Learning is Hard

My brain hurts. I’m struggling to concentrate without tobacco, which is bad as I really need to concentrate. Sigh. I have to research all the stock needed for what we are selling, Web hosting costs, marketing costs, then put it in one big lump start up figure. I need to find 3 testimonials off people who are going to shop at our store. Which means going on forums. And talking to people… This is just to fill in the fucking form needed to go into a course/program that I will then properly plan out and start. At least I thought of something to specialise in. Custom built coils, minimal costs to make, super hard to install so they may pay us extra to install. Have thought of the name Mortal Coil. Not changing it. Love it. Ssss fine.

Derp. Derp. Derp. Derpy. Derp. Derp. Derp. Derrrrrp. Deeee daaaa derp.

That’s the noise my brain makes in my head when it’s overloaded. But unlike emptying a paper shredder, I don’t know how to empty my head. Though it feels like shredded paper, along with my body. Sometimes I wonder if I’m stupid for even attempting a thing like this? I’m alright, I mean, the industry is too small for anyone to have mastered this shit properly, maybe 3 years they’ve had.

images (4)

I’m gonna get there. Even if I don’t get into this one I still have the ability to do it on my own without government support. Another thing on the growing list of all the shit I gotta get done. Cant just stop and wallow either I only got till the 21St of march which isn’t that far away when you suck at home work!

No fucks were given in the spelling or grammar of this post.

I’m gonna leave you with a rediscovered animation that went viral in Australia like 3 years ago. It’s all my brain can comprehend right now, coz I’m a fucking ciggie butt brain (reference)! Don’t watch this if you hate swearing. This is based off the dropkicks of our country so the swearing is profound.


8 thoughts on “Learning is Hard

      1. The joke is because people like that spend all their money on grog and weed so they never have money for things like lighters so junkies tended to pocket your lighter ‘accidently’ coz they spent all their money already

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