A Weezer Song For Every Occasion

Weezer has got a lot of albums and song, so I guarantee you there’s like a Weezer song about everything relevant at the time. I love Weezer, they’re a unique band from the 90s which ran for a while. Which was a pretty defining decade for Indie music I’m going to post some Weezer songs and tell you about how I feel about them personally:

1. Pork & Beans

I swear this is the most anthem like song for young adults about starting to not give a fuck about the latest trends and about not caring about being judged. That’s why I see it aimed towards early to mid 20 year olds because that’s about the time you truly start getting a grip on who you are as an adult.

‘Imma do the things that I wanna do, I ain’t got a thing to prove to you. I’ll eat my candy with the pork and beans, excuse my manners if I make a scene. I ain’t gonna wear the clothes that you like, I’m finally dandy with the me inside. One look in the mirror and I’m tickled pink, I don’t give a hoot about what you think!’

2. No One Else

This song is relatable on a few different levels as the song can be interpreted in a couple of ways in my opinion. You can view it as someone who’s just been cheated on, as someone with an overly friendly bf/gf who doesn’t make you feel special, or as the way you feel when you start to get jealous or possessive. I myself don’t think it’s meant to be malicious in any way, I think it’s an honest way that some of us think.

‘I want a girl, who will laugh for no one else. When I’m away she puts her makeup on the shelf. When I’m away she never leaves the house. I want a girl who laughs for no one else.’

3. We Are All On Drugs

I think this goes without saying, but this song is about partying and the night-life or just people in general experimenting. Some of the lyrics are pretty accurate. Ouch, this line still hits me in the chest.

‘And you twitch in your seat coz you wanna hit the street when you’re, on drugs. And you cause such a fuss coz there’s no one you can trust when you’re, on drugs. And the best of your days will all vanish in the haze when you’re, on drugs. And you wish you could quit coz you’re really sick of it but you’re, on drugs.’

4. The Other Way

This is my favourite Weezer song of all time. This is a song I’d love to sing too. Why is it my favourite, because it’s lyrics are beautiful and relatable. Because it’s exactly the way I feel when mister is upset or vice versa. It’s a song about wanting to heal the pain of the other but not quite knowing how to. It’s sad but lovely, and it’s my number one relatable song by Weezer.

‘I want to help you, but I don’t know how. I want to soothe you, but I can’t speak out. I have many fears, about rejection. I have many memories of pain. I have always been a little shy. So I’ll turn and look the other way’


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