Feeling stressed, stressed, stressed

One inspection down, one more to go but hopefully not because one of the couples that viewed the house sounded like they wanted it. Which is good because if we get other tenants in now we don’t have to be advertisement fees.

So down to G-town we go today to look at places. Fun….

Oh and I’m going to have to sit at Centrelink soon because changing my address and all the other shit that they need to know.

So I thought I’d leave you with another Darren & Damo (you know cigiebuttbrain) about Centrelink.

This is pretty accurate to Centrelink office and Darren is meant to be a stereotypical bogan Australian who’s unemployed with kids and is an alcoholic. Lots screw over kindly Centrelink workers like this, but believe me if you got a harsh worker and you told them you had kids but you didn’t tell them originally that you did, well that’s money fraud and you will get punished and they won’t give a flying fuck if you’re a parent.


3 thoughts on “Feeling stressed, stressed, stressed

  1. LOL! You almost need subtitles on that cartoon, his accent is so heavy!

    Damn! I hope that couple takes the place so you don’t have to suffer thru more showings. I hate those. Wishing you loads of success in finding a great new place.

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