Achievement Unlocked: Official Brag Time

I got an awaaaaared, I got an awaaaaared. La la lala la, I’m a fucking legeeeeend.unnamed (3)

No but in all seriousness, thanks heaps Lexi, for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award its like probably the only recognition I’ve ever had online. I’m dead serious. When I was on facebook, not many gave fucks about what I posted, even a selfie I got like 3 likes max. I thought the internet hated me but then I realised that it was actually just all the people on facebook that I knew in real life that hated me, not the actual random people on the internet. Lol.

Look, I understand why people don’t accept these awards, I mean, it’s essentially just a standard image. And in ways it sort of reminds me of chain mail spam like you used to receive in your inbox on a constant basis (like if you don’t forward this email then some dead disembodied kid is gonna climb through your toilet, poltergeist the fuck out of a chair and smash your face in with it while you’re sleeping chain mail), only it’s really polite, thoughtful and sweet (which is incredibly vomit inducing).

But since this is my first one of these after spending my entire life without recognition on a social level, I thought I’d allow myself my first brag rights. I only starting in September 2015 I now have accumulated a total of 57 subscribers which may not seem like many to some, but to me, it’s 57 more then I’ve ever had on any website, or anywhere in my life. Considering the shit I write, it’s still a lot and it still progresses along slowly. Exactly like me.

Here’s the Rules That I Have To Annoyingly Copy off Another Blog by vision with Tabs because I’m Using A Phone To Write A Blog

  • Select 15 other blogs that you would like to give this award to. You can not nominate yourself or the person that nominated you.
  • Give a brief story about how your blog got started.
  • Give a piece or two of good advice to new bloggers.
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Make sure to attach the award itself. Comment on each blog and let them know they’ve been nominated. Provide a link to the post award.

Ok, dem da rules. But since its me I’ll layout this blog badboy in whatever format I feel.

Select 15 people to nominate or whatever

Look, I think we all know I’m not complying with this shit. I am against selectivity like that and I can’t encourage it. So you are all nominated because there’s no way I could pick just 15 blogs I read.

However Long I Want Story About How This Blog Got Started

I’m pretty sure I wrote this in my About me page but I guess I can explain again. I was trying to find a synopsis of a horror movie I just watched, because I didn’t understand it and needed some answers. Whilst searching I stumbled across a WordPress blog that had written about that particular movie and I thought it was great and I wanted to continue receiving emails from that blog but it required me to join, or maybe it didn’t and I was just being the dumb. I don’t know, but it’s kind of ironic that the blog that made me join WordPress was the one blog I’ve ever ranted about on here Dear Elitist Horror Fan Love From The Gorehound. All of a sudden some verbal diorreah spewed forth through my fingers onto the keyboard and it’d formed itself into structured paragraphs and everything, and all of a sudden I transformed into a beautiful guttermouth blogger as opposed to me being just some chick that bitched and moaned on facebook.

Some advice from the Kim, whether it’s good or not is debatable

I’m too new and too few in numbers to give any advice. Just write, just let it flow and if you can’t, don’t stress just keep in contact with the cool peeps who like your shit always even if you post irregularly.

Oh, and for the last one. Fat fucking chance you’ll see me personally posting this on everyone’s pages considering I hate chain mail. And this is still chain mail and the last few people who sent me chain mail received aggressive fuck you emails from me so I’d be a hypocrite and it’d go against everything I stand for if I comply with all the rules of this award.

But here’s a free hug and free feel good award to anyone who wants to feel the recognition love.



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