Best Of YouTube: Parody Artists -Bart Baker

So I’ve been a bit ranty and weird in the last few posts, I promise that everything is ok in life, I just forgot for a while how to just rant at something. This is my only outlet for ranting because everytime I start ranting I sound exactly like how my blog would sound if I was speaking it. Fuck me, that’s the most duh no shit Sherlock moment I’ve had in a while.

So I had to start on another sub-category (and don’t worry there’s plenty of these sub categories, we watch a wide array of things. And I thought I’d write about someone fun and light-hearted, to counteract the fact that I’ve been writing like teenage girl who’s balls  just dropped (yeah, that’s a pretty fucking weird metaphor, and an odd thing to think about, that’s about the strangeness of where my heads been at lately).

Bart Baker

imageThis is Bart Baker, he has the highest subs out of any music parody group on YouTube. In my eyes, he’s the new, modern day Weird Al Yankovich, tackling all the new pop hits with as much originality and sass as Weird Al. And for me to say that about Bart is pretty big admiration considering I grew up with Weird Al and loved him, plus it’s what I do! I’m constantly singing made up lyrics to songs that I hear, fuck I attempted to write a parody song once (The parody was of Where Is My Mind but the Placebo cover, because, well, it’s a terrible cover and Placebos voice is so whiny and nasally it is the easiest voice in the world to voice act/sing with. My version of the song was Where Is My Light which was about constantly losing a lighter when you need one…. I think I’m dumb too don’t worry.)

I also have a soft spot for Bart and all Barts because reasons.

What makes Bart so brilliant at what he does is because he researches the fuck out of everything to do with whatever songs he’s parodying. For example, all the Taylor Swift songs he parodies the theme is the same throughout, all digs at her writing songs about her exes except over dramatised.

He will also throw his own opinion in from messages he reads in the song, examples of this was in All About The Bass where he attacks Meghan Trainor directly in the song saying she’s giving girls the wrong message about healthy body image. Another example was Blurred Lines, even though it was comedic parody you can here Barts sarcastic opinion all throughout.

Bart doesn’t just dig on the originals artists life and activities, he also attacks the video clips along with it with all of his parodies being staged on the same sets as the original videoclip with everyone doing the same things. His critisicms on pop artists of today are fair and well thought out. It’s not like he’s some idiot calling the girls that do pop songs sluts or anything. In all of his songs he’s either expressing an opinion, but most of the time is just being incredibly over the top silly.

As I’ve been doing, I’ll post 3 song examples and write a bit about them;

I Knew You Were Trouble – Taylor Swift

There’s no way I could’ve done this post without providing an example of the way he rips apart Taylor Swift. One thing I love about Bart is how comfortable he is in playing a woman’s role. This was the first Taylor Swift song he parodied with a lot more that followed. It’s also a song that was one of his older styles.

Anaconda – Nicki Minaj

If I spelt her name wrong, then please don’t bother correcting me, I honestly don’t give a flying fuck how you spell her name. Even though Bart writes all these songs, if someone is better suited to singing it, then he lets them star and he will just play a tiny role in the video clip somewhere. I couldn’t not add this song because I fucking hate this song, and I hate Nicki Minaj, why? Because she’s an untalented bitch who’s only message to little girls is fuck every man you see and stab your best friend in the back for money, because Money over Bitches apparently, don’t believe me look it up. In her own words, she a stoopid ho, stoopid, stoopid, stoopid ho.

Work – Rhianna feat Drake

I added this song last because it’s one of his more later songs. As you are all aware pop music over the years has become less about singing and more about crappy dance beats that incorporate slight amounts of singing but mainly more whiny rap talking. For this reason it’s slightly harder to parody music then it was for Weird Al doing known popular songs. I didn’t know the original of this song at all, but Bart still found a way to make me find it just as funny as the stuff I knew he was parodying.


12 thoughts on “Best Of YouTube: Parody Artists -Bart Baker

  1. HA! Had to pop over and find the original vids. I just don’t bother with stuff I think is crap and sorry, but all the original artists are nothing I’d EVER spend money on. The Rhianna one really made me laugh. Got HER down to a T.

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    1. Yeah it was really tough deciding on just 3 of his songs they’re all really good. I loved anaconda the most because I really do hate Nicki Minaj, can’t believe they thought she was talented enough to judge American idol. I really wanted to put his cover up of Happy too.

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      1. lol! I still like the song Happy. I missed the overplay time; was blissfully ignorant of it in Ireland. So it still gets my feet tapping.

        I can’t believe more than HALF of the ‘music’ industry anymore…which has very little do to with music. You don’t need to be able to sing. You don’t have to write your own stuff. You don’t have to be able to play an instrument. You just have to be willing to get half naked and shake your ass in front of the camera. Disgusting.

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      2. I feel the same, i was born in the wrong generation for music. People like Bart keep me sane from it. But in Johnny Rottens own words the music system has always been fucked like that, sorry, the shitstem.

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      3. It’s got to break. And soon. LP’s are coming back in. Soon people will need that real sound again because the systems will let them hear it. And the industry is changing, but very slowly. As with most things, change happens fastest when you’re rich. The people who don’t need the extra 2 cent every stream are getting it. It’s we poor indie artists who lag behind.


      4. we have a proper 60s radiogram with the record player in it with speakers and a section to keep your records in. Just found out my copy of Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols is worth a fair bit, I have a tendency to listen to every generation because my parents were baby boomers I grew up with 60s music, not even 80s, so I will still listen to Everly Brothers on vinyl. It was my favourite at 5, loved the song All I Have To Do Is Dream, again strange child wrong generation.

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      5. If I’d hung onto all the LPs I had (which included all my parent’s LPs) I’d probably find some gems, too. As it is, I kept a few that I knew were rare. Still don’t have a player (yet), which when I think about it is weird ’cause I grew up with record players. But my bro and I have been talking about it. Gonna look into releasing my trance on LP, too…..

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      6. Thanks. I’m timing the next release for an LP. 40 minutes. Really chomping on the bit lately; can’t wait to do a bit of shopping for some new effects. I KNOW what I want to hear!

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