People Seem To Think I’m Responsible

Ha, I sure fool those people don’t I? I’m barely responsible enough to look after this blog.

I’ve got a lot of stuff I’m working on now so for now I’m going to write when I write, and I’m not forcing myself to do it because it just comes out as a babbling mess, and half the time I don’t even know the point I’m trying to get across.

I want to write a creepypasta. I feel that as a horror fan who’s completely numb to most things, the shit that scares me would scare anyone else, right? That’s my logic and I’m sticking to it. Now to make my convoluted plot fit into a structure that people with barely any attention spans will read, which means it’ll have to sort of be short… Why the fuck was creative writing so easy back when I was 15 in comparison to now?!

The reason I named the post what I did though was because we got asked to look after a child under 18 (not including my nephew who is 17 and does not count).

The child is misters 11 year old sister I will call her A. I’m going to try and nut shell this situation as it is complicated and harsh. Mister is one of 6. There are 4 different fathers to those 6. A is the youngest, she dealt with their mother at her craziest. She got taken out of school because the mother thought the government and all its facilities are evil (schools, doctors etc), and because the mother grew and smoked weed inside, you basically got a contact high every time you entered the house. So crazy mum decided to start shit with my family, and that’s when I chose to step in. Because it’s one thing calling me an evil witch (because she’s psychic see, therefore I’m the devil) and sanctimoniously burning my clothes, but when you start accusing my brother of being a pedophile (which he is a lot of things but not that) that’s when you’ve directly fucked with me. So we got her out of there, we called dhs and crazy mum opted to get rid of her entirely over getting treatment. She literally told her 10 year old daughter that she didn’t want her anymore, then poor A had to be carted off to a court house with strangers, not knowing who the fuck was going to take her on board. Her crazy mum only let her around mister, she disowned the rest of her children. So we had to leave a scared little girl with her other brother who she had never met and had been told her whole life was evil.

But it’s ok, even though A wanted to live with us, we couldn’t take care of her. But she’s been up with misters brother and partner for over a year now and is doing great, she’s doing well in school, misters brother is paying for counselling, she has everything she needs. They are an early 30s couple, they are adult enough to be like parents to her, and considering she had no idea who her father is (neither does anyone) and a schizophrenic mother who was flat broke (we assume, she was really crazy) she’s pretty well rounded. She’s a little popular one too with a the little girl friends. It’s great, she has a life now. Both misters brother and partner have great jobs, both play sports, are over all top members of society.

That’s exactly the environment a child should be in.

So for J to ask me if we wanted to look after A (J is misters brothers partner, she talks to me over mister because I’m better at talking), I felt really chuffed. I haven’t been responsible enough to look after anything in my life, now I’m in a stable enough position where someone thinks I can handle looking after a kid for a total of 3 days! I must be starting to grow up.


Now I’ve got any excuse to do all the stupid, immature cool stuff!


This is going to be interesting/scary/fun!


15 thoughts on “People Seem To Think I’m Responsible

    1. I’m trying to base it on a real scary drug floating around Russia at the moment called Krokodile, it’s a uniquish-enough concept, just trying to figure out how to make it work as a story is turning problematic. I’m getting there, hope you’re doing ok too, thanks for stopping by 😀

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