Need Opinions Pweeeeeeeze

So I couldn’t call this post I made a thing, yet. Because I’ve technically only painted on one 10cm x 10cm canvas (which is coaster size for any country that doesn’t measure in centimetres or millimetres) and I’ve still got another 4 to paint.

The plan is to turn them into coasters. You can have 5 coasters in a set right, or does it have to be 6, I don’t know I’m not civilised enough to use coasters! This is why I need opinions, because these are potential Etsy ideas.


My plan is themed pop culture coasters, mainly centring around video games because 8 bit art is cool. So this set I’m currently doing is main Nintendo franchise characters, so I’ve finished Megaman as you can see from the photo above. The date next to him is the date that the first Megaman game was released. The other characters I have are Mario, Link, Pikachu and Donkey Kong, all are going to be 8 bit like Megaman, with the date of their original release and the same patterned background except with the characters own background colour and either a line of silver around the edges (like Megaman) or gold. So either 2 silver and 3 gold or vice versa.

To turn them into coasters I’m tossing up on 2 ideas. The first being glue the canvas onto a tile then put plexi glass over the top. Or, instead of a tile I was thinking round balsa wood glued to the bottom, so it’s be almost raft like down the bottom, with a balsa wood border with the plexi glass.

Both ideas kind of cost the same, one may take a bit more effort but I’m prepared to put in the added effort if it makes it more sellable.

So please let me know what you all think, constructive criticism is encouraged and highly appreciated. So is honesty, I’d rather be told I suck and mope about it then spend all my money and be heartbroken because it wasn’t popular. So yeah, hit me with your best shot…

Unless it’s these things that I’m already aware of; shitty blue paint (I swear it’s the paint not me, the plan is to get better paint), mega mans legs aren’t totally symmetrical, the date looks a bit ratty and my signature looks like a small squished fly.

Aside from those, please nit pick away!


7 thoughts on “Need Opinions Pweeeeeeeze

  1. *snort* You nit pick at your own artistic abilities enough for everyone! I think you did a GREAT job. It’s retro, kind of kitschy, and if you do them all by hand, one of a kind.

    Now for the practicalities. As for the tile vs. balsa wood, think about shipping. Which will be easier to send to customers around the world? Not just postage, but the containers you’ll use as well. These are ‘small change’ costs that a lot of people lose money on. If you pass shipping costs on to customers, you’ll want to think about that as well. How much will they want to pay for a set?

    And who are your customers? This is a big question. Marketing is everything, and you’ll be doing it all yourself. If I may be so bold, I see two customers for your product. One, computer geeks who grew up with those characters and want them for nostalgia’s sake. Two, people known as ‘fan boys’ or ‘fan girls’. People who go to things like comic conventions and have retro stuff all over their homes. I may be out of the loop enough to not know other vital info, ie, like the games have been re-released and there’s been a huge upsurge in everything old school. This is where your research will pay off. If you can target the right audience, you’ll do well. I’d say sign up to a couple of fan boy/girl sites and post the pix there. 🙂

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    1. Thanks heaps for your input. I think I’ve changed the idea entirely. Going to varnish paint this canvas, then plexi glass both sides with maybe a spray on gel or something at the bottom to keep them from scuffing tables and such. I didn’t even think about postage so thanks for bringing that up too. I think this new idea should combat too much weight issue with posting.
      Was also thinking of pop culture themes too and not just Nintendo, but the old school Nintendo stuff is very popular at the moment. Everyone my age or about 10 years older want 64s or SNES or NES, and I’ve also noticed the rise in popularity of craft and hand made stuff. I definitely know who my target audience is, but I do want to expand it wider with other things too.

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      1. Excellent! So glad to have brought up something you didn’t think of before. Well…postage tripped me up on more than one occasion, so I’ve become a huge advocate for learning from my mistakes. 😉

        Very excited for you over this idea. Keep your feet on the ground and don’t expect too much. Be determined to excel at your customer service; it’s what will set you apart. And I’d suggest a long term idea of offering custom made coasters from pictures people send you. That will open up your product to a HUGE audience.

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      2. I just think that idea is already a thing with sites like Red Bubble that post whatever design you want onto anything you want basically, otherwise I would but I can’t compete with professional standards.

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      3. I disagree. You CAN compete. Just make a real decision on what style you’re going for and focus on that. I looked at Red Bubble and saw artwork I thought was WAY below what you do. You can do this, Kim. Don’t be fooled by your own doubts. You might not become rich by it; as far as I know you have to be a right bastard willing to be completely ruthless to make any money on the internet. But you can get out there. You WILL find people who like your designs.


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