Merry F****** Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and will probably be the last post I make till maybe boxing day or something because I have to do the family thing and won’t get time to write anything.

I just thought, considering how religious this holiday is, I’d put up a song from South Park. That sounds really bad doesn’t it? I hope no one gets too offended by it, it’s just that it encompasses a lot of what our holiday is about. Am I digging myself a hole here? As much as South Park was all about being offensive back in the day (not anymore everything’s so PG) it was also about acceptance through humor. Trey Parker was Catholic and Matt Stone was Jewish (might be the other way around I can’t be fucked fact checking) they always mocked and made fun of both religions aswell as other things to prove a point to everyone. That was the main reason I loved South Park, because they made fun of everything, nothing was a taboo subject for them.

One thing I can’t stand is the hypocrisy of some who say, and I’m giving examples here, laugh at black jokes but get butthurt at cripple jokes. You can’t just say one offensive thing is ok to laugh at but not the other. If you’re one of those people who just don’t like any offensive joke then ok, but geez come on it’s all just out of jest. It’s either all ok or all not ok, and I’d rather live in a world with the first option because I hate censorship, I’m pretty sure I’ve made this clear in a few of my other posts.

I also have to make my religious stance clear, not that it honestly matters. I’m agnostic, not religious but not atheist either. I think it’s just as ignorant to say there is no god because of lack of proof because there’s no evidence that God is not real, in the same token as there’s no evidence that he is, if that makes sense. I believe in respecting others beliefs. I find it frustrating sometimes when religion can be so hateful and cruel, I don’t agree with the wars that have been started in the name of God, but I also believe that it’s not my place to judge, I don’t know what people with faith feel maybe its real enough to fight over? I just choose not to follow, I also don’t like feeling forced into being part of someone else’s opinion, I don’t force my opinion of religion upon anyone so I expect the same respect. If I have door-knockers, I don’t go ape shit, I engage them in debates because if you knock on my door, then you get to hear my opinion too.

So how do I feel when it comes to the true meaning of Christmas, as in the story of Jesus’s birth and the whole bit? I think that Christianity is a deeply ingrained aspect of our culture, even if you don’t agree it should still be respected as part of our western heritage. And if you look at other parts of the world, some aren’t nearly as lucky as us to have that same religious freedom. That in itself deserves to be celebrated.

So to everyone celebrating Christmas for whatever reason, may your day be peaceful and joyous.

Merry fucking Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Merry F****** Christmas

  1. Hahahaha! That was pretty offensive. And funny. I’m a Christian, and like you, I respect other people’s beliefs, whatever they are. I don’t try to force my beliefs on others because my relationship with God is a personal thing. It’s between Him and I. If I hadn’t experienced God in a physical and spiritual sense, I would be agnostic too.

    But sense of humour… It’s so important hey. And so different for so many! I have a very inappropriate sense of humour.

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    1. It’s all meant to be in jest, I feel it’s better to just laugh at it all then get offended by it. My grandparents were Christian and they taught me to love everyone and respect all beliefs. I can’t lie and say I know that God exists, because I have not experienced the same things as others. But if someone were to tell me how God changed their life I say that’s awesome, I’m happy you have something to believe in. I like you too, for who you are not your beliefs, but I respect that your beliefs shape who you are as a person.

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  2. Gotta love South Park. A lone voice of comedy in a world gone mad.

    I am very much a ‘show me’ type of person. Prove it, or I won’t believe you. I’ve had several experiences that ‘prove it’ as far as belief goes, at least for me. Doesn’t mean I don’t question or struggle. I do.

    The part of me that hates how religions have been twisted to be a reason for hate wants to deny any celebration at this time of year. On the other hand, my pagan self recognizes an innate desire to light things up and toast away the darkness. So I keep things based on the solstice: the lights, the good feelings, the hope that winter won’t last forever. And I watch irreverent things like South Park, to remind me to laugh. 😉

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