I’m No Gamer, Just A Person That Plays Games

So I managed to get into a heated debate over a subject with Mister the other day, and out of all the stupid shit I spout, it’s funny that I was actually the one to stay rational in this debate. Mister is not an irrational or overly emotional person, he’s like Spock from Star Trek most of the time. So for him to throw a hissy fit at me was weird and I didn’t know how to react. Because what we were arguing about is totally dumb, it was about who gets classified as a true gamer.

The thing is, back when shit like Pong, Pacman and Donkey Kong were coming out, nobody really cared too much about it. I mean, those games were single player arcade style games, they were meant to be fun. This is what old arcade style games used to look like;


Things are different now, video games are so much more then games. They’re livelihoods, they are inspiration for more creation, you can compete on an almost Olympic like scale with some games. Because it takes skill to be good at video games. 10 years ago I would’ve been like, hah what a useless skill to have. Nowadays I say, woah, how can someone have that much control to do so many crazy, amazing things. Also, the video games now are more then a half circle eating more circles whilst being chased by ghosts. Now video games look like this most of the time;


This is a photo of gameplay from the video game Dark Souls III on the PlayStation 4. Look at those graphics, nothing lags, that knight guy just runs through that scenery and it’s fucking majestic.

Admit it, the graphics for video games are beautiful now compared to what they used to be.

But when I say gamer I mean someone that plays most nerdy games, video games, Dungeons & Dragons and Magic The Gathering included.

I swear that Dungeons & Dragons has been around since the dawn of time but if you don’t know what it is I’ll explain. D&D is a role-playing game where you have your Dungeon Master and the rest of the players. Each player can either pick and already existing character or make them up themselves. You get a 12 sided dice, you pretty well just sit there and imagine up the whole story line between everyone and the dice is the thing that has all the options of your characters situations assigned to numbers (again all controlled by the dungeon master). Who wins you ask? Fuck knows, I’m not that much of nerd, I guess everyone wins because the experience?… And Magic The Gathering is the most confusing, strategic card games you’ll ever play, and considering the amount of cards and combinations of decks you can make, you almost need to be at genius level to remember the cards along with your strategy.

I’d say, in the grand scheme of things, if you put me online with every other person over the world playing the same games, I’d probably be pretty shit, mediocre at best. Because there’s no way that someone who enjoys things outside of video games and pop culture can possibly be as good as a basement nerd that still lives with his parents at 33 (or as good as any Asian because they just dominate every leader board of every game because they’re freakin smart at everything…). People like who I described, are the people who make gaming shit for everyone who’s not a ‘true gamer’.

These men act like they’re still just bitching about shit in highschool. If you’re a person that plays games on your phone, tablet or Internet browsers then I’d look out, because one of these men would tell you that you’re a dirty casual (lol it’s offensive to them because they’re saying you’re shit because you only play games sometimes and not 24/7 like they do).

These type of people are the reason most nerd girls don’t go out and play Magic competitively, because it’s so male-dominated and sexist, it’s honestly intimidating walking into a hall of just men with maybe 3 females in there. And I love Magic, I have cards, I enjoyed the game. But I’d never play these games competitevely face to face ever again.

Nerds nearly killed my love of Pokemon because of being utterly annihilated in battle then had the smugness of a pimply faced teenager with an Ash hat on.

People like Feminist Frequency didn’t make the sexism issues any better either. And that’s why so many play online now, because fuck people. There has never been a point in human history where one person wasn’t an absolute gloating cunt to the other person when they won at something, sport is a great example of that. And it’s just never been easy for women in game full fucking stop.

So thank fuck for online gameplay, where you get an avatar and a nicname. You could be a male with a female avatar, or the other way around who knows who you’re talking to.

The Internet made games even again. Because even if you’re playing World Of Warcraft (warcrack) and you’re playing a Blood Elf, if you are a blood elf female you will get people hitting on you because the avatar is sexualised. They aren’t hitting on YOU, they’re hitting on your blood elf character because they’re sad nerds. Don’t want that to happen, play as the undead or a dwarf, nothing about them is sexy. And then you’ll only have to put up with people walking past you typing NOOB instead of, hey cutie want help levelling up?

My arguement was that anyone who loves games and plays them a decent amount is a true gamer, and musters was, no only jerks that play a lot and are elitist about it are true gamers. But when I think about it, I do retract that statement. There are people on YouTube who spend all day everyday playing video games and get paid doing it, I guess you would call them professional gamers. You have the speed runners which are people that can complete a full game in the space of an hour or 2 when it usually takes someone about 4 days worth of intense playing. There are people with reflexes that quick that they can complete any almost impossible looking Mario maker level. There are people that compete on a national level, who gets thousands when they win and sometimes even the honour of meeting people like the head of Nintendo, or Mario.

None of these people are jerks, all of them incredibly talented. I don’t see elitist, basement dwelling, mysoginistic egomaniacs as true gamers, they are merely the fanatic in the group. Like the fundamentalists. No one likes those people, they never represent what they believe in very well (look at religious fundamentalists).

But to call myself a true gamer kind of cheapens the title. Because for the people that do game, it’s a proud title to have. And I haven’t dedicated my life to video games, I’ve always played them and I love them, but I’m not that great at it, not compared to most. And that’s cool, I may be a Pokemon fan, I may absolutely own at car racing games (no logic there as I don’t drive), but I’m not a gamer.

I have enough titles, I don’t need that one.







6 thoughts on “I’m No Gamer, Just A Person That Plays Games

  1. I’m married to a gamer, but I am simply a person that plays games. I play many different games from RPG’s like D & D to boardgames. My husband got out of Magic because of the same reasons you did and he is a guy. I laughed at the part of your post that referred to online or browser based games. I was playing a Game of Thrones Facebook game and my husband (a true gamer) gave me a hard time about it. He didn’t call me a dirty casual, but implied I should spend my time getting better at playing ‘real games’.

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    1. Well, console games are the superior game experience in his defense lol. I understand why gamers hate the apps though, they’re pretty soulless in comparison, all the same pay to win system. But there’s nothing wrong with playing them if you like them though.

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      1. I can’t function a console to save my life. I’m better with a keyboard and mouse But he was right, the game was dumb but I don’t see anything wrong with playing those games if those are what you like.

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      2. Proper pc gaming uses keyboard and mouse, and you can get a lot of console games on pc to play like that. I don’t have a problem with casual games or gamers, I have a problem with people that suck money out of people through super addictive clicker games.

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    1. Why, we love titles, we define ourselves through the jobs we do like Mechanic, Surgeon, CEO, Manager etc. Hobbies aren’t that different either, I like to call myself a singer and a painter, even though I don’t do it on a professional scale and they are just titles that describe what I do it’s still what I call myself when people ask what I do. I get confused with the word consumption, no one really eats ps4 games. 😉


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