Hooray For Shit Music

Unless of course you like all the songs off this list, otherwise you like AWESOME music.

Ok, that was a big stretch considering I’ve used a couple of these songs as a weapon to get people to fuck off out of my room… No, my mistake, you have a shitty taste in taste in music and are probably about as weird as me 😱

I cracked a bit yesterday and woke up in a heaps silly mood this morning so I thought it’s time to stop being a sad sack on my page and do something different. Most of these songs you’ll probably know, or maybe the more obscure ones you won’t but I’m going to put these in order of likeliness that you’ve heard them to not so likely. And I might write about it. Maybe. I guess I’ll put up some lyrics or whatever. These are all songs that were considered on the lame side, there’s a bit of 1990s and early 2000s, because, well, it’s the generation I grew up in so I’m still semi-stuck in it music wise.

Do Ya Think I’m Sexy: Rod Stewart (1978)

This song is kind of open for interpretation as to whether you think it is annoying or embarrassing or still just as awesome. Considering I was born early 90s, so it was still old and uncool back when I was born, and it’s 2016 and I still only listened to it recently, it’s a fairly embarrassing song for me to like, that is, if I were a normal kid that grew up up to date with the latest music (I had old parents so that was impossible for me to do). Which I’m not, and my favourite band happened to have existed for 3 years in the 70s, so this is the least embarrassing song up here for my standard. Considering my general style I like to display on the surface is contemporary punk, it still goes against all the things I’m meant to like about punk music, so that’s why it’s on the list.


The Question Is, What Is The Question?: Scooter (2007)

This is a pretty fun European dance track. I mean, if you’re into electronic music then there’s no reason why this song should be embarrassing. The reason it is though is because the artist is Scooter. He’s a German MC and DJ, and in the European rave scene he’s a joke, Scooter is almost like the equivalent of Aqua in lameness over there, mainly because of his frequent use of the chipmunk voice sound effect he uses. He became popular over in the west from his remix of The Logical Song, originally by Supertramp. When that song came out I was about 11, and I instantly fell in love with Scooters beats and backing music. When I grew up more I started appreciating him for different reasons, like his peculiar use of the English language when he’s MCing, which kind of sounds like he’s reading a bunch of English sentences out of a German to English translation book. I’ll give you an example;

Won’t let you go

Me got the flow

Mash up the show


K nami nama

Like a hammer

A burning candle

Fixed up with a spanner

Actually, on second thought it’s about as much grasp on the English language as the average American rapper, makes about as much sense. ‘A burning candle fixed up with a spanner?’ Is it even possible to fix up a burning candle with a spanner? Is there even a metaphor that can be related to make those two lines make sense? I understand why he’s a joke in Europe, but he appeals to my favourite music side as well as my stupid side.

Pika Girl (Nightcore)

As you can now tell this list is steadily growing more in shame. There is a really big Nightcore scene down here. If you don’t know what Nightcore is, it’s happy hardcore, sped up to an almost chip munk level and it centres around anime, so most Nightcore raves are cosplay events too. So, if you’re not that minority of annoying, over the top anime, candy flippers then chances are you’re going to hate it, it’ll hurt your ears and annoy you. If you’re a metal head that hates all electronic music, then this song can be used as a weapon of extreme torture. I made some guy go home early for playing this song and saying it was my favourite, so it’s proven to drive away people you no longer want in your house, or even life maybe. And if they don’t take the hint in the 3 minute version, there’s also the 10 hour loop version that you can just continue playing till they leave, which I’m sure would only be 20 minutes max.

Dragostea Din Tei: O-Zone (2004)

This was my guilty pleasure song when it first came out, every friend I had at the time thought it was the lamest song ever but I didn’t care. That song was on repeat for at least 3 months straight. It’s too fucking boppy, and sometimes I’m just not dark enough to not start bopping along to catchy tunes. As you can tell, I’m a sucker for European pop, dance and techno no matter how lame it sounds to others.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!: Vengaboys (1999)

Come on, just read my last sentence on the previous song, as if this band wasn’t going to make the list somewhere.

Daddy: Psy (2015)

I don’t like I really need to explain why a Psy song is so far down on the list. I don’t quite understand how the west kind of claimed Psy or how Gangnam Style even made it past Korea, but it happened, and we have Psy, and we have a Snoop Dogg so desperate he will star in anything he gets waved a wad of cash towards. The song I’m referencing is called Hangover by Psy feat Snoop, and it is the silliest thing I’ve seen in a while. And this is why people don’t appreciate Psy, he tries so hard to be cool and his dancing gets overlooked at how brilliant it is. Plus he kind of broke the same bland style that is the pop charts of recent years.

Ding Dong Song: Gunther & The Sunshine Girls (2004)

I’m going to admit something to you all right now… This post was all just a giant rouse  so I could justify putting this song in a post. That’s right, this song is just this.


It’s from Europe (naturally), in a year that was slightly confusing for music styles. It’s lyrics are so over the top sexual, the beat is so late 90s dance it just fits together as a song that just oozes with cheese, i mean charm. I only thought about it last night and it made me lol too hard. It’s hands down the lamest, most embarrassing song I can think of to admit to liking.



3 thoughts on “Hooray For Shit Music

  1. BWAHAHAHA! ROFL! I didn’t even make it past the “oh, you touch my tra-la-la” in the last song before I LOST it! No doubt had we been born in the same year we’d be bopping to the same tunes. And I’ll admit my shame: I danced and hooted when Do You Think I’m Sexy came out. We all did. *sigh* Different times.

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