I’m a Big Hypocrite

I can’t say I wasn’t sad about the news of David Bowie’s death. He was fighting cancer for 18 months without the public knowing (at least not me that’s for sure) and tragically lost the battle at the age of 69 (what an age to leave this mortal coil on).

I know I’m a hypocrite to be saying I’m sad, I didn’t know the man. It’s more, I performed Changes, I was a fan of the films and I guess it’s like all the celebrities I grew up with being alive (through my aunts, uncles and other family because I am too young to technically grow up with listening to him). Man I don’t know. I guess because it was so out of the blue, I’m a bit startled. Death always makes me question when my time is up.

RIP Ziggy, you will be obviously missed by your family, friends and fans.


2 thoughts on “I’m a Big Hypocrite

  1. I binged on Marilyn Manson in my mid to late teens and heard of Bowie through Manson interviews about his biggest inspirations (and the eye!);
    I too feel as you do, don’t know him intimately (as far as a music fan might know him)
    But I was moved “by proxy”?
    My idol loved him and inspired him so I felt connected; an uncle connection maybe,
    In any case, I love people who are so individualistic; and innovate and spread the gospel of being yourself. Such a person dying would be said all day any day.
    “Death always makes me question when my time is up.”
    Same here. Acutely so.

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