Listen Up Muggles, Harry Potter = Ka-ching $$

You better believe I’m going to reference every single thing about this series and post an almost silly level of memes to go in here too, they aren’t even going to be explained they are just going to be scattered throughout.

But seriously, this post is to let everyone that has been fans of the Harry Potter books from the start, I mean, the start of the in 1998, that you could be potentially sitting on a shit load of monehhh! Please read this article if you like money, and to some lesser degree the Harry Potter series itself:



I’m actually a very big fan of Harry Potter, the first book was published in 1998 when I was only in grade 3. The first time I heard about it was listening to the teacher read it out loud to the class, after only getting a chapter in at school I was hooked, my my mother bought me the first 3 books: Philosophers Stone, Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban. I was already miles ahead in reading and english at that stage though, so by the time our teacher had gotten through reading the first book to the class, I was already up to the Prisoner of Azkaban. And when Goblet of Fire, Order of the Pheonix, the Half-Blood Prince and the Deathly Hallows came out, I was always the first to get those, just like how it is and was when a Pokemon game came out.


A lot of bad shit happened in the year before I hit 12, shit that would eventually permanently scar me when I actually realised all of what happened. I didn’t start writing poems and all that until I was 12-13, I’ve been reading since I learnt how to do it. Because I didn’t have friends in school, I borrowed books and sat alone at recess and lunch and would read, and then I loved reading time in school because I would get to read, so 70% of what I did in primary school was reading. Harry Potter, for me, took me out of my head when I needed it, it helped me cope, books are great like that. So I’ll always have a soft spot for this series, no matter how much I joke about the franchise, doesn’t mean I don’t love it any less.


My favourite book out of all of them has got to be The Chamber of Secrets. For me, there was a vast difference between the first book and the rest of them, but then there’s also a vast difference in comparison to the first 4 books compared to the rest that followed. The Chamber of Secrets was the second book in the series. For me the tension in it was a lot higher then the first one, like there was a distinct feeling of unease and danger in this book, whereas the first was more of a lighter sense of adventure. Not that the Harry Potter series itself is wonderful and roses like most seem to think it is.


The first 3 books of the series were pretty kid friendly, sure they tackled a few dark subject matters, but by book 4 The Goblet of Fire, the series had definitely taken a turn to the darker more adult side of the audience. I was 9 when we were reading the first book, when the 4th came into the schools library, only the kids that were 12 were allowed to read it because of the themes.


Then something awful happened to the famous book series, they turned them into movies… yay…


But it’s ok though, because without those movies I would’ve never found about Daniel Radcliffe and hence I would of never had any of this funny material for this very post.


The moral of the story is; check publishing dates in your books yo! If you have a book but a famous author, and the publishing date matches the original publishing date, then its probably worth some cash.


3 thoughts on “Listen Up Muggles, Harry Potter = Ka-ching $$

  1. Hahaha I love that “if your boyfriend dresses like this he’s probably a keeper” lol looove looove the harry potter books, cant even tell how many times Ive read and re-read these books! Will be sure to check the publishing dates now!

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  2. Same here, I’ve re-read the books to death and have misplaced my first edition version of the philosophers stone which in soft cover is still worth about $12,000… At least I still have my original, defective print of the chamber of secrets which should make a bit. I mean just one book is half a house deposit, and if I get a deposit from selling Harry, it’ll prove he’s a wizard 😉

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