Blatantly Offensive

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Actually, compared to most things I watch this video is quite tame. I’m going to post a song by Andrew Hansen from The Chasers War On Everything. The Chasers is mainly a political based sketch show which liked to fuck with politicians and people in the mainstream media fairly publicly. They also did other comedy stunts on the unsuspecting public with their ‘does this advertisment work in real life’ segment. An example of which, they started playing hackey sack with a popcorn chicken piece from kfc, in a library (a hackey sack is like either a woolen ball or ball stuffed with soft beans, it’s soft, barely round and doesn’t really bounce and the aim is to keep it airborne using only your feet).

They also had another sketch that landed them in jail for a couple of weeks. Back in 2005-2006 they had the big meeting of world leaders (think it’s called the G20 don’t know I’m not that knowledgeable of the subject) and it was held in Australia in Sydney. They managed to drive a car, a limousine, with the convey of limousines full of world leaders through the street, with a Canadian flag on the roof, and the Chasers dressed as security guards around the car, just like the world leaders had. On their security tag it was clearly marked JOKE but none of the real security guards checked properly. They didn’t think they would make it all the way in to the meeting but they did, they passed over 5 security clearances! What got them arrested though was when all the world leaders were getting out of the car Chaz (a chaser) stepped out of the car dressed as Osama Bin Laden saying ‘why wasn’t I invited’. It was Julian they went for first, actually, they didn’t even grab Chaz, they grabbed the guy dressed as a security guard who acted so professional to get them that far. He only got 2 weeks of community service as he was from the ABC who obviously bailed him out.

This pissed off a lot of people in the country, but it also gave the Chasers notoriety with EVERYONE from politicians, the media to the everyday person. No matter how offended people got over this prank there’s still no denying it was the most EPIC prank that came out of Australia. It made them tighten their security for future world leader events that’s for sure!

The next thing to cause a stir from the Chasers was this song that I’m going to post. It’s called they Eulogy Song and it basically calls out a lot of main celebrities that have died and paints them in a bad light, whilst saying they’re remembered to be awesome people because they died. It offended a lot of people. It came out not too long after Steve Irwin died (you know the crocodile Hunter) and only days after Belinda Emmett sadly passed away from cancer, which was Rove’s wife, Rove was Australia’s biggest talk show host up until his wife passed on. Don’t worry, nothing bad was said in it about her it just gets almost mentioned as part of the joke.

Why am I posting this? Because the song holds a lot of truth to it. I understand people get upset over celebrity deaths but it also annoys me that people hold them so close to their hearts when they die. You didn’t even know them personally! Are you also just as sad and do you remember every single person that dies everyday? Because you should if you mourn the deaths of celebrities, they are still people, just because a person isn’t a celebrity doesn’t mean they didn’t do something grand in their lives, they just weren’t in the spotlight.

Don’t get too offended, you’ve been warned. It’s all in jest, bad taste nonetheless but still funny.


2 thoughts on “Blatantly Offensive

  1. Reblogged this on Nadiras Locs and commented:
    So much for security measures. This is just as bad as the DEA getting caught in brothels. I feel sooooo secure. . . :-/ –Clearly, the “commoners” are the only people with jobs they must take seriously. #EndRant

    Thanks Kim, great perspective!


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