Ok, so those 2 little manic posts I did the other day, I didn’t actually go anywhere. We went to G-town yesterday and looked at houses. Luckily for us renting is pretty dead up there at the moment, and there were only a small handful of people were looking at the same houses we were. Most were in the same type of boat as us anyway, all were unemployed, there was a young 18-19 year old couple looking at houses with their mum, another young couple about our age with a kid, and this old rich retired woman.

We totally fell in love with a house yesterday, my heart hurts with longing to be in that house. It’s so fucking gorgeous, and you’ll never hear me speak this way about architecture. It’s a little 2 bedroom but it has a little alcove to stick a computer desk in, the kitchen has a floating bench with a stove top and sink on it. Brand new renovated kitchen with a fucking dishwasher. Omg, I’ve always wanted a dishwasher, I am one of the most laziest of cunts. Not to mention an oven that doesn’t need to be lit with a match, and was worth a lot more then $90, I can’t even imagine how amazing it would be to have the oven cooking time cut by half, like instead of frozen chips taking an hour on the hottest temperature they’ll take 20 minutes, just like the back of the packet says! Oh, and it’s a fucking HOUSE not a unit, apartment or flat, I finally don’t have to share my wall/s with any other fucker.

Plus it’s over $100 cheaper a week then here, and it’s bigger, prettier with a yard, instead of our square meter of rocks out the back that they expect us to stop the grass growing through. I’m sorry but both the landlords and the real estates were stupid with what they did to the place I’m at now. Why dig up the whole square meter of yard to just put meshing and rocks over the top of just dirt. So grass just grows through but you can’t mow it, you’ll fuck up the lawnmower with the rocks. No, you have to literally rip out the grass manually, unless you poison it, which we will do when we move out but can’t do it with the cats here.

So why is this post called Dog? Because mister wants one, and we were talking about it last night and it brought up a point of view that I hold about pets, especially dogs. I think the human race is arrogant, it comes through with the amount of dog breeds we have. I mean fuck, who cares about the fact we are breeding deformities into dogs, cats ect just as long as they’re cute and we can sell them for a grand a piece. If you didn’t get which breed of dog I’m referring to is the Pug.

I think they are the most stupid, idiotic dog breeds of all time. It’s not their fault though, we purposely bred that dog to be retarded, to have a pushed in face, even though it causes the pug lots of breathing issues, flat faced dogs are cute right? Jesus, like my fucking God. How can people live with themselves knowing they need something just for their own benefits then that of the animal itself.

Because the human race is arrogant, because we think we have a right to fuck with things to make them appeal to humans.

I DO NOT support dog breeding or cat breeding or any animal breeding. I think it’s incredibly vain and to be honest, soulless, to sell an animal for a shitload of money because ‘pure bred’ when there are animals being put down on a daily basis because there’s just not enough room in our shelters because of the amount of irresponsible pet owners in this country. And no, it’s not the shelters on the pet shops fault that this happens, EVERYONE who ever had an animal that they gave away, never got de-sexed, abandoning them.

Because there’s still something fatally wrong with human kind and that is the way we use animals. We are the top of the food chain. The predators eat the ones below and so on and so forth. This is the circle of life basically, this is how it works, there’s nothing wrong with this system. I don’t see anything wrong with hunting and killing an animal to eat, in fact it’s probably the most authentic human thing we can do nowadays. That’s our natural place in the food chain.

But people are still fucking stupid and can’t seem to find the happy medium. No, the people that care about animals have to be the exact polar opposite, do the most extreme thing they can think of an go vegetarian or vegan. Good for you but seriously, you aren’t doing anything more beneficial to the world, just saying. Especially your uneducated rants that suggest vegans really don’t know anything at all about how the environment and human bodies work.

People care about the wrong things to do with the animal argument. Jes was vegan for 25 years, but he is no longer, because he needed iron, and the amount of veggies and vitamin supplements weren’t helping, it all works when you’re young and your body can handle it, but when you’re old it’s harder for your body to survive like that. So he has an app on his phone to tell him what fish is the least threatened and pouched, so he doesn’t eat things like salmon or tuna because of how they’re hunted and the frequency. That’s caring about what you’re eating. He always makes sure to buy from small butchers as all the meat is from smaller farms where the animals aren’t all sent into a giant slaughter like they do for the meat you buy in supermarkets. He buys free range eggs, he eats kangaroo and rabbit as his meat because rabbits are pests and kangaroos will overpopulate if they aren’t eaten. There are no kangaroo farms or anything, these are hunted by normal people then it gets sold as meat.

We are omnivores not herbavores, you may not need meat technically to survive, but you will be a lot more lethargic and technically your refusal to eat me doesn’t count for shit in the environmental sense, plus like every fundamentalist, you make people WANT to eat terrible things like veal because you’re such an arrogant, annoying fuck about being vegan.

Do you know why veganism only serves as a personal choice and not an overall doing the right thing for the environment choice? Because if the world was vegan we would be fucked, there would be even more people starving, more people without houses, and do you know why? Because we would have to farm everywhere to get enough vegetables to feed everyone. We would have to cut down forests to make room for the farmlands. It would be terrible, the poor would be wiped out because they’d have to raise the price of vegetables and stuff like nuts, which are already expensive and practically one of the only sources of iron that you’ll get on a vegan diet. You need things like iron to survive, it’s the reason we eat meat.

And most of the time you all own stupid little dogs like pugs, and will get all sad and like aww that’s so wrong when the shelter puts an animal down.

People like you are the fucking problem. If you see eating meat as wrong but owning a human-made inferior healthed dog as cute and good, then I’d have a serious look at how fucked up it actually sounds when it’s typed out.


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