic but what are we meant to do, all our entertainment is there! We don’t watch TV we stream everything on line, our ipads run off the WiFi so they’re rendered useless, it was a depressing thought to say the least. I was in despair and that was when mum had called and suggested to me, why don’t you go down to a telstra shop and get them to give you a wireless dongle with internet on it. I thought this was a stupid idea, as if a giant company like telstra is going to give a fuck about our lack of internet situation, but turns out they could do that, but catches galore.

The first guy in telstra was like yeah shouldn’t be a problem, come back in 15 mins and we will have it all set, I thought cool too easy, didn’t even have to get angry. We came back and this other guy was like, well the call centre should’ve put on your file to give you a dongle, we can’t authorise it we are just a shop that sells phones. So they put us on their phone to the telstra call centre again and we had to explain it to them again, well mister had to because it’s his name on the account. All because I forgot my ID when we signed up. Phones make mister very anxious, especially being pressured into making a phone call in a shop, a public place. Anyway, that got sorted so they were like here’s 6gigs. Pretty shitty consolation considering we have 200gig cable internet with telstra, best but most expensive phone and internet company. So I bitched and moaned, told them how unfair it was that we still have to pay a bill for a service that we aren’t getting. After a while as they were putting it through I apologised to the guys. It’s really not their fault, they are just a retail shop selling telstra phones and such after all, they have nothing to do with the accounts. We had a conversation with them, I told them that it’s a big bill for someone unemployed, and that we use the internet for everything. They were very understanding. Just as we were leaving the guy hands us a receipt and says “this is 16gig worth of prepaid internet, worth $140, don’t put it on till you use the other 6gig, this one’s on the house, merry Christmas”. The store just gave us that, all because I stopped to apologise and talk to them like normal human beings!

We spent ages in the shopping centre which is weird for me coz I fucking hate them. I hate the noise, the crowds and the lack of money I have. But it was 8.30pm qnd barely anyone was around with most of the shops still open so we just cruised. We got heaps of reduced shit like food shit I mean which was cool. We got Misters 10 year old sister a couple of small things, I’ve painted her something too. We got diablo 3 for the Xbox 360 for only $15, we haven’t bought a video game for over a year now!

When we got back home, the internet was back up and running. A Christmas Miracle! The end.



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