A Range of Things That Shit Me

I’m aware I’m posting at a weird time for me but it’s been a few days and I’ve been trying to be regular with posting. But considering everything I’ve been taking on lately, I see myself falling behind a bit. Oh, and it’s been 3 days now since I’ve had a ciggie and I’m now going through the highly irritable stage. Things are really starting to shit me more then usual. So is the way of any blogger with readers, I’m going to have a rant, and a bitch because I assume that some of you may care. I assume. I hope. If you don’t, well sorry, coz I’m posting it anyway.

A YouTube page decided to delete my fucking comment, and I’m pissed off because it’s like, the only fucking thing I’ve ever commented on on YouTube ever. For any that uses youtube, you know the standard of person that comments on YouTube videos, fucking mongoloid trolls or arse kissers, sometimes a random intelligent comment makes it on there but considering the amount of stupid children on there, it’s pretty rare. I don’t consider myself a bully, but I will call you out if you’re contradicting yourself by spreading wrong information in retaliation to another person spreading wrong information. Some youtubers are so soft and weak and will delete any sort of negative comment on their page. Fuck sake, no one can just ignore trolls anymore. Not only that, but because I gave you constructive criticism I’m classed in the same category as a troll! This is why you have fuck all subscribers, and the big amount you got all at once was from your own criticism of a much bigger channel that fucked up. And if you can’t handle idiots on YouTube, what the fuck are you even doing on there? Actually, what are you doing on the internet?

I’m so fucking sick people treating fast food workers like shit, in particular Mcdonalds. I used to work for that place and believe me, they don’t get paid nearly enough to give a shit about your petty complaints. Want good food, get the fuck out of mcdonalds! Don’t want pickles, it’s not fucking hard to pick them off yourself, don’t be such a lazy whinging cunt about it. I find it fucking ironic that it’s mainly people without jobs, fucking dropkicks, that seem to have this superiority complex over maccas workers. At least they have a fucking job! Oh and by the way, it’s not uneducated adults that mainly work at maccas, not in this country anyway. It’s students, kids under 18 who are deciding to build up a working resume whilst having to deal with the bullshittery that is school and being a fucking teenager in general. They get paid around $8 an hour to serve, clean and take the bullshit from every entitled prick that walks in. Believe me, no amount of money is even worth dealing with people that buy food from maccas, and they get barely any money. And go to school. And sacrifice their time off school on weekends to work. So back the fuck off maccas workers! I can’t imagine the hell that workers must go through now with the make it yourself burger range, because keep in mind, every time something changes they don’t discuss it with the workers, it’s sprung on them on the day. Same with learning, there is no training, it’s sink or swim, with fucking sharks might I add considering customers give no fucks that it’s your first day there. I once got told by a customer that I should smile, and that I was rude for not doing so. Bitch, I don’t get paid enough to fake friendliness for entitled fucks like you. Take your burger and get the fuck out of my face, this isn’t a gourmet restaurant, you’re not paying top dollar for food.

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Fuck facebook. Just fuck it. Fuck people on forums. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck. Coming from the supposed most supportive community and you answer a question with *snort nope. Fuck you. Supportive my arse.

Arrrrrrrggggggg… This is probably why I haven’t posted in a couple of days.


11 thoughts on “A Range of Things That Shit Me

      1. Oh man I totally would if I could. But unfortunately I live in the least progressive country for weed, and I don’t feel like risking being arrested for terrible quality stuff anyway. I would give a lot for a good spliff.

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