I’m angry and I’m female, I must be a feminazi!

I wanted to find an eye catching picture to illustrate my exact feelings on the subject, but that tag, even feminism, the shit that came up on google images search made me heave. I literally feel sick. The ignorance, the hate, the injustice, it’s so fucking sickening.

I don’t know why I started up looking all the shit I did, someone I’m following wrote about Bill Crosby and asked for the thoughts of people about the issue. I couldn’t really write anything without understanding of that entire situation so I decided to look it up. The whole thing reminded me of the rape scandal surrounding AFL player Stephen Milne, accused of rape in 2004 which only got sorted late 2014. And by sorted I mean there will be no more trials, he just got to walk away with no criminal conviction and no chance of the case being re-opened. I was also shocked to see some Hawthorn players were accused of drugging a girl and raping her in the back of a car not long after the grand final this year, no shit it’s last year now, in October. As you can see I have not been following the news at all, Hawthorn is the team I barrack for when asked even though I don’t watch football, because, well, you know, you’re Un-australian if you don’t barrack for an AFL team. They were also the winners of the grand final. I’m not shocked because they are being accused. I’m shocked because the president of the team knows who the accused are, but are keeping the names secret, they are not allowing the names to be known.

The AFL and even the Australian police, aggressively protected Milne from all his wrong-doings. They shamelessly victim-blamed and slandered the girl involved. Anything to protect their precious, idiotic, brutish footballer.  This isn’t even the first time these people have done something stupid either. St Kilda club party either 2012 or 2013, they had a little person as a performer which they ‘accidently’ set on fucking fire! That one is something to look up as I can’t remember the details but I don’t need to say more of the calibre of nature that footballers are. All I remember from these instances are the normal Australians, women and men, defending the names of these footballers, slandering the victims. It’s sickening that the culture of this country values the character of a person of how well they do at sport, evidence and truth be fucking damned! There was a video that surfaced with the Milne case, physical evidence, that you can’t find anywhere anymore, as it got covered up so well by the AFL.

Another incident that happened, that may have circulated further then Australia, I don’t know, was that of a woman who walked home alone at night in Brunswick after leaving a club, was gang raped and murdered. Shit like this happens everywhere, everyday, but the reason this was so hyped in my state, and everywhere was because she was a well known journalist, and Brunswick is incredibly close to home for a lot of us, me included. As much as mainstream media tried to raise awareness to these instances (by shamelessly capitalising off it) everyone else around talking about it was still victim blaming! ‘She shouldn’t have been walking home at night by herself’, ‘She was wearing slutty clothes when she was at the club’, ‘Her male friends offered to take her home but she refused, it’s her own fault’. 

This is what the culture is over here! This is the reality of females all over Australia! This is why I never reported the instances that happened to me! Because I live in a country where it’s much easier to blame the victim then it is blame the perpetrator and any female that does speak up is a slanderous cunt that is asking to be attacked! How dare we speak up! Any woman that does must be a fat, ugly dyke bitch that hates men and expects special treatment…

One of the most fucked up websites you can come across is called ‘Revenge Porn’ it’s a website where you can post naked pics of your ex along with all their personal info including full name, phone number and address for every other fucker that’s sick enough to be exploring that website! Guess which country that site originated from?…

I’m angry, actually, I’m more then angry, I feel nothing but rage everytime the subject is brought up. I don’t want to be the inferior gender so I must be a feminazi. I want to be able to walk down the street at any time of the day without fear, so that makes me unrealistic. I want so wear short skirts and little shorts, fuck I even want to walk around topless like the men do in summer, but that makes me a slut. How dare I have a vagina and boobs! It’s clearly my fault I got raped! It’s my fault I am weaker!

When I was 18, in summer I used to walk around in a miniskirt and just a bra, out in public, why? Because I can’t get away with my tits out so why not a bra?! But it’s ok for me to wear a bikini, that by the way can be a lot more revealing at times, when I’m at the beach or swimming. But it’s ok for men to walk around topless because it’s hot, but me wearing clothes that are small because it’s hot makes me a slut. Why is it that men can wear or do whatever but when it comes to females the what and the time needs to be dictated to what’s appropriate when it’s appropriated! Because I guarantee you, if I walked down the street topless, no bra, I’d be charged with indecent exposure… 

I’m angry alright, I’m enraged. Because a lot of people got away with scarring me for life, but if I spoke up now, because I was too scared back then, I’d just be slandering names… I am HALF the person I could’ve been, I have memories that will never go away, years I will never get back. My childhood was stolen from me! I have pain so deep that will never heal, because memories like that don’t fade… I am broken, a piece of me was taken, killed, mutilated, just the same way my body was, I was only a child! I will always have fear, I will always have hate, and to make it worse, I live in a society where everyone thinks it’s my own fault!

I am forced to live in a world where I am powerless, I am weaker, I have less rights, I am a slut, I deserve it, I am HALF of a man and I am only on this planet to reproduce and be owned like a piece of furniture by my man! I do have a partner, but he in no way owns me, he does not complete me. He loves me, he helps me and he protects me, he does not demand control and he listens and empathises and crys with me. This man is deemed a ‘pussy’ in the eyes of the other men in society, any man who supports feminism is slandered on nearly the same level.

To all the women out there, think before you automatically judge the little, perky girl as a tramp. She’s a person with rights, just like EVERYONE is entitled to. And to the men. I don’t hate you, I refuse to judge the actions of the majority based on the minority. But I urge you, be fucking men, real men. Stand up with us and say it’s not right! Unfortunately for women out there, our fight has to half be fought by men for other men to listen… Oh the irony of it all…

Lolabipolar inspired me to write this also, for she will embark on a journey to writing a thesis of an incredibly worthwhile cause. The rape culture of Western civilisation is sickening enough but the third world countries, is absolutely horrific. I myself, could not do it, my mind would crumble but she is going to for the sake of women everywhere. I have all the admiration for her for doing this.



11 thoughts on “I’m angry and I’m female, I must be a feminazi!

  1. Wow!!! You are a true feminine hero! Using your voice to speak for those whose voices are silenced by a culture where woman continue to be objects, and “less than” men.

    Thank you for writing this and sharing your story! You are a beautiful, strong woman, and if we have to be labelled “feminazi’s” then I wear that with pride. Speaking out for those who have had their voices silenced is the most admirable trait, I believe.

    I hope you don’t mind me reblogging your post ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  2. people behaving like Nazis (dehumanizing other human beings or supporting the dehumanisers) calling feminists who dare to fight against and stand up to the evil culture of misogyny is beyond repulsive-irony.
    Powerful post.

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    1. Thank you so much for the comment and the re-post, you have no idea how much I appreciate it. There’s not many moments that I think about all of this, but when I do I fall in a hole so deep it feels bottomless. Comments and things like that give me acknowledgement that what I went through was not ok, that people do care about these issues even though it seems like the majority don’t. I didn’t have that peace back then, thank you for giving me your piece of peace now 🙂

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      1. “piece of peace,” that’s fantastic. and it’s a pleasure. fuck “brave”, you’re a warrior for speaking up and sharing despite the constant BS of the world. here’s to you and so many more keeping the flame of resistance well and truly lit.

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  3. I find it amazing that women continue to be treated poorly even though we outnumber men on this planet. If we all walked out like the women in Iceland did, we could probably get things to change. The world would come to a stop without us, and it’s about time men acknowledge that. And I’m not just talking about in the workforce, but at home too. At the basic root of humanity. We could take it ALL down.

    Rape is the ultimate act of power/powerlessness. Victim shaming is part of that. Of course women are to blame. If not us, then who? These little boys who NEED to rape to feel powerful? They can’t handle that. We have allowed a pervasive culture of shaming ourselves, in the media, in the courts, in our heads. And yes, Kim, get ready for it. I’ve had a lifetime of ‘are you a dyke?’ just because of my views.

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    1. I totally agree and I would love it if all the women of the world stood together to say enough. Unfortunately a lot of the problem is the way we see ourselves just as you said. It’s kind of hard not to when we have such ridiculously high expectations put on top of us, from the media, from our magazines and from all the previous generations. We really need to start being kinder to each other also, women have a habit of attacking our own gender, I know I didn’t have many girl friends for that reason. I’ve never been called names before, I just get sleazed on if I’m alone because obviously I look like an easy target. But I’ll happily take the name of dyke for the cause, I’m comfortable in my sexuality, nor do I see it as an insult.

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      1. You bring up a tough subject – how women treat each other. Yep. Sometimes we are the most vicious with our own kind. I don’t know if that was imprinted on us from an early age or if it’s some sort of instinctual reaction from the animal side of our natures, but it really sucks.

        I think the thing that’s hardest for me is that we’re always looking to change the way we react to men, rather than the other way around. Case in point: the argument over exotic dancers and strippers. Many women feel that demeans females as a whole, but many women who do it find it empowering. Same with those sexy looking ads. Why must we argue about these things? Shouldn’t it be okay to be sexy and FEEL sexy at times? Shouldn’t it also be okay for us to not want to be sex objects at times? These arguments are based on the way MEN see us, not the way we see ourselves. Victim shaming in rape cases is AGAIN the way men see us, not the way we see ourselves.

        I’m currently living in the aftermath of what went down in Germany over NYE. No. This is purely a MALE problem, not a female problem. Men need to sort themselves out. If they can’t control their penis, well, do the Bobbitt on them.

        I hope you continue to be okay with being name called. It gets wearing after a few decades.

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  4. Oh I definitely wasn’t implying it’s our fault, I only bring that up because it would be nice to have added support from each other. If someone chooses that that’s what they want to do, be it strippers or brothel maidens, if that’s their choice then it’s fine, what’s the issue? As if we need to be shamed any more then what we already are. I remember an instance where a woman was defending her right to stay home and look after the kids/house and her husband when out and worked. She was getting attacked by feminists for that. No, these things aren’t the issue I see. The issue is women getting paid less for certain jobs, and the rape culture, ugly a title as that is. I’m not just against rape of women, I’m against it for children and men also. It’s disgusting to know 1 in 10 men say that no actually means yes coz women don’t know what they want. There’s the issues, there shouldn’t be a debate that’s the fucked up part. No means no, don’t do it, that’s it, clear and fucking simple.


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