I Finally Have an Opinion on Deadpool!


So Deadpool is finally out on dvd and blue ray so we could finally download it (I know bad Kim for being a pirate). Holy shit. Fuck me swinging. This movie is amazing, this is the single most enjoyable Marvel movie I’ve ever seen because, let’s be honest, comic book movies are poop, they’re franchises, they’ve lost direction of why these comics should’ve been turned into movies. Then came this movie, this particular character that they pulled out of the X-Men universe. I don’t like super hero or marvel/dc movies as a rule, but Deadpool, oh my fucking God, there’s just so much to say about it, it has a brilliant story line with character development and humour. Man, this movie…


Where do I even start with this film? There wasn’t a second of it that I wasn’t paying attention, and that’s when you know a movie is fucking perfect, if I don’t get bored in the hour and a half time frame of a movie which happens most of the time. Even though the humour was a bit rude and crass, it was easier to see the real characters underneath, and the humour in it didn’t do any to detract from the characters themselves. The whole, starting the movie at the middle then going back to explain what happened to him, was done really well. The gore was done really well, especially the random splat of a guy hitting a billboard at full speed. Clearly most who have written about Deadpool have not watched nearly as many horror films as I have because I felt there wasn’t that much gore, but action gore always feels different to horror gore, but this film delivers in bringing you violence from all situations.

I guess I’ll explain the backstory, the reason why the character Deadpool is so epically awesome;

So Ryan Reynolds character is a mercenary, he basically just does jobs for money, almost hit man style. He’s always hanging out in a rough bar where he gets his jobs, and every week/month they have some sort of bet about who would die, the bartender called that the Deadpool. He meets a girl at the bar that he falls in love with and that’s cool because they’re both really suited. But then Ryan Reynolds discovers he has cancer. He ends up getting an offer in the bar saying that they can completely cure his cancer and make him into a superhero. So he decides to just leave his partner, even though she wants to stick by him and help him through treatment he didn’t want her to remember him like that, so he takes the shifty guys card and takes up the deal. Only, they aren’t curing people, they’re turning them into super soldiers to control the masses who decide to rebel. To turn people into this they select people with natural abilities, submit them to extreme torture in hopes it’ll bring out the mutant gene and a new ability (everyone in the x men is a mutant and every mutant has a different ability). They torture him for months with his character refuses to be broken and still keeps the humour flowing. What turned him into Deadpool though was when the stuck him in an oxygen deprivation chamber for a whole weekend, where he was given only the tiniest amount of oxygen just to keep you on the brink of life or death. He gains the ability to heal and repair himself but the downside of this is that he knows looks all charred and burnt like Freddy Krueger, so he escapes, makes himself a suit and starts going on a rampage of killing all the people that did that to him, and now you’re back at the start of the movie where he was in the middle of killing someone.

As Deadpool himself says firstly, this is a love movie, then contradicts himself later saying this isn’t a love film it’s a horror film. Because the torture scenes are not that different from a torture horror film. And the thing is, even with the amass of gore and stupid jokes being flung your way it’s hard to see the actual seriousness behind it. Ryan Reynolds was amazing at Deadpool himself, the character was sweet, the story line was sweet and sad, take away everything else about the character and his story could be a tragedy. But that was what made Deadpool awesome, that’s what made his relationship with the girl awesome, because they joked about their horrible pasts like it was nothing, there characters were so incredibly deep but hidden behind a thick curtain of humour, and humour itself is used as a defence mechanism even in the face of severe physical and mental pain.

This movie was nothing short of transformative on so many levels, from the script to the soundtrack to the whole storyline! Nothing in it was boring, pretentious or similar to any of the other Marvel comic book movies. I didn’t think Hollywood had it in them to do something like this. Even down to starting credits where they used Screen Junkies Honest Trailer credits in naming the cast, fucking hilarious.


There are so many deep messages in this film, so many things they did right. Like the way they viewed females in this film, it covered all the ways, for example, the main three female characters are deadpools gf, Ajax side kick angry chick and Negosonic Teenage Warhead (oh god the jokes about her). Deadpools gf is the damsel in distress, Ajax is the horrible guy that tortures Deadpool and as his sidekick, she was an incredibly strong, evil character, Deadpool broke all of his limbs trying to kick Colossus who is made out of metal, and this chick could hurl Colossus 50 metres with just one punch. And then there was Negosonic Teenage Warhead, she didn’t say much as she’s a broody teenage girl with a whole script of one liners. She can also turn herself into a ball of fire, how fucking cool is that?


The way they dealt with feminist issues in movies deserves to be applauded. The first instance of this is when Ryan Reynolds first meets the girl he loves in the pub, and she just wants sex because she’s a prostitute at the start maybe (it sure seems that way because he buys 2 hours of her time) but instead he takes her to go play games at the arcade. They end up together and everything about their relationship is so loving and sweet, it really rips your heart out when they’re sitting in the doctors office getting told that he has stage 4 cancer of some badness. There’s also another instance where Collossus is fighting the really strong bad chick and her boob ends up falling out of her top. Because Collossus is a good person and huge hulking metal man, it’s so incredibly sweet to hear him apologise to her and look away all embarrassed, obviously she uses this to her advantage in the fight against Collossus.

Man, there are just so many things I want to keep writing about but unfortunately I have a life outside the Internet, and I didn’t get my normal blog writing time this morning.

So do yourselves all a favour and go see the film, I guarantee you you won’t regret it. Seriously


Oh and I just have to post this because opening credits, it’s my mums favourite song and also one I hold close too.


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