My Thoughts On Feminist Frequency

For all of those who don’t know what this is, this is not your typical feminism page. It’s only about how women are portrayed in pop culture and video games. This woman has caused a lot of waves in the video game community especially, because even the games you thought you were tame and non-degoratory are not! Even Lego is sexist!

She receives the most sickening of comments, insults and death threats on a daily basis it is very sad that people have to be like that. But that doesn’t stop her continuing to post, doesn’t stop her ‘trying to change the world’. That didn’t mean to come out so sarcastic if it did. But I’m pretty sure you can tell what my opinion is; I disagree with her.

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Her cause could’ve been so worthy, but the important shit she chooses as a sideline to her main objective, which is to basically take out every tiny detail of a game that offends you and make it safe for everyone. Her sideline objective is to stop the trolling and harassment that occurs to the female online gamers. Those priorities seem backwards to me. Some examples are; Lara Croft has tiny shorts that objectify her and a cliche backstory that doesn’t make her a strong female character. Grand theft auto, everything’s wrong with that game. All the faces on Lego block people all look male so therefore excluding little girls.

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What? There’s always been female Lego people! How does this make this exclusively a little boys thing? It’s about building shit, what is derogatory about that? Plus Lego has always made it clear that Lego was anyone’s thing, girl, boy, young, old, doesn’t get much fairer then that. I grew up with Lego and I didn’t doubt for a second that I’m weird for playing a supposed ‘boys toy’.

It’s taken a fair while throughout the history of video games to recognise women in games, and women gamers. Tomb Raider has been around since PlayStation 1 and was one of the only games at the time that had a female protagonist. Considering the seriousness of the game, and how slutty they dress every other female character in games, what Lara Croft is wearing is fine. I mean, she’s even wearing boots, ones without heels. Her character was badarse, tough in every way, and the best part was, everyone loved that game, everyone took it seriously.

If you want to point out every single offensive and derogatory thing towards women, then look at ALL of it. Because what about most of our Hollywood movies, our advertisement, everything. Why attack the one platform where girls and boys come together, find a common ground and game together? She was even going as far as to pick out the female background people in Assassins creed for too much leg showing in slitted dress. Fuck me that’s so low…

Do you know why it upsets me though? Because I play these games without a second thought, I don’t see what she points out, nor am I offended by games. And in pointing this shit out she’s pretty well telling every female gamer out there that we are wrong. We are brainwashed. We have no idea what we want. Fuck you. I tend to choose a scantily dressed female character if I can because I want to kick arse and look sexy while doing it, because I can’t look like that in the real world. The games are what they are, and it’s not been offending anyone in the community till now, where everything anyone says has to be monitored in fear of upsetting someone because we’ve all turned into fucking crybabies in the last 10 years. Before, you had no choice but to be a male character, now most games you choose between the two. That’s progression. And Nintendo has always been aimed at everyone with their cute graphics and lovable characters. But even Nintendo isn’t safe because of their constant princess saving theme…

You know what’s more offensive then anything, that’s more of a worthwhile thing to bitch about? The size of fucking controllers! Not so much as sexist but sizest! My hands are small and therefore makes it harder for me to hold a controller and play. It’s not fair, smaller handed people play video games too! Do you know how sizest the world is for short people. Discrimination, people don’t believe that it’s incredibly hard in this life to be short, but it is. Everything is always too high up, you can’t go on certain rides in the amusement parks, and it’s hard to see over steering wheels in most cars. Plus no one looks down when they’re walking! But am I in my right to start bitching about the way it’s always been and that no one else but me has had a problem with so far? No, because you know what? Over the years they made realisations about it anyway, the controllers got shaped better and things are changing. And when someone comes along with a militant opinion on something, no matter how righteous, it shits on all the progress that’s been made and turns EVERYONE against the cause which is already being fought on the inside. There are women game developers, designers, software engineers. Women who put their opinion in everyday. But it doesn’t change the fact that sex sells, so if you want it to change in one area, then it needs to be changed in every area, and that area spans a lot further then video games and pop culture.

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This is seriously how I feel when I hold an original Xbox controller, they were designed for big hands (obvious exaggeration). And shouldn’t it be about freedom of choice anyway, instead of pushing an agenda that you believe is right for the majority? Isn’t the main reason of feminism to give women and everyone all equal choice and opportunity? Well, some of us like those games, lots of us do actually, a lot of women play games like grand theft auto. If you fight to ban things like that, you are taking away a woman’s right to choose. You are sending the movement backwards, and you are dictating what people should like or not like. Do I think you deserve all the abuse you get? Fuck no. Do I think your heart is in the right place? Fuck yes! But your sideline cause is a much better thing to be concentrating on, stopping the trolling and sexual misconduct for female gamers. I guarantee you you’d have me on side, and a lot of us, because that shit isn’t on. But when you are attacking games that people love they are going to take it as an attack on THEM. And people are extra aggressive online so you WILL get a lot of shit. It’s not worth the fighting, your other cause is, and you’re completely overshadowing it with something that not many are going to agree or fight with you.

Again it all comes down to censorship, at the end of the day you want to censor what you don’t agree with and I’ve said it a fucking lot now, censorship is wrong! Education is and always will be the answer. If you don’t like something or don’t want your kids playing/viewing/reading it, then that’s the parents job to make that decision or your own decision not to view/play/read. But if I make that decision to view/play/read something, I shouldn’t be made to feel guilty because I’m not supporting a cause I think is not worthwhile. I do not want to live in a world where everything is censored, it’s just another form of dictatorship, whether you think feminism is a good cause or not, censorship is NEVER the answer.

This is just my opinion on it. Here’s a gif of our early morning talk shows playing wii sports, cause its funny.




10 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Feminist Frequency

  1. More and more these days, we’re hearing from the flip side as well. Men/boys have long had to deal with the body shapes thrown at them: perfect abs, bulging biceps. I’m not a huge gamer, but I sure can’t come up with a geeky male character in any games. Most of the ones I see/hear about have super pumped dudes with proportions that are just as impossible to achieve as Barbie’s.

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    1. What is also the case with games, it’s not about the gender of the character, it’s about the character, like sonic for example, the gender does not make that much of an impact. And it is fantasy, both for males and females so I agree, they never do think about how unrealistic the male characters are as well.

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  2. Last year I read this article:

    Summers, A. & Miller, M.K. (2014). From damsels in distress to sexy superheroes, Feminist Media Studies, 14, 6, 1028-1040, DOI: 10.1080/14680777.2014.882371

    My understanding (and it could be wrong) is that it is less about how women are represented in games, and more about WHY they are represented as such in games, or in this study’s case, in gaming magazines. The problem is (and this presents a lose/lose situation really) that there are two types of sexism: benevolent, and hostile sexism.

    My notes on these two types of sexism: “Benevolent sexism = endorses traditional attitudes toward women (particularly paternalistic, protective attitudes toward women) – considered to be the more positive form of sexism – encourages male power through the ascription of traditional gender roles and the need for men to protect women.

    Hostile sexism = endorses attitudes and behaviours that exploit women as sexual objects (through derogatory characteristics of women) – justification of male power through the objectification of women – view women as power seeking and using their sexuality to gain advantage.

    Both are built on the notion of male power.

    The researchers analysis revealed that women portrayed in video game magazines are no longer princesses in need of rescue, but are now often sexualized and dressed in revealing clothes. As princesses, they were portrayed in a benevolent, yet stereotypic manner, whereas the sexy, scantily clad women of more modern games are often portrayed as sexual objects. Their study reveals a vast change from benevolent sexism to hostile sexism in the portrayal of women characters in video game magazines.

    These portrayals may have an impact on how men view women in the real world.”

    So, as I said, its a lose/lose situation really, because if women are portrayed as damsels in distress, feminists will get upset because it stems from benevolent sexism, and if women are portrayed as sexy and scantily clad sex objects, feminists will get upset because that stems from hostile sexism – so its not so much about how female characters are represented, its more about the sexism behind it. And the reason for that is because that kind of sexism is also behind the perpetuation of rape myths (“she was asking for it”; “she was drunk, she deserved to be raped”; “she’s my wife, she has to have sex with me” etc).

    Its a really, REALLY tricky, and very complex argument, and everyone is going to have their own opinion on it. I totally understand your opinion, and I respect it. I also get pissed off when some of my feminists beliefs conflict with how I live in real life – you know, like shaving unspeakables, revealing my cleavage, wanting to lose weight because I think I look better slimmer… There is, at the end of the day, no “real” right or wrong – what matters is what YOU think. What matters, is how playing a game as Lara Croft makes YOU feel. Don’t worry about what other people say and think about it!

    Sorry for the LONG comment!

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    1. No, I should’ve made it clear that feminist frequency definitely has their reasons. But can’t you say the same thing about most action movies? I truly believe that the video game industry is realising both forms of sexism you mentioned, actually I only really know about these since this morning because I watched a YouTube video on it today, have been an issue for a long time. But it is slowly changing, I keep using Pokemon as examples for everything but in the first game you could only choose a male, as the game progressed they gave you the choice between male or female. Since I played both characters I know for a fact there is no difference of dialogue at all. The fact is, the thought behind it needs to change before just single things can, even though they actually are slowly.

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      1. Yes, I believe they are changing! And its because women (and men) are becoming more aware of these forms of sexism. Change never happens quickly. We just need to keep speaking out, and raising awareness 🙂

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      2. Being militant about it isn’t the answer though. There is nothing wrong with raising awareness but when you start being about boycotting and censoring things that people really enjoy, and may not have seen an issue with, it’s going to start building a hatred towards it. And I must admit, there are some feminist causes that are guilty of this. Nothing is going to change when you stop people from doing things that they enjoy, such as playing certain types of video games. The world is unfair on women, but if you concentrate on all the bad you miss the good changes that have happened, and it will make you angry and drive you insane, and no one listens to crazy people. I mean, it’s sort of the same argument as what people think of brothels for example. Is it a cruel, objectification of women, or a choice by a woman to make money off being a sex object that also may stop men from going out and raping? I guess the same thing could be said about my tattoo, when people see it without meeting me. I don’t know, all I know is I don’t like being told that something I enjoy is wrong when I wasn’t even aware that’s how others may view it. And I understand people for feeling the same way.

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