The Best Of YouTube: Introduction

Most of my time is spent watching YouTube, there isn’t a day that goes by without us watching it, unless there’s no internet, which in that case I don’t watch shit…

I’ve said this before but I do not watch mainstream media, our TVs get used as monitors for the computers so they aren’t even plugged into an antenna, because fuck mainstream media.


(This is our lounge set up. Sorry, I’m the first to say I can’t photography. But there is a computer there if you can see it)

Since I stopped watching that and got off Facebook my life has been so peaceful. But I digress.

One thing that I think is great about YouTube, is that it’s everyone’s platform, there are things that are going to entertain you, not everything is but something will. And kids that are under the age of 13 are online all the time now, you can make YouTube anonymous, it doesn’t force you to share every detail of yourself including your full real name like Facebook does. Much safer, less evil. It’s somewhere for kids to chat (because seriously, what adult writes in the comment section of YouTube unless they like really trying to outsmart dumb kids) even though it’s stupid, better there anonymously then on Facebook. And there isn’t a child that I’ve met that doesn’t use YouTube. I guarantee you if you ask a person under 13 what they do online, they will say YouTube. And when you ask what they watch, they will say either; Minecraft videos, pewdiepie, markiplier, jackscepticeye or anyone that does lets plays, oh and parody music clips about Minecraft, oh and any video about Minecraft that I may have not mentioned.


This is Pewdiepie (did you get the douche chills too?) This is the most famous person on YouTube. He plays video games and screams immature, childish things at a screen while making funny noises. This guy earns fuckloads, he earns as much as a celebrity now, he is a celebrity now! And that’s all he did for years, just kept making videos until he finally gained all 47 MILLION followers.

Heres a little trick to not only make yourself feel pretty good but also so you can easily understand the enormity of those numbers. Check how many followers you have, currently now I have 62 so I’ll use that as an example. Just imagine 62 people in a room, 62 people take up some space, that’s a really cozy pub full, all who liked your work enough to follow you. And heaps more of you have more then 100, so that’s a bit of a bigger venue then mine to see you. The pewds has fucking 47 MILLION people who LOVE him, like in a crazy fan person kind of way. Yet when you sit and watch him, he’s just some fucking douche playing video games, like your mate being silly while you’re playing co op Halo or something. He feels like a real person when you watch him, not some stuck up snob of a Hollywood celebrity who gives 0 fucks about their fans and only cares about status and awards. Markiplier is also another really popular lets player with over 10 million subscribers, it’s no pewds but Marki still earns $100,000 a month on average.

But Kim, you’ve seen a lot of really talented people on YouTube with fuck all subscribers when someone playing video games has heaps. Any idiot with a webcam and a console can do that, so don’t you think lets players are bullshit?

I totally agree, any monkey with opposable thumbs can do what lets players do, that doesn’t mean you’d be good at it those. These people are popular for a reason, and for the record, no I don’t think it’s bullshit because what lets players do does require work, time and effort. Most of the time they are working alone, some have teams some don’t, example: Pewdiepie, markiplier and jackscepticeye all do everything themselves, filming, editing, uploading. Channels like rooster teeth and game grumps also do lets plays, but they are production companies so they work as a team so there are a lot of people doing a lot of work. Keep in mind, lets players are the most popular videos on YouTube because they can just pump out video after video. From what I’ve heard of the you tubers themselves talking about how they make their videos, most will play and film a game for hours on end and edit it all up and make it a series of 20 minute episodes that come out on a daily. Keep in mind to be a lets player you need to be able to not only play video games well but talk and be humorous at the same time. The guys that do game grumps are basically professional comedians who can perform like that and still play video games now. And they have a team that edits the video and makes it all cool. Those solo you tubers do it all themselves, that’s effort man, lots, and because they are self employed they don’t take breaks, because more views equals more money which means make as many videos as possible.

And these are just normal people, that persevered even with little followers and worked hard to get where they were, and that is commendable in my eyes. And they’re all so humble and grateful, seriously, every time those giant YouTube celebrities do a vlog they always make sure to thank everyone and remind us that we changed their lives and made it better because now they are doing what they love on a full time basis.

And that’s why I love YouTube, because anyone could become a star if you have a thick enough skin. So that’s why I thought I’d start another series alongside Weird Movies For The Weird Minorities because there are so many awesome, wonderful things on YouTube as well as some really talented people. The only issue is YouTube is also full of shitty videos.

So let me spare you the burden of finding all the cool stuff to watch yourselves. This series is dedicated to all the hardworking people on my favourite platform.

I’ll leave you with an oldy but goody joke, please search RickRolling if you weren’t on YouTube or new grounds back in the early 2000s.



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