I Will Always Be A Punk

No matter what music I choose to listen, it’s doesn’t matter about the lack of holes being held together with safety pins in my clothing. My soul will always be punk.

I think we all have that one type of moody genre of music that’s merley just whinging about stuff and girls, except with a heavy backbeat so it sounds like the ultimate in pain when all they’re singing about in reality is ‘my girlfriend left me, now I am sad, now gonna add a few screams after this line for dramatic effect.

Of there’s one thing I can’t stand is screaming in songs, of any kind, it hurts my ears, it sounds shit and you’re only doing it to hide your lack of singing talent. That pretty well cuts out a huge majority of metal music, it was a genre that I got forced to live with and endure and I hate it. All I see from metal is an excuse for men to grow their hair long and wear makeup and heeled boots like a right proper girl, but these are apparently the fucking rough nuts of the music world, what a fucking joke that angry music has turned into.

To be fair I was listening to some pretty crappy things as a teenager, like disturbed (shudder, they have a song that has the line ‘we’re dropping plates’ and the second part I’m not sure whether he says arse or grass so the line ‘were dropping plates on your arse bitch, plates on your arse, either way that’s standard Disturbed lyrics), that just proves I wasn’t any less annoying or pretentious then any other teenager. I also liked to mumble along to Chop Suey by System of a Down. One doesn’t simply sing along to Chop Suey, one merely sings the chorus and blurts out the only words you can make out in the verses which is Wakeup, makeup, shakeup, table, fable, you wanted to. Seriously, I dare you to try and sound out the verses without looking up the lyrics. 

For about 8 months in year 8 (13-14) I had a friend, more then that, she was my bestie, my bff. She was also cast out in school but for different reasons. She was a big girl, not fat but tall and wide-shouldered, her whole family was like that, because I’m only 4’10” it felt like I was walking into a house of giants every time I was over there. She was bubbly and loud, loved music like me, was the biggest Kiss fan and Pink fan, the rest of the stuff we listened to was punk, especially women punk like the Spazzys. One of the best memories I have with R is when her mum took us to see the Spazzys play live at an over age gig in a pub in the hills called Rubys. It was 11pm on a school night and the bouncer of the pub didn’t want to let us in (obviously because it was an over 18 gig and everyone was hammered) but Rs mum begged the bouncer to let us in because we were the hugest fans. So the bouncer agreed but had to hide us behind a huge speaker next to the stage, so we were the closest we could get to Kat herself, and we were hidden from the rest of the pub. Kat ended up coming over to us halfway through a song and hugged us both and said we were awesome. Me and R cried tears of excitement and joy for hours after that.

The Spazzys are a small, Australian, all female pop-punk band. They consist of two sisters Kat (plays guitar and sings) and Ally (plays bass and sings) and their friend Lucy (drums). They are heavily, heavily inspired by the Ramones, not only do they try and replicate the sound of the Ramones but they tribute the band on so many levels, even dedicating a song about them called I Wanna Cut My Hair Like Marky Ramone. They weren’t around for long, they had one Aria charts song called My Boyfriend’s Back, but it’s obvious why they didn’t go anywhere. Their lyrics and style were only relatable to teenage girls between the ages of 13-16. I don’t know whether they wrote all of them back when they were teenagers (I’d like to hope they did because of how simple the lyrics are) and we’re all fan-girling over punk bands, but it just gives off that sound, and that’s why me and R loved it because we could properly relate to those songs because we were teenage girls aged between 13-16, fuck, better the Spazzys then the fucking radio I say.

Anyway, the reason we clicked in highschool was because of a project we had in music to research our favourite lyrics and present it to the class and write about what we thought it meant. R did Beth by Kiss and I did Pretty Vacant by Sex Pistols, the rest of the class picked current pop songs, that was the only class we had together and as you could tell our weird new zealander music teacher thought we were great, he hated the other kids though, music teachers are too passionate about music to have enough patience to deal with fuck head kids with no appreciation for music. R loved to sing too, but what she was really good at was drumming, even at 13 she was fucking amazing at it. She always wanted me to sing with the drum set, but my little 13 year old lungs had no chance even making a noise next to a drumkit, and when I got a microphone, we sounded worse without a guitar lol. But it was still fun. My brother Jes gave me his punk trench coat at 12, after R saw that she wanted her own patch jacket, so I gave her one of my black jackets (that she only just fitted into because of wide shoulders) and I put her Kiss patches on the jacket because she didn’t know how to sew.

We found a group of friends together, but that’s a whole other story. We stopped being besties when I got a boyfriend, and when the group butt fucked me sideways hard, she stayed with them. And I guess there was things I did too to fuck it up like kissing a boy she liked when we were all drunk (in my defense there was like 25 boys she liked and I was drunk and needed attention off boys, plus we weren’t up to sex yet, we were all still in the just make out phase).

But because of her passion and love and fan-girling for music, it made me more passionate about what I loved. She was always so happy and excited. Her dad was a crazy alcoholic who we barely ever saw because he was either a. In the psych ward or b. In the basement playing Fleetwood Mac obnoxiously loud and singing along to it. But her mum was amazing, R never got hurt by her father, he just had severe schitzo-affective disorder and his wife stuck by his side and not only that, basically raised 2 kids by herself. And that’s why R was ok, she had a mum that would sneak us into a pub to see our favourite band, or take her daughter to every Kiss concert that comes to Melbourne, even though she only has a minimum wage job and her husband doesn’t work at all. She loved her daughter, and R loved her too, she was so attached to her that I could only ever stay over at her place most of the time. I was enviable to say the least of that relationship as I wasn’t doing well at all with my mum at the time, we only got close in the last 2 years. But that’s why R was always ok, she had a brilliant, empowering female role figure who she was incredibly close to. R was doing great last time I saw with being a drummer for 2 bands they’ve played constant professional gigs.

The reason why R relates to this post is because she was the closest thing I got to a normal teenage girl life. She shaped a good deal of who I am, even though she was only in my life for a brief period. She’s the reason why I will always be a punk.

Because the difference between punk and angry music in general is because every other angry music genre or bands (aside from political metal and those type of bands like System of a Down) is that it’s inwards inflection. It’s about being angry about your girlfriend, or your life or other shit like that. Punk is and has always been about being angry at the system, at the government, at the world. And it’s not about reflecting on it like other songs, it’s about saying fuck you to it.

Punk is, I’m angry because the system is fucked.

And that’s something I’ve been angry about for as long as I can remember.

I’m going to link 2 songs on this post because they’re important.

Cigarettes – The Spazzys

I had to post a Spazzys song because duh they’re literally the only band I’ve ever seen live, no joke. And I think this one in particular related the best to us because it was exactly what we were actually doing at the time. Best lyrics in it;

We’ll having something to do to pass the time while we wait for the time to pass.

You and me smoking cigarettes in love and addiction

My Way – Sid Vicious

I want this played at my funeral. I want a giant screen with the video clip playing too when they bury me, and by bury me I mean plant me, because I plan to be cremated and have my ashes used to grow a tree. I want to give back to the world what I took from it, just from my very existence on this planet. Plus, I’ve crushed over Sid since I was 13.



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