No Hope For The Human Race

We already know this, but I mean in the context that we are all going to die. Which is also a thing humans do, but what if we were wiped out before we were naturally meant to go? Would we even care? Maybe. Would the scientists tell us? Or like in the tv show You, Me & The Apocalypse, would they keep it from us and just let us deal when the time came. Would we save anyone? Who would be saved, do millionaires get a say when it comes to who survives, because if we only saved rich white men, then there’s no way we could repopulate. That’s if anyone survives at all. What if the scientists are wrong, what if it’s closer then we think?

One of many articles explaining the 6th major extinction we are facing

I know I’m sounding like a doomsday prepper, and honestly, I think I’m going to be long past dead when the apocalypse happens. Even though the whole idea of extinction is a morbid thought, in ways it’s almost relieving to me. Because now there’s literally no hope, even if we turned things around we will be wiped out, so what’s the point of stressing? What’s the point of caring now?

Because unlike the last mass extinctions which were all natural occurances, this one is directly caused by humans. We are classified as a mass parasite that literally wipes out species, we are the ultimate predators.

Man, I almost hate the fact that I’m writing this, because I feel like every other obnoxious hippie. And I know (well from my own experiences anyway), that we all have had one or more of these types of hippies going humanity is evil and we killed all the animals and destroyed the Earth.

The thing is though, they’re right, and it’s a shame that everyone will ignore the importance of the message, just because of the sheer fact they didn’t like the vessel the message came from.

There are so many signs now that you just can’t ignore. You can’t ignore the fact that it’s significantly hotter now then what it was 10 years ago. You can’t ignore the fact that every year 1 out of every million species becomes extinct. Yet we do, everyday. We seem to care more about the people that run the country over caring about the planet we live on.

We are dying out people, but people seem to think politics is more of an important thing to worry and care about. Is it even going to matter if someone like Trump is in power when we are all sitting there, waiting to die, watching the world end?

If people only realised how powerful we actually are…

We have no empathy for the world around us, and not one of us can say honestly to themselves that they do. Because I’m not talking about caring about people, I’m talking about the planet, not just the animals on it. Are you willing to live on no electricity, ride a bicycle instead of driving a car, never have a pet again, give up all capitalist comforts we’ve all come to grow accustomed to, to try and save the Earth? Because I’m not, not when there’s millions of other lazy cunts who wouldn’t care if they wiped out the planet, just as long as they got to still got to act tough and feel like a big person for driving a giant, fuel guzzling 4wd till their death day. No matter how empathetic we think we are, we need to understand we are virtually Titans on this Earth compared to the rest of the species, everything we do impacts the environment directly. You know how people are meant to recycle yet no one ever really gave a shit. WELL IT WAS AND STILL IS LITERALLY ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT, EASIEST THINGS YOU CAN DO TO HELP THE ENVIRONMENT YET EVEN THE EASIEST THINGS IN THE WORLD ARE FAR TOO HARD FOR MOST OF THE HUMAN RACE!!!!

Again, I can say all this till I’m blue in the face. But does anyone really understand the enormity of extinction? If there was a species that was stronger then us, if we were lower on the food chain, could you imagine every single human being being wiped out? Every. Single. One. This is what we’ve done to more species then I can count. To really understand how much harm we’ve done, please just skim through this wiki page (I’ll provide the link). It is first split into countries, then you go into a country and you get the sub categories of mammal, insect etc and then in there are the lists. That many sub categories for that many countries. Makes me sad to know we caused it.

Wiki Extinction List

So what’s the point I have for any of this? Yes. Just calm down and stop stressing about things. We are all fucked anyway, and we will be extinct long before we ever grow out of flexing muscles and comparing penis sizes.

I guess I’m a bit of a nihilist. Our world, our existence, is nothing in the eyes of the entire universe. I would literally quote The Galaxy Song from Monty Python’s Meaning Of Life, but I only posted the song about a week ago.

I just hope I’m alive long enough to see us start exploring the stars more.




2 thoughts on “No Hope For The Human Race

  1. There’s a great org – The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement This is NOT a group of hippies.

    Of course humanity is a plague on this planet. Always has been. Only problem is, now we live longer. More babies live. Populations have gone up, but there’s nowhere else to expand to. So we sleep where we shit, and we eat other people’s shit. We breathe in shit, we clean with shit, children are born with shit already in their chromosomes mutating their DNA. And no, very few people want to see it. Even fewer really want to do anything about it.

    Environmental issues always seem to be forced into all or nothing scenarios. I do not believe we all need to live off the grid and never have any creature comfort again in order to NOT harm the planet. All we need to do is pull back from the excessive abuse we’ve caused. But that’s asking a REAL addict to ‘just cut back’. It isn’t going to happen. You know that and I know that. Humanity’s gonna have to go cold turkey or take some plunge – like heading out into the stars. Maybe they’ll get it right next time.


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