Look, I did a Thing!

It’s been a couple of days since I last posted, I haven’t been very active on comments and such either. I’m sorry! I said in my About that my attention span is kind of short, and I ended up with Christmas presents that re-kindled the drawing phase.

Let’s get things straight though, I am NOT an artist, I never claimed in my life to be one, just like I claim that I am not a writer/blogger. Being an artist requires creativity and original thought, both of which I lack. I copy everything, I’m so cdo (like ocd but in alphabetical order as it should be) that I gained the ability to copy an image down to a fine point. I do not use tracing paper, I just have the original picture next to me and I copy it to the exact detail. There’s always a lot of erasing, a lot of sharpening my pencil to the point where it’s so sharp it can pierce skin and a lot of re doing the same line over 20 times.

I was always cdo with colouring since I was 3 years old, I didn’t like drawing my own kiddy stick figure drawings, I liked colouring already drawn things, like in colouring books. My parents didn’t really allow me to be a child, would always correct my wrong pronunciation of words, would only praise me if I did something impressive. When I coloured I would prefer textas over pencils because I preferred bold colours, which I spent hours colouring between the lines. I was incredibly literal with the colours I chose too. If it were a cow I’d colour it in browns, a tree would be brown trunk green leaves, sky was blue, grass was green, you know realistic colours. In my first year of primary school I got time out for yelling at a child that they were colouring wrong because they were colouring a horse purple and also not really caring that they were going out of the lines. 

At 9 years old I was copying Simpson’s character faces. When I first started I would cry for hours because they didn’t look right. After weeks of trying to perfect Homer I got him decent enough for 9 year old me to be happy with. I always got the exact opposite responses off my parents. Mum would say it was brilliant no matter if I handed her a scribble or a da Vinci masterpiece. It used to shit me because it didn’t help me get better nor did it encourage me to think I was good. My dad on the other hand would just say I wasn’t that good and shouldn’t brag, basically. I don’t think he ever was impressed with me till I reached at least 14. As much as his responses hurt and depressed me, I knew that if I got some praise out of him then it meant I must of done well. In doing so though I’ve never really been truly happy with anything I’ve done. I’ll be impressed after I’ve initially done something sure, but give me a day and I’ll pick it apart piece by piece.

Jumping to only days past Christmas though and mum got me the things I told her to get me because I couldn’t afford them. Yay for her listening to me! I used both of the things she gave me to do the Pokemon picture featured. Since I haven’t drawn in a couple of years because I’ve been painting instead I needed something easy to get me into the swing of drawing again. It’s a completely different platform that’s for sure. I can’t erase lines on a canvas but I can paint over all my mistakes. Once I’m colouring with textas on paper, or fine lining however, if I fuck that up then I’ve fucked up and can’t fix it. I can’t shade properly with paint but then again I never could figure out how to do it with pencil either. I am all about my hard lines and bold colours, that’s why I’m attracted to cartoons. I’ve been told I have a surgeons hand, I can quickly and efficiently draw a line without needing to shade, I’m also accurate at keeping a line straight. The way I draw is incredibly mechanical, nothing about my personality is arty farty, I’m dead serious expression in everything I do. I’ve been urged by a few to do tattooing but again that involves having an imagination which I just do not possess.

Anyway, here’s the first thing I got off mum:


Watercolour fucking Derwent pencils 72 of the things! This is not a cheap set of pencils. And I know there’s probably heaps out there that are like oh my gerd there’s like totally better brands of pencils out there, but to them I say, fuck you man, Derwents have always been the top of the line for me. Granted, my parents got me my first set of the same thing at 7, I apparently showed potential at being amazing at art, they thought I was a child star so they got me top of the line pencils. The thing is for one I didn’t particularly like colouring with pencils because they didn’t give a bold enough colour and two, I had no idea what the difference was between just pencils, and watercolour pencils. You don’t either? Well I’ll show you!

This is the before shot of me just colouring it in with the pencils first:


Notice how it looks like it’s been coloured in with pencils, duh. That’s what normal pencils do. But this second shot is after I paint over it with water:


You may not be able to notice much difference but it’s definitely there! With just the addition of water, it makes it all blendy and smooth (notice I can’t explain shit properly, hence not an artist). Normal pencils don’t go all blendy and cool, only watercolours can.

Obviously the Pokemon title itself was not done by the Derwents, that was done with my textas of choice which I’ve always used from the earliest age of 3:


These are connector pens, they are aimed at children because they’re like Lego textas, you can stick their lids together and make guns and shit! It’s such a childish thing, and believe me, the kids at school all wanted these because of the Lego factor. But these textas are hands down the best textas you can get, that are obviously not artist standard. Not only is the colour consistent if you colour in the same direction but they last for agessss. I lost a lid for one for a couple of days and the fucker was still working just as well! Plus when I was a kid, there used to be like 72 colours, now the highest you get is a lame 45 colours.

I remember walking into an art shop with Mister, like a full on ladi da type expensive art shop. We were there to get charcoal pencils and such for mister, coz he’s a proper artist, like can copy photos of faces and shit and draws his own stuff and can shade and shit. We were discussing art supplies with the chick at the counter and I said I used connector pens to colour in. She gave me this pansy arse scoff giggle and just ignored me whilst continuing to flirt with Mister. She thought I was a joke for using kids products to make art, well…


I also failed art in school, go figure.






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