Clearing Out The Lungs

I woke up this morning sounding like a cat coughing up a fur ball. Granted, I’m a smoker so I wake up most mornings coughing out my insides, but this morning is different, I know it’s different because this has only happened once before. The first time we quit near the start of last year, for 3 months. I’m coughing a lot more then usual, but every time I cough I’m coughing up chunks of thick mucus. And I’m not sick. Yet. That will come, it did last time. Bronchitis for days…

I didn’t post yesterday because all the pieces of our vaporizers arrived yesterday and me and mister were putting them together, finally an electronic machine I understand and like building. I only smoked 3 cigarettes yesterday, and they all tasted pretty bad. I can’t believe how much has changed with these things from the last time, it hasn’t even been a year yet. I understand why I couldn’t do it last time. It was a chore. It was boring. It required more will power then what the machine itself was helping.


This is what my last e-cig was when we first tried. You filled it up, held the button and yeah. That’s about it. You couldn’t change the wattage or the temperature or the amount of vapor it produced. You just had to deal with it being that way. Do you know what’s helping with the quitting process this time? The fact that they’ve turned it into a hobby now, the fact that you can set it up, tailor it to fit the amount of vapor that you want. You can even mix your own liquids so that you can have whatever flavour you want. You don’t even have to have nicotine in it at all, if you don’t that’s even better as there is absolutely no poisonous elements to it. But even if you do you are still cutting out 95% of the dangerous substances that are in a cigarette.

It’s super frustrating for me that we still have the tobacco here. And please don’t say, why not just throw it out. No way man, that’s like throwing $50 in the bin. Tobacco is expensive over here, we are poor, I’m not throwing it away. I’m going to finish it and use it as my weening off. It’s going to be so much easier once they get the batteries for this thing back in stock. Since it’s Chinese New Year and most online and physical stores order them from over there it’s been almost impossible to find the batteries, we managed to buy one so we only have one vaporizer working at the moment. It needs a battery but it also charges by usb so you can even have it charging in the car if you want. We ordered some clear nicotine liquid from New Zealand so we can start mixing it with liquids we bought yesterday, Thug Juice and Pink Carousel, can’t wait till I start making my own liquids properly, they are going to have the wackiest names. Australia is the worst country for substances, it’s not even worth doing drugs over here, seriously. But the laws for nicotine in vaporizers is full of loopholes. It’s illegal to sell liquids with nicotine but it’s not illegal to use it or import it as long as it’s for your own personal use. Anyway, I’m gonna show you what I did yesterday:






As you can see we bought all the parts needed to create our own customized vaporizer. As you can see the tank we bought, the Billow V2, is not the same brand as our base which is the eVic-VTC Mini. We also bought the tank with no springs or wick, this is something we had to do ourselves because it was a slightly cheaper option. You don’t have to buy things separately, the eVic does have its own tank which is fully built. Even the mouth piece at the top is customisable, if you look at the photo I used as my header, my red version has a customized mouth piece whereas misters black model has the standard one that came with the tank. There are also black rubber bands in the top and bottom of the tank, these can also be changed to whatever colour. So there are so many things you can change on this thing. One of the best reasons why making all these things customisable is the fact that if something breaks or goes wrong in it, you simply change the piece that has broken without having to replace the whole thing, like my old model. Another great thing about the eVic is that its firmware up-gradable. For those who don’t know what that means, think of the big updates that your android, iphone, tablet or ipad need to do. That is an update of the firmware, whereas the updates for your apps are updates of the software. When there is an update available for the firmware in my eVic, I can simply plug it in with the usb into the computer and download the update.

my creation.JPG

This is the base of the tank, this is the fiddly bit that I can say I officially built. See those springs? I made them from scratch with the wire that I featured above and a screwdriver. I had to undo those tiny little screws and slide the springs in. I had to carefully bend and manipulate them so that they were on a perfect angle just far enough away from the springs and perfectly above a hole that sits under them that you can’t see in this photo. he other tricky part was trying to be careful with the little screws because if you tied them u too tightly then they could potentially snap the thin metal of the coil. Then I had to connect it to the base and hold the button, making sure both coils heated from the inside out at exactly the same time, I had to be careful to not shock myself by putting the pliers on the springs if the machine was on. After that was all good, I moved on to the wicking. See that stuff that’s going through the coils, its cotton, its just been made that colour from the liquid that needed to be dripped on it. That was in my opinion, more fiddly then the coils. You had to cut it into strips, fluff it out, put it through the coils making sure there was enough resistance but wasn’t too tight, then you needed to cut it to size, put the liquid on so it was easier to manipulate, pushing it down into its little wells but making sure you got none of it in the actual chamber. If you get any cotton in the chamber then it won’t vape. I got this spot on and it was my first time! I also got my coils on pretty accurately the first time without it needing by maneuvering when it needed burning in.

Short disclaimer here: Vaping is for people over the age of 18. It was originally designed as an aid to help people quit smoking. If you are over 18 and have never smoked before but this interests you, do not get liquid with nicotine in it. Nicotine is the chemical put into cigarettes to make them addictive, it is also a poison. For smokers who are interested in giving up I seriously encourage you to first try vaping with nicotine and with time ease of it. Vaping with nicotine is still 95% safer then a real cigarette.

Honestly though, this isn’t a post to get all the smokers to quit smoking, it’s more a post of I found another hobby! I am never going to be one of those ex smokers who runs around forcing my opinions down everyone’s throats or lungs. All I’m saying is, if I have inspired you in any way to try this then I am here to give you any advice on products and help you get started.

There’s so much more I want to say on the subject but my post is already getting stupidly long. So I’ll save it for another post. But I will mention this. Everything we bought cost about $200, I won’t ever have to spend that amount again. The liquids we have will last us at least 6 months. A litre bottle of clear nicotine oil is $50 and will last a year on it’s own, but you have to mix it so it will probably last a year and a half. Flavoured liquids are about $10-$15 for 5oml and last about 4 months. I was spending $75 every fortnight on tobacco, and thats a pouch, most decks of already made cigarettes are at the $46 mark and they last the average smoker 2-3 days, 1 day if you’re a chain smoker. I think the math speaks for itself here. It’s also nice to be able to breath and not hear all the wheezing.


3 thoughts on “Clearing Out The Lungs

  1. Nice! I got some e-cigarettes last year, but they were gross! So I just carried on smoking proper ciggies. I’ll quit one day… Hopefully I can do it cold turkey again.

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    1. I understand that, it’s the reason I quit too. They’ve just made it more interactive now I guess, and I think the main hurdle smokes come across is the expectation it’s going to be exactly like a cigarette when it’s obviously not. The nicotine is the chemical addiction but the process and smoke is definitely elements of the addiction, I’ve just been telling my head that my chemical cravings are being satisfied and I have the excitement of creating flavours and I think that’s helping me quit. But hey, that’s just working for me, I ain’t no preachy fucker that’s going to tell anyone that that’s what the should be doing.

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