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Whoopsie, did I spell face wrong?

Yay, I completed the crapped on for at least 100 posts milestone! Yesterday was my 100th post, and I would’ve made mention to it to if it weren’t for the fact that WordPress told me it was my 100th post AFTER I published it. I didn’t even realise I had even written that much.

Honestly, I woke up this morning with a serious case of the CBFs (can’t be fucked), and so writing this is turning out to be a problem. So I’m sorry if this is all boring. Because I had to just quickly type the question into google ‘what is everyone talking about on facebook’. I know, it’s a vague question to ask google, and all it could say was ‘people are talking about some mysterious video’ and all this other crap relating to facebook but wasn’t anything interesting, all I wanted was something to rant at.

So after 15 minutes spent writing the first sentence of the second paragraph, I finally got some sort of direct thought in my head. Why not just rant about Facebook, itself, as a whole, I mean, it’s the reason my mental health has improved. From not being on it that is. If it weren’t for me being off facebook, I don’t think I would’ve found WordPress.

There are a lot of reasons why I hate facebook, and why I think it’s making the human race more stupid.

Did anyone even watch The Social Network? It’s basically just a movie about Mark Zuckerburg and how he created Facebook. From what I could make out from this movie is; in a nutshell, Zuckerburg was a really smart but immature nerd who got so butthurt over getting dumped by girls all the time he creates a social media platform purely to ruin the lives of the girls that dumped him. It’s also really cute that they make out that Zuckerburg had the most original idea for a social media website ever, considering Myspace was already in existence in 2003, whereas Facebook was created in 2004.

Myspace became popular between about 2004-2006, it was only popular for about 2 years then got completely taken over in popularity by Facebook in 2006. Myspace was a website designed for teenagers and young adults, the age bracket was usually between 14-26. Myspace was really basic compared to Facebook, with the importance made on the profile. On Myspace, the aim was to make your page look as flashy as possible. You wanted your backgrounds and your cover pictures, also all the cute mini widget games and the never ending results of personality tests you proudly put on display, because you actually thought people actually gave a fuck about which X-Men you are or something. Oh, and the icing on the cake was an obnoxious teenage anthem to play whilst you scroll through the most funniest, immature pages you’ll ever see. BUT. You could only write on peoples pages, you couldn’t post stuff to them. You shared all your status updates in a weird little chat room set up with the rest of your friends, so the closest thing you could get to attacking people was from them uploading embarrassing photos of you on their own profile or just spam your comment section with hate. There was no sharing things with everyone, no set in stone status updates that anyone can go back to and reply on. Myspace was incredibly mature, but what do you expect from that age bracket? NO ONE older then 28 was on Myspace, ever (unless they were paedophiles, which in that case are everywhere on the internet with young people).


Mark Zuckerburg took away everything that made Myspace fun and unique (the music, the amount of profile editing, all the little things that you could display) and made it adult, with one profile picture and one cover photo, because the rest of that shit is childish. He took away the ability to be anonymous (because you could put whatever name or picture and it didn’t hound you for every personal detail) and forced you to put your real name and every detail of your life for any person in the world to stalk you. He took away the chat room system, and made ‘The Wall’, a place where you type in things you normally wouldn’t care to share with people in a real life conversation, and it stays up for as long as you want it to. Instead of just uploading photos to your profile, you now have the option of ‘tagging’ other people in photos that they may have not appreciated you posting calling them out on it and giving everyone who views it a direct link to you. Back on Myspace you had to go into the chat room and beg the people to go look at your photos, because they just privately uploaded without any notification to anyone else. Everyone knows when you’ve uploaded a photo on facebook… Oh and back in the day, social media used to be for the younger age bracket I specified, when I have immature facebook fights on facebook, most of the time you can’t tell the difference between the argument of a 45 year old and a fucking 15 year old!

And yes, that is my number one fucking problem with Facebook. Seeing grown adults who should fucking know better, regress to the level of fucking teenagers. It’s sad, and it’s stupid. Seriously, what’s the fucking point of posting this meme, you are now on facebook possibly even sitting on your phone doing the same thing.

old people memes
You know why I hate people who post memes like this? Because you sit there and bitch and moan about kids these days not growing up properly, while you’re all on facebook, getting into high and mighty childish fights about stupid shit. I wonder why the youth is fucked? Probably because the people who are meant to be adults and proper role models have regressed back to teenagehood whilst keeping the respect your elders entitlement. A big FUCK YOU to ANYONE who posts this shit.

There are so many people on facebook. There used to be a time where internet safety was more important then anything else, now, while the internet is far more dangerous then it has ever been, we have somehow been convinced that leaving every bit of REAL information seems like a great idea. And facebook forces you to leave a real name now, it never used to. And even in the job searching websites now, it tries to trick you into logging on with facebook, so the employers can just check out who you are from your facebook page. Share your thoughts, don’t make me laugh, you need to heavily monitor your thoughts if you’re job searching or employed, because your boss can see everything you do, and trust me, they will search for you and stalk your profile. The reason the website LinkedIn exists was so that employers could stop stalking people on facebook, and just view their professional profile.

I think the last thing I should mention is the ‘social experiment’ that was performed in 2012 without any ones knowledge, the information of the experiment was leaked to the public in 2014. Over 400,000 people participated in this experiment without their knowledge, they changed the facebook algorithms for these people on this specific day. Half of the participants got filtered negative posts, while the other half was filtered positive posts. As a result the people exposed to positive posts tended to post more positive things, and the people exposed to negative posts tended to post more negative posts. The results proved that people are easily influenced by what their friends and family, and to some degree the pages that they are subscribed to are doing.

It’s easy to be an activist and to get people to listen to you on facebook, people care a whole bunch when no effort is involved in actually helping anything. This post is already too long, I didn’t realise I still held so much anger towards a website. But I was a really, really, really angry person on Facebook. Because people are idiots, and I couldn’t ignore it or let it go. And it drove me fucking crazy, so I deleted it. Because I refuse to regress into another brainless, immature fuck who feels the need to constantly drill through peoples skulls that they are stupid and I am right.

I don’t want to be part of the problem. And I know I sound old in saying this (because the number one reason of why people over the age of 30 use facebook is to keep in contact with people) but what ever happened to just picking up the phone and calling someone? There really is no excuse, EVERYONE has a phone, and there are plans you can go on that allow you to talk between mobile phones for ages.

Fuck you Mark Zuckerburg, and fuck Facebook, I hope that you become irrelevant as quickly as possible, for humanitys sake.



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