I Painted A Thing

So, mister has a 3D printer. It’s pretty sweet. About a year ago when we were living with mum and dad for a couple of months, mister decided to crank out the printer because he wanted to use his engineering program needed to form something to print. And so he spent hours designing a thing, gave up, and said, I’m just gonna go on the website and find some one else’s design.

Calm down, we didn’t steal anyone’s designs. The brand of the 3D printer has its own website and community where people can post what they’ve made and then the designs so other people with the same brand of 3D printer.

So mister thought, Bulbasaur Planter Box, why Kim you don’t care about plants or flowers, but I do care about Pokemon. And it makes total sense because it’s a grass Pokemon and it has a bulb growing on its back (hence why it’s called bulbasaur, it’s basically a baby bulb dinosaur Pokemon).


(This is Bulbasaur the Pokemon, isn’t he cute)

So about 4-5 hours later, Bulbasaur finished printing. He came out like this next picture essentially, but these photos were taken after I prepped him by sanding off all his rough plastic edges and pulling the plastic bottom off it.

Still cute, but still looked bland, like every one else who decided to just print a Bulbasaur (because a strange amount of people like printing Pokemon themed pots for plants). The plastic is super thick and was liney because the plastic prints in layers, and it was so slippery so I wasn’t going to be able to get acrylic paint on him while he was still just plastic. So we spray painted him gun metal grey as an undercoat and I was meant to go back and paint him the week after that, but time moves forward and it’s about a year or more later and I only just finished getting the actual paint on him 2 nights ago.


It took two hours, 1 hour and 15 minutes of that was letting it sit in front of the heater for 20 minutes at a time waiting for paint to dry.

I know understand the saying ‘about as boring as watching paint dry’. Fucking tell me about me it man, it’s literally one of the most fucking boring things in the world watching paint dry, which was what I was doing because I needed to get to sleep and I started painting it late at night on impulsive. I know it’s 1 in the morning but fuck it, I feel like I’m in the right state of mind to paint on a platform I’ve never really tried before. She’ll be right.

It came out alright though, right? Believe me my photography skills don’t flatter anything (I don’t understand how my brother is a genius photography and I’m completely inept)

I was honestly surprised at how well it turned out, I thought it’d end up getting sprayed over again because it looked like shit. What I painted was essentially a really big, easy miniature, that’s still a completely different thing to just painting on a canvas. It’s 3D, and I didn’t really have anything to directly copy, I had to actually, gasp, imagine what Bulbasaur would look like in 3D with no point of reference.

Kim’s art skill raised +1 level

I don’t like plants, but I would’ve made an effort to find the right plant to go in him, but now he’s mums as she saw him and claimed him, even though it’s a Pokemon, she doesn’t care, it’s a super cute dinosaur plant pot in her eyes. If it wasn’t mum though Jes would’ve gotten it, as he expressed interest but mum deserves it more (she’s got me out of homelessness, and I haven’t needed to bribe Jes in a long time about money he lent me). But I had to leave dad with strict instructions to seal him because she didn’t let me put the sealant on!

As you can see though it will totally function as a plant pot (I just don’t know how well yet) because of the drainage holes on his feets. And this is the gummy Bulbasaur too because I accidentally got a bit too enthusiastic with the sandpaper and sanded off his two little front teeth.

Anyway, I’m going to go play Pokemon TCG online (which is the Pokemon card game) because there’s no new Pokemon video games to play.

What do you reckon? Could I sell these at markets with plants in them?


9 thoughts on “I Painted A Thing

      1. Alright! Then it’s just the time factor. 4-5 hours to print is quite a bit. As is the drying time. Start small. Always better to show up at the market the first time with 8 and sell out than to have 20 and loads left. And you can always take orders!

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      2. Yeah that was the plan, would be heaps more efficient to print a few and paint them all at once. Mister reckons he might be able to fit 4 Bulbasaurs to the print deck because the are only about 8cm long so not very big.

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      3. You may want to try larger ones as well? Don’t know how long that would take, but plant pots are plant pots and it seems there’s ALWAYS a good market for them. Besides, the small one is so cute I’d want to keep the plant in there as long as possible.

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