My Opinion On Weed May Surprise You

Disclaimer: This is not aimed at any of the activist or pro-marijuana pages I am subscribed to. I have a lot of respect for all of them, this is aimed at the head of the movement as well as stoners in Australia in particular.

I know this is another post right after the other and I feel bad about that but not quite sure why I do. Either way I just had a thought (I bet it hurt, haha) and I couldn’t find a piece of paper or pen and I was going to post this tomorrow but fuck it.

I don’t think our new wave of weed education is good enough.

I know all of the health benefits and scientific jargon and crap (I’m not a scientist though, not even close), I’ve read my fair share of articles, I’ve watched my fair share of documentaries.

But the way I did it, the way most Australians do it, from what I’ve observed and experienced, the health benefits of smoking weed DO NOT out way the health problems of it. What I truly believe is, no matter how great something can be, addiction will always make it bad. And in ways, I feel that this new wave of ‘marijuana education’, is a new form of justifying addiction. Before you start, I support the marijuana legalisation movement, I believe it should be decriminalised and used to its fullest extent, not just for the people but for science.


There are ways to get high that are NOT safe and NOT healthy. Especially when you’re in a country where it’s illegal. And I don’t believe these issues are properly addressed in these new wave of weed documentaries. I’ve witnessed the entire downfall of a persons life through their weed addiction, more then 1, me included. Because if you smoked like me, bongs, not glass bongs, springers, which is a rubbery, plastic tube which holds the stem and come piece which sits over a glass jar. Because weed is expensive and hard to get, we have no idea what we are getting, what has been done to it, or even how stoned it’ll get us. So we mix it with tobacco. Does that sound fucking grotty or what? Inhaling straight weed through a FULL glass bong may be ok, but smoking weed with half the quantity of tobacco through a dirty plastic tube bong of strain of who the fuck knows weed, is really one of the most unhealthiest things you could do to yourself. And it’s not the weed you’re addicted to, it’s the bong, because a springer bong will smack you in the lungs like you just inhaled a brick. And the more you do it, the less stoned you get off joints because there’s no hit in a joint. So you just sit there and bong on and on because the closest thing you’re getting to high is the oxygen you’re cutting off from your brain by those bong hits.

Think about it, it’s the weed equivalent of smacking up heroin.

I was so sick all the time. Waking up everyday vomiting up stomach bile (because I didn’t eat, weed makes me not hungry) and thick black shit that got hacked up out of my lungs. Anxiety so rampart that the only time you’re ok is if you’ve had at least 3 1 gram mixes. Needing a bong all the fucking time, kidding yourself into thinking, well at least you don’t smoke cigarettes anymore, when you know that’s bullshit because you’re smoking the equivalent cigarettes but in cones.

I stole from other people to get more weed even though we weren’t even paying rent. I nearly got arrested on several occasions due to possession. I saw a woman walking around talking to people, thinking she was a psychic and slowly sinking into psychosis, right before my eyes. Because she had been smoking the way I had for over 35 years.

Its pretty fucking horrific, people need to understand the difference between addiction and the substance itself, and in all reality pro weed documentaries just don’t properly acknowledge why it is still a drug and can still be abused, and therefore no parties understand the other side of the story.

Because all I hear from stoners now is this sense of self-righteousness.

Science says weed cures cancer, and even though I dropped out of school at 16, had no interest in chemistry until it was put in the context of the drugs I do, I’m going to argue that weed is ok till I’m black and blue, because my smoking doesn’t impact anyone else anymore, because science.

Im sorry my friend, but you just sound like a rambling junkie trying to justify their addiction.

That was exactly what I used to sound like, I used those documentaries as a justification to all the shitty things I was doing due to my addiction. I regurgitated facts without any real knowledge behind them because I don’t understand how weed works. And then I wisened up, realised I couldn’t argue this point without knowledge, and I started observing the way I felt when I was on it. From what I saw on documentaries, they always stated that weed is usually used to combat anxiety, yet I was far more anxious then I’d ever been in my entire life, and I was using weed as a way to be not anxious. And that’s when I realised that those documentaries didn’t help me at all, in fact they made my addiction worse, because of MY OWN sheer ignorance.

I support the marijuana movement, but when you have junkies like me that really make their presence known in public, and make people more wary of the movement, then as part of the movement, you need to step back and see what information you’re putting out there, and why the movement isn’t all fucking chocolates and roses. Because it isn’t, it may cure cancer, but the majority of people that smoke don’t have cancer, so face up to the fact that it is indeed a drug with side-effects that can potentially damage your health and ruin lives.

I think it is up to the movement to provide better education, stop giving addicts all these wonderful reasons to stay addicted and be brave enough to explain the whole truth, not the truth that appeals to one side of the argument. This movement is about the care of people, so give enough of a fuck to educate the ignorant people on the dangers of what weed does to the mentally unstable, and that addiction is just as bad from any drug, weed included.

If you truly support the movement because you care about people, then it’s your responsibility to educate people properly about weed, instead of cherry picking the good bits out just to win an argument.


4 thoughts on “My Opinion On Weed May Surprise You

  1. Well said. I actually had this argument with my boss the other day about weed. He was arguing that you can’t get addicted to weed and I replied with any drug can be abused.

    Weed is something I can take or leave. Because it is illegal, I’ve only smoked it a few times. Because it is illegal, my experiences have ranged from this is awesome to I’m so paranoid, I think I’m dying to did I just smoke something, because I feel normal. I haven’t smoked it since I felt like I was dying 4 years ago.

    The only drug I’ve ever abused is nicotine and I feel a bit like the pro-vaping movement minimizes the effects of nicotine. Yes, it is way less bad than getting your fix from cigarettes. But often there are claims that nicotine isn’t as addictive (or sometimes not addictive at all) as smoking and I think that saying this misinforms people.

    I felt more anxious when on nicotine, but on the plus side I’ve realized that I actually probably do suffer from anxiety. All I cared about (practically) was planning around when I’d get my next hit, which by the end was becoming ridiculously often. I’m still happy I quit and have been able to stay quit.

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    1. Nicotine is the chemical that gives smokers the addiction to cigarettes, it’s the rest of the shit in cigarettes that make them bad for your health. To say nicotine isn’t addictive is stupid, it’s the chemical that makes you addicted. But yeah I do agree with you on the vape movement too, it’s a great thing, but it’s ignorant to say it’s 100% safe, it took us at least 20 years of research to discover how terrible cigarettes were for you. Vaping hasn’t been around long enough to determine its long term effects on the body.

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      1. I want them to keep researching instead of the knee-jerk reaction of “this might be as bad as smoking because it looks like smoking” and it just disappears when it could potentially help and save people’s lives. Just don’t tell people it is harmless. Way less harmful, yes. But not harmless…

        Just like there are harmful ways of using weed like the method you described in your post and less harmful ways. The research around what weed could do for cancer treatment is really interesting. But I find some of the stuff I’m reading is just people justifying their addiction.

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  2. Marijuana. Well, I make no secret of the fact I love it. My drug of choice. I also make no secret of the fact that I over use it. Or I have.

    The hard fact about marijuana is that a certain percentage of people will have a psychotic episode when they smoke. That percentage isn’t high (ha, ha) but it does exist. It’s a real risk.

    I’m not familiar with the method you describe for smoking, but yes, it sounds to me like you’re getting addicted to something more than just the marijuana. Since I originally hailed from the states, I’m very familiar with marijuana that’s been treated. Treated with chemicals, other drugs – none of which you’re told about, as a user. And certainly I’ve fallen into the Euro J rolling method, with tobacco. I’m doubling up on addiction there: tobacco and marijuana.

    I also haven’t heard any claims that marijuana can cure cancer. It’s very helpful to those going thru cancer treatment, yes, but CURE cancer? Can you give me a link?

    As for the deadheads – those stoners who really do lose it – I tend to think the problem is underlying and any marijuana use is just a symptom of something else going on. I know that’s probably my own bias coming into play, and that there are people out there who simply have an addiction to this substance. I agree that marijuana legislation would have been passed much sooner if those people had stayed OUT of the argument. All they do is stand for that stereotypical pot smoker that everyone finds either funny or disgusting. Sad, really.

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