Don’t EVER point your finger at a Crazy Kim

Yes, I did just use a line from a character who is a complete sociopath from a psych ward. Considering the anger that I feel towards our old real estate agent I thought it was fitting, and when I say anger I am so livid that I’m smiling. It’s slightly psychotic, and I’m kind of scared for them.

Because I can get crazy. Really. Fucking. Crazy.


But this is not an anger you will ever see from me unless my life and my health are being threatened, along with the lives of the people closest to me.

And this bullshit was supposed to stop once they got someone else in, which they have and they move in Saturday.

You only have to pay a maximum of 2 weeks rent, he says.

We will be up to date with pay, he says.

So why the fuck is there SEVEN HUNDRED FUCKING DOLLARS we owe you? This is not what we agreed to. This is not what we signed up for.

And then, just to piss me off further (which is fucking stupid) they decided to imply our cleaning wasn’t good enough, even though we cleaned everything they told us to clean. Then they try and say all this other shit isn’t clean enough, like leaves in the garage.

Leaves in the garage…

Leaves and dirt in a fucking garage, are you fucking kidding me? Because wind is thing, it moves light things like leaves all over different places. We swept when we left, are you seriously implying you want us to drive another fucking TWO HOURS just so I can sweep the leaves out of the garage again, because clearly it’s MY responsibility to make sure the wind doesn’t blow shit in the garage.

Clearly I am a God who knows how to control the wind pressure from over 50kms away. I should be fucking worshipped in a church, not being critisiced for something so incredibly fucking ludicrous.

I sent my last email today. I decided to catch up on my facts, and I read all 238 pages of the Tenancy Rights Act 1997. I finally got to shove the facts so far up their arseholes I bet they’re bleeding.

Section 234 – Reduction of fixed term tenancy agreement

2. The Tribunal may only make an order under this section of it is satisfied that, because of an UNFORSEEN change in the applicants circumstances, the severe hardship which the applicant would suffer if the term of the agreement were not reduced would be greater than the hardship which the other party would suffer if the term were reduced.

I used to have a good credit rating, now I am in debt. I used to be calm, now my mood is everywhere. And the only reason I was so fucking stressed that I was making my own body sick over it, was because of this continuous bullshit.

Because they don’t speak English properly, they like to use it to their advantage to be purposely vague so we sign shit without fully understanding what we’ve signed.

But I’ll be the racist cunt if I even say shit about it.

So fine, you want to be vague and international, I can be crazy and irrational, because in the laws eyes I am crazy.

I am medicated.

I have a pension card.


I missed a days worth of pills because we couldn’t afford them because of the stupid amount of rent we have to pay.

I felt like I wanted to die. Because it sucks to go from 100mg of seroquel to FUCKING NOTHING for a night when you’ve spent the last 2 years on it without missing a pill.

Tell me, heartless fucking arseholes, in what way does your hardship outweigh yours? A fucking charity told me they couldn’t help me because it was pointless to keep me in a house there was no way I could afford. The only way that charity could get us another house was if we were to become homeless. So who fucking knows though how long it’ll take them to find us one? There’s tonnes of homeless families here with children, how long would I have to live on the fucking streets till we got a new place.


And where exactly is your hardship? You are renting out a house, and living in another, which means you own 2 houses. But you want to keep trying to get money from us.


So fucking come at bro. I don’t have much left to lose, you’ve already tapped us out of all our money.

You can’t get blood out of stone, but a stone can sure get blood out of your face if I smash it in a couple of times.


One thought on “Don’t EVER point your finger at a Crazy Kim

  1. *sigh* While I’m always glad to see you writing out your angst, I can hardly ‘like’ this post. What an awful load of shit to pull on you.

    From now on, make it a habit to do two things. First, when you first move in (do it now), take pictures of all the stuff that ISN’T fixed around the place. Second, when you move out, take pictures of the place to prove what condition you left everything in.

    I worked at a rental agency for years (don’t hate me; I wasn’t a bad one). And I got screwed by several landlords. Pics are a great way to put a stop to that shit right away.

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