And Now For Something Completely Different…

To those who recognised where that quote was from kudos to you. Ding ding ding, we have a weiner Monty Python ftw! But seriously there’s like a few thoughts of blogs that are trapped in my head write now so I’m just gonna shove it all into one post.

So I drew another thing, this one took days, hours of giant book flattening and using a shitty glue stick to stick pages together. It was lame, the black is paint, it’s totally shit to use paint on paper. It’s also totally shit to use water on paper so the Derwents are like a big fuck you. Hehe here’s a perfect blending formula but your paper is going to mold itself into stupid shapes that’ll look poop.

Here’s a before:

DSC_0027.JPGThe main is obviously the  finished shot. I love the Gorillaz not just because they make cool as shit music but because the person that did their characters was Jamie Hewlett. If you don’t recognise the name he’s the artist of Tank Girl, my favourite graphic novel/comic book of all time. I could go on and on about how amazing Tank Girl is but that in itself deserves it’s own post.

But the Gorillaz makes a great segueway into music. I don’t really share music, I didn’t do it on Facebook and I didn’t really do it on any other social platform. But I’ve noticed there’s a few on here that are into punk and I must admit, our country have some cool bands. The two bands I’m going to share are actually from my home state which makes it even more cool!

City of Angels –  The Distillers (this songs about Melbourne!)

Greg! The Stop Sign – TISM this is serious mum (this band is an acquired taste, people either love or hate this band)


5 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different…

      1. Then I suggest the best album by the Distillers is Sing Sing Death House, though they only have 3 albums. And TISM have heaps of albums, a lot of songs are made up of rants about Australian sports and shit but check out the song ‘(He’ll never be an) Ole Man River’ I guarantee you’ll love it. Oh and if you’re into those 2 then check out Yidcore, they’re a Jewish punk band from Melbourne who tend to cover ballads and cover traditional hewbrew songs in punk. I just got totally excited coz not many are into these bands, specially not TISM

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