Animal Crossing & Youtube

So I guess I can say I’m better then yesterday, not entirely back to normal but somewhat more level. I guess there’s a few things that have been piling up. But I slept well last night with no dreams so that’s always good.

Plus I found some new youtube channels that was almost impossible for me to not laugh at so, thanks youtube. Plus I’ve found another game that allows me to do all the writing process and more, almost on the same league as Pokemon but completely different game.

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It’s called Animal Crossing, and for those who don’t know what this is, it is a Nintendo series with a few games in the title where basically you are a human (a weird ragdollish human) living in a town that you get to name and control, with a bunch of anthropomorphic animals. The main aim of this game is to have a nice town, that’s it, that’s the game.


This sounds simple but there’s so many aspects of it I can literally write a whole book about it, which I’m in the process of doing…


This is also an incredibly relaxing game for me, because I’m not thinking of battle strategies or anything like that. This is the newest title in the series for the 3ds, and the main difference between this one and the others that instead of just being a villager, you’re the mayor. This game goes off real time too, if it’s 11am in real life it’s 11am on the game, it will go by the date and time of your Ds or gamecube, wii, 3ds whatever. So, shops will shut at a certain time, your villagers will go to sleep and wake up at a certain time. So in all the other games you didn’t have the mayor duties, you just had to concentrate on: keeping your villagers happy by talking to them/doing things for them/writing them letters, catching bugs/fish and giving them to the museum, digging up fossils and giving them to the museum, paying off the loan for your house, doing up your house, collecting clothes/furniture, doing events that come up on certain days, planting trees/cutting down trees, planting flowers/watering flowers and there’s more. But now as mayor you also have to do all of those things as well as, building public works projects and keeping up your citizen satisfaction.

The currency in animal Crossing is bells and you get them from selling bugs, fish, shells on the beach, fruit from trees and items like furniture and clothes. You have to pay 10,000 bells as a deposit for your house to get built otherwise you live in a tent, then you have to pay of your house loan, then if you want to expand you have to pay off another loan. You also have to pay for your public works projects. You have to write to your villagers and they will write back to you the next day, they will get upset if you swear. They will get upset if you don’t write. You also have a bank where you earn interest depending on how much money is in there at the start of every month. Fuck, this game is like the perfect introduction for kids to learn about real life.

As you can see when I get low I regress back into child like things and games. It’s kind of helping too because if I keep to this routine of managing my town I can routinely do things around the house too. Today is the day I’m going to start properly cleaning, making the list, ticking each thing off the list. It’s going to take longer then a day but if I start cleaning the house, it should help me unclutter my head. Then I can think about the next best action for employment. I think when mister goes back to uni it will be easier to concentrate on what I need to do, so cleaning first while he’s still home during the day to help me.

This is what happens when to many plans are made in the future, all this month, too much is happening. So back to taking it one step at a time. Should probably make an appointment for the docs too, haven’t talked to him in a while I think it’s time I ought to again.

Anyway, these are things that I couldn’t help but laugh at on YouTube:


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