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When I was going through misters subscribed channels (because we use his account as he has been sifting through garbage videos since the start of YouTube) I realised that our taste in viewing is pretty broad with many different types of themes. So I realised I had to sub-categorise this series, because, well, it’s the perfect excuse to start ordering this series like an online filing cabinet. Mmmmm sub-categories with posts all organised into sections, gives me about as much contentment as seeing all the M&Ms/Skittles separated and put into their appropriate colour groups. Bliss, bliss and heaven.

same colour M&MsHappiness….

The reason I picked an animator to start this series off is because it is the most underrated, underpaid, under-acknowledged category of things people do on youtube. The youtube animator today is like the equivalent of the starving artist 50 years ago, talented but barely recognised in it. But unlike how it was for artists 50 years ago, you have a lot higher a percentage of getting your work out there and appreciated because of the internet and sites like YouTube and Etsy. And this is why you can’t hate on hipsters, because they like all their retro and niche hand-made stuff, it’s now super easy to make your art appeal to people, and the more original and abstract it is then all the better. Because it’s not easy doing what animators do, so the first animator I thought I’d write about was this guy:



This is Chris O’neill aka Oneyng. He’s probably one of the more popular YouTube animators with over 1 million subscribers (trust me, that’s a huge number considering most famous animators still only sit on 500 thousand or less). The reason for his popularity is due to a few reasons.

  1. He was doing animations on Newgrounds and was popular on it back in the early 2000s before YouTube even existed. Which is why there are a few animators on YouTube with a fuck tonne of subs, because their fans followed them from the very start.
  2. He’s good friends with people who are considered YouTube celebrities. Egoraptor (Arin Hansen) from his channel Egoraptor, or what he’s best known for doing which is Game Grumps, an incredibly popular lets play channel, was making videos and animations with Oney since Newgrounds. Even though Game Grumps has only got about 3 million subs compared to the whopping 47 million of Pewdiepie or even the 12 million that Markiplier has, it is still one of the most well known and respected lets play channels on YouTube, with people like Jackscepticeye, Markipiler and even pewds making shout outs and referencing them. Egoraptor is not only an animator but also a comedian, a proffessional voice actor and musician.
  3. He was lucky enough to have one of his videos go viral, and when that happens then you’re good to go with your career on YouTube.
  4. He’s a good fucking artist, and regardless of contacts and the rest of it, it still doesn’t cheapen the fact that he’s a talented artist who deserves the subs and views.

And that’s it in a nutshell. Don’t be jealous or angry of other peoples successes, they usually worked hard to get where they were. There’s no such thing as good or bad when it comes to art, it’s all opinion. The difference between you not making it as an artist, but that popular guy making it big even though his art is just shitty stick figure drawings, is not because ‘people are stupid and like stupid things so I don’t stand a chance’. It’s because they fought through the rejection and just kept going, the reason why you might of failed but that talentless prick next to you is doing super well, is because that talentless prick is better at marketing himself then you are. And it may not make his art any less shitty, but you must admit, he’s still a lot smarter then you at getting people to like anything. Yes, this was a bit of a personal rant to myself about the guy who made those fucking annoying ‘My Stick Figure Family’ bullshit things and is happily sitting on his thrown of cash from making the whole world succumb to personalising their whole family with fuck damn, stupid, dumb stick figure people, while I’m sitting here spending hours perfecting a painting, putting all my effort and not only that, my heart and soul and not earning a damn fucking thing!  Fuck that guy! And please, for the love of fuck, if you agree with this rant about the stick figure families then don’t buy one of those stickers that are just stick figures saying fuck your stick figure family, because you’re still buying the same shitty stick figures and the money still goes to the same fucking guy!

Stick Figure cats

I won’t hate you if this is on your car though. Funny cat lady is funny.

But in no way can I even put animation into the same category, even when the animators characters are basically stick figures but with a bit more detail eg Cynanide & Happiness and Dick Figures, it still takes a lot more effort to draw the same character but posing in ever so slight angles, or big, to make it flow into a moving a character. That means drawing out the exact same scene but with tiny differences, like the angle of the characters hand, or their mouth movements. Then you also have to think about the background and setting, if it’s outside you still have to change up the scene and draw a whole bunch of trees in different angles, or the grass, the list of tiny details and shit you need to draw is pretty big. Most use computers nowadays to draw, but you still need to be good at drawing essentially to use those art and animation programs and also make it look like natural movement without being jumpy and cutting a lot.

There are a lot of unique animators on YouTube, there are also ones that are incredibly similar in style (mainly because most of the bigger animators on YouTube are all friends who tend to all do voice acting in the animations). Oneyng was one of the original Newgrounds animator, all those guys made the style that most animators would attempt to replicate for years after it. What made his style unique was the way he drew faces and facial expressions;


These facial expressions, couples with the voice acting that went along with it, made Oneys animations incredibly unique and funny. He used his facial expressions that were constantly shifting, to get his humour.


But the sillier you start making the animation style, the more stupid the content of the animation has to be. Which is is no way a bad thing, and completely works in this case.

Most don’t realise thing, but being super stupid in entertainment such as animation or film is an art form. Most don’t really appreciate stupid or potty humour once you go over the age of 30, which is sad, so you will never realise how amazing terribly stupid things can be. But only certain people can pull it off, stupid content from unfunny people is really, really awful, so if you can truly pull it off, kudo’s to you.

So I thought I’d put 3 examples of videos from the channel I am writing about. Luckily for you (but mainly me because I like how the post feels when I post videos), animations are usually shorter then most music videos so you won’t get as bored so quickly. Yay.

1. Dragonball P

This is a parody cartoon of the anime Dragonball Z. This animation series (there are 2 of these videos but I’ll only post the first one) is more of his older work before he had properly established his unique style which is blatantly clearer in the other 2 videos I’ll post. That doesn’t make this any less funny though, it feels very reminiscent of the humour of old Newgrounds.

2. Wingardium Leviosa

This is a parody animation of Harry Potter, with a particular parody of a certain scene in the first Harry Potter movie. I couldn’t not add this animation because this is the video went viral and that’s when everyone started realising who he was and started subscribing. In my opinion, this video is what really established his style and what he was going for, plus the voice acting and content is something that me and mister like to reference a lot between ourselves.

3. Leo and Satan – Sugar Trip

Around the same time as the Dragonball parody videos, Oney also had another series happening which i think had about 5 or 6 episodes. This is an original Oney idea and let’s just say that it is stupid but also ever so slightly offensive (but considering one of the main characters is Satan, there’s plenty enough warning of what type of content it could be. I picked this episode in particular, because it’s my favourite episode, and also because mister has a Leo and Satan tshirt.

Sugar fo yo pancakes.

So if you like what you saw (if you watched them) please remember to give them a sub or a like on YouTube, the more likes they get the more YouTube will show them off. So if you want your favourite youtuber to succeed, always remember to sub and like.

I ❤ art and creativity. Always support original creators and don’t view any of the original artists videos on any other channel except their own.


4 thoughts on “The Best of YouTube: Animators – Oneyng

  1. You’re absolutely right about the marketing angle. What’s sad is that’s all it takes: marketing. Not talent. I suppose you could say marketing IS a talent. Kind of a sleazy talent, though. The pole dancing of talents.

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