Stupid Shit I Found Online #1

I think I’m starting to run out of ideas. I feel like I’m really scraping the barrel this post. So until a major debate or something comes up, my posts are mainly going to be this kiddy crap and YouTube. It’s still hilarious kiddy crap though.

I have 3 examples of stupid weird shit I discovered and/or remembered from the past.

Does Bruno Mars Is Gay?

A question that’s plagued me since the beginning of Bruno’s music career. It’s an article on a Bruno Mars fan page, clearly written by a homophobic male who does not understand the written language of English properly. I find people who can’t talk English properly funny, sometimes, other times it shits me, not because of the fact that they don’t know the language, it’s that they make no attempt to want to learn or be part of the country is all. And considering most websites auto translate from other languages, surely auto translate could’ve not of fucked up that badly, was he just writing brokenly in his own language?

I don’t know what do you think, does Bruno Mars is gay?

Read the original article here

Pointer Pointer

On the Internet there is a whole webpage of webpages, all useless. Why? Because the Internet, that’s why, and also because, fuck you, that’s why. Why I picked this one over the others is because it’s kind of cool. This website is best experienced with a computer but you can do it on your phone (it just defeats the whole purpose). Basically, you point on a section of the screen, and it’ll load a photo of people pointing at your mouse curser. It doesn’t matter where you put the curser either because the person who created the website has (I swears it) loaded up every pointing person picture the could find, so there’s always someone or something pointing at your curser no matter where it is on screen.

This isn’t really a useful site, but you should check it out, because this person went to a lot of effort to make this, thing….

Pointer Pointer website here

The Crazy Frog

It’s ok, I understand if you unsubscribe, because in all reality this thing just should’ve remained dead in my brain. This advertisement single-handedly made me stop watching tv forever, because of the sheer volume they played this annoying thing on tv. I don’t even know what or why it existed, I can’t remember what you expect a stupid thing like to even sell. It’s going up here so I can watch it die again.

For everyone’s sanity involved, I will not post any version of crunchy frog that’s over a minute. If you are easily triggered to rage by overly annoying things, then for your own sanity don’t watch this.

And now let’s see it die.


3 thoughts on “Stupid Shit I Found Online #1

  1. lol! I like the Pointer, Pointer page. I was out surfing the web when it first began and I stumbled across a website that ended up inspiring me in all sorts of ways. It was just a screen with an astronaut floating around on it. No explanation, no nothing. I loved it. Sometimes the best stuff is done for NO REASON.

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