Ewwww Robin Thicke

I’m pretty late to the party on this one but I still believe it should be talked about. I’m assuming most have heard the song played on radio like last year sometime, Blurred Lines. This song is gross. I only ever heard it played in shops because I don’t listen to top 10 radio and I never got to really hear the lyrics. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with music these days? I sound so old saying this but seriously? The 90s was starting to turn a bit more sexual then the 80s and early 2000s started just straight up talking about sex but this fucking song, as the title suggests ‘Blurred Line’s’ is basically about luring in a ‘nice girl’ and saying her bf treats her to nicely and she really just wants to be treated like a whore. There is also a blatant line about rape in there. Don’t believe me? Let me just pull out some lyrics:

Ok now he was close

Tried to domesticate you

But you’re an animal

Baby, it’s in your nature

Just let me liberate you

You don’t need no papers

That man is not your maker

And that’s why I’m gon’ take a

So this verse is about taking a clearly married woman, as in you don’t need to file for a divorce to fuck me. Yeah because liberation involves being taken away from a happy relationship to be used as a sexual object against her will…

Good girl

I know you want it

I know you want it

I know you want it

You’re a good girl

Can’t let it get past me

You’re far from plastic

Talk about getting blasted

I hate these Blurred Lines

I know you want it

I know you want it

I know you want it

But you’re a good girl

The way you grab me

Must wanna get nasty

Go ahead, get up

This is pretty fucked man. He keeps reiterating that she definitely wants it, the line is repeated six times in this one verse. By the way, this has definitely turned to a rape situation from the line ‘talk about getting blasted’ meaning shes probably saying no, go away, and then the line ‘the way you grab me, must wanna get nasty’ probably from the girl trying to push him off her but him blurring the lines in his head.

What do they make dreams for

When you got them jeans on

What do you need steam for

You the hottest bitch in this place

I feel so lucky,

Hey, hey, hey

You wanna hug me

Hey, hey, hey

What rhymes with hug me?

The creep factor is creeping up for me. He suggests to her in this line it’s her fault for what she’s wearing and the terror is real for her with the line ‘what do you need steam for’ this could mean one of two things, another metaphor for yelling or grabbing out a spray for defence of some kind. You wanna hug me, what rhymes with hug me, fuck me Robin Thicke, you are a very creepy perv. But this is the rap bridge breakdown:

Hustle gang home

One thing I ask of you

Lemme be the one you back that ass up to

From Malibu to Paris boo

Had a bitch, but she ain’t as bad as you

So, hit me up when you pass through

I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two (ewwww)

Swag on em even when you dress casual

In a hundred years not dare would I

Pull a pharcyde let me pass you

Nothing like your last guy, he too square for you

He don’t smack your ass and pull your hair like that

So I’m just watching and waitin’

For you to salute the true big pimpin’

Not many women can refuse this pimping

I’m a nice guy, but don’t get confused, this pimpin’

Oh where do I begin with this verse. My fucking fuck… I’m pretty sure me adding in ewwww to the end of the line covers that. ‘Swag on them even when they dress casual’ so I guess if you replace the word Swag with creep it basically means no matter what you’re wearing you’re still asking for it. ‘Pull a pharcyde, let you pass me by’ what the fuck does this even mean?! My phone didn’t even recognise this as a word! It’s apparently a hip hop band so I’m lost for words at this random line that holds no meaning nor makes any sense at all. And the worst part in my opinion of this verse in particular is that it diminishes any man who treats a woman in a good way. A lot of blogs have written about this song and fail to mention this one major detail that makes this song truly fucked up ‘Nothing like your last guy, he too square for you, he don’t smack your ass and pull your hair like that’ no he doesn’t, because he’s clearly a decent guy! This song is not only excusing rape, it’s calling out any guy that doesn’t treat women like shit, uncool, square. What a fucking stellar message to send to young, impressionable teenage boys… And my last comments on this verse, I’m just watching and waitin’, for you to salute the true pimpin’ you want women to not only accept being raped but you want us to also be grateful for it too? ‘Not many women can refuse this pimping’ no, probably because not many of us are able to defend ourselves against a fully grown man. ‘I’m a nice guy, but don’t get confused, this pimpin’ again, what the fuck do you even mean here. Are you really implying that you actually are against rape here and are telling women not to be confused by nice guys witch malicious intent. Or are you saying you’re a nice guy rapist?

Shake your rump

Get down, get up-a

Do it like it hurt, like it hurt

What you don’t like work

All this screams at me is that Robin Thicke is a sadist and the woman he’s raping better deal with the pain, or don’t, he doesn’t care as he’s a sadist!

Baby, can you breathe

I got this from Jamaica

It always works for me

Dakota to Decatur

No more pretending

Cause now you’re winning

Here’s our beginning

Oh my fuck, thank the fucking fuck that this piece of fuck song is fucking over now. Now I don’t know what he’s giving her after he’s raped her, maybe an alcoholic drink or some weed, or heroin to numb what just happened, whatever it is, he uses it everytime he goes on his raping sprees from Dakota to Decatur, but as he got it from Jamaica it’s probably weed. ‘No more pretending, coz now you’re winning’ stop your crying, it’s over now you don’t need to play so hard to get…

What makes it all the more worse is how fucking catchy the beat is. And the fact that people don’t entirely pay attention to the lyrics, which may seem likes it’s not doing any harm, kind of opens you up to the fact that society is so numb to the rape culture. This video clip is filled with hash tags to make it more trendy, so there’s no denying the fact that this song is aimed at teenagers. It’s disgusting. The one time I hope to fuck kids don’t care enough about lyrics nowadays to fully comprehend the message behind this song. The music industry should be ashamed by taking rape awareness one step backwards.

I’m going to post a parody song to Blurred Lines because there’s no way in hell I’d ever post the original. Now I’m going to have a nice hot, long shower…




15 thoughts on “Ewwww Robin Thicke

  1. Oh my god! That song is terrible. I’d never, and hope I never will, hear it. Thank you for posting this! Makes me feel not so alone in the fact that this society is destroying girls and boys through the idea that women are sexual objects. I love your writing as well!

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    1. Thanks, honestly I’m not usually one to bitch about new age music, but that’s only because, yes it’s fairly sexual but it’s more suggestive, it’s far from being great, but at the same time this song is in a league of its own. I’ve never heard a song that was literally written about rape, interviews with Robin Thicke himself show how messed up he is in the head.

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      1. He’s gross, he’s the one miley Cyrus was tweaking against that time she pissed off the world basically. The Bart Baker parody is awesome though, he rips apart the video clip along with the song. Robin himself reckons there’s nothing wrong with the song and that it’s churchy people getting upset. Fucking moron

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      2. No, I didn’t really think about it when I said to. I guess I got used to laughing stuff like that off, but I agree with you completely that rape isn’t funny. And also that humour is the best weapon against a lot of things.

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  2. I loved the beats to this song…and I was hearing it waaaay after it came out. Then I really heard the song and the lyrics….and I just couldn’t!
    Thank heaven Weird Al Yankovic came up with Word Crimes to the same beats…that’s what plays on my phone now.

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