Coz we all got a chicken-duck-woman thing waiting for us

Everyday I worry all day. About what’s waiting in the bushes of love. Something’s waiting in the bushes for us. Something’s waiting in the bushes of love.

Yeah, you got a verse of a song I posted on yesterday’s YouTube post that only got one like, so yeah, this whole blog title is referencing the song. But don’t worry I ain’t even mad that I’m posting it again. Because at the moment I feel sort of similar.

At its core this song was meant to just be ripping on Obi Wan and Luke from the first movie. But I think as they were writing the lyrics they realised that it had a message behind it instead of just being a bad lip reading.

The message of this song is, life is short, we could all be undone in seconds, death is waiting for us. Hence, we all got a chicken-duck-woman thing waiting for us.

And it’s felt like that all fucking week you know. My hopes for a house went from hopeful, to excited, to disappointed, to despair, to rage, back again to hope. And finally…. FUCKING RELIEF BECAUSE WE GOT THE HOUSE WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

This is my new place. As you can see it’s an actual mother bitchin house and not a group of flats. I’ve never really had fences or gates either, and now I have a gate within a fence, inception fence.

You have no idea how excited I am to live in a house which doesn’t have my parents or other family members inhabiting it. The only places I’ve been able to afford have been studio apartments and this flat, which is a small 2 bedroom but it’s squishy and expensive and I have to share my wall with an old deaf woman who likes to knock on our door, loudly proclaim she brought our bins in and then will ask mister to help her with something. It’s really easy to ask your neighbours for shit when there’s nothing that seperates you aside from thin walls and small carports. And I got 2 fences now mofo’s, you need to penetrate 2 defense walls to come ask us for a favour now. Winning.

I also made a thing last night as it was the last time I could really sit and paint, and we kind of have to start packing all that shit away now. So I’ll save that for tomorrow.

Anyways, I thought I was going to go somewhere further with this post, but I lost my train of thought.

But we all got a chicken-duck-woman-thing waiting for us, we aren’t out of the woods yet. They still have time to screw us on bond, and then there goes our savings.



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