The Pokemon Go Revolution

Most of these photos are from google images, for my own sake I will not post screen shots of my own game because, duh, it’s a fucking map.

Anyone who can see my gravatar image can assume I am a Pokemon fan, any person who’s been around my blog for a while knows for a fact I am a Pokemon fan. And to all of those people, you know this post was coming.

pokemon-go-gameplay (1)

On July the 6th, 2016, they uploaded the beta version of the game to Japan, Australia, New Zealand and I think a couple of others. For once America was not the first to play something. They did this without telling anyone they had, so it was a complete surprise to me when I was scrolling through the app store (looking for more games for the ipad) and Pokemon Go was listed on the homepage. They did this on purpose, because the first people to download it turned into the beta testers.

I had been following the progress of the game since I knew of it’s existence, it was looking to be epic, but I couldn’t figure out how they were going to make it work. 

This game is pretty special to Gen Y, considering Pokemon came out the year I was born (1991) and we watched the series growing up. I grew a special connection to the main character, Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu. All I wanted at 6 years of age was to be a Pokemon trainer, travelling the world and catching all the Pokemon, I wanted Pokemon to exist, and I wasn’t the only one. Fast forward 20 years and finally we have our Pokemon in real life now! How amazing is that?!

pokemon go meme

I called this post the Pokemon Revolution for a reason, because in my opinion it has revolutionised gaming. Gen Y was considered the lazy generation, couldn’t get off our arses, glued to the tv and our gaming consoles. And guess where we all are now… Walking the fuck outside, doing exactly what our parents wanted us to do when we were young. This game has tricked gamers into exercising, at the moment, with this game still in beta version (or not with this new update), it is so bare bones that it is nothing more then a glorified pedometer app. This game gives you exercise goals with it’s egg hatching requiring you to walk a certain amount of kms for certain eggs to hatch. This is a feature straight from the nintendo games themselves, considering that every game you get given an egg that you need to hatch, and the egg requires a certain amount of footsteps before it’ll hatch. In the Nintendo games you also have the ability to breed your Pokemon which also gives you an egg that you need to hatch (there has been talk that they will be adding in a breeding element update down the track).

I’ve met some funny people while playing this game, I’ve made a fool of myself in public more times then I can count. I’ve had people approach me to ask about the game, I’ve connected in different ways to members of my family due to this game. Unlike most games, Pokemon Go is for EVERYONE. You don’t need to know what they are to collect them, you don’t need to be a master gamer to beat a gym leader.

I’m not going to blatantly say that there are no dangers to this game, there are. But fuck me, life is dangerous in general! You risk horrible things happening to you every time you leave the house. People ruin things for everyone else, it’s just what we do. If you use common sense though, like not walking in front of cars like a phone zombie, or not walking alone in the dark, then you’re probably going to be ok.

Oh, and to those think that this app was meant for children, don’t be silly, it was made for my generation, it was made for the kids who grew up and shaped the gaming community as we know it. This is our reward for our loyalty to a series that shaped our childhood.

I’m going to put a review up, it may be from Hot Pepper Gaming but it still explains this game better then I can.

The Pokemon Revolution 1991-2016




2 thoughts on “The Pokemon Go Revolution

  1. I think you did a great job explaining the game. Pokemon should probably have been something I was interested in (it came out when I was 10), but I never got into the series. Still, I have to admit that the game does have some really awesome aspects (like having some places of learning as places of interest so people will go there, like art museums and such). I’m happy you’re enjoying it!

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    1. I’ve noticed that the people who never played the original can enjoy Go more so for the fact of collecting, which is the main line for the series ‘gotta catch em’ all’. I’ve met and talked to all types of people is never have thought would be into it. It forces you to explore all kinds of places like forests, beaches etc to be able to find every one. All of the poke stops (which are located at places like memorials, museums and landmarks) themselves were submitted by people who were playing the game Ingress, which is the same company as Go, Niantic, and Ingress was the project that Go was based off, instead of catching Pokemon though your aim is to hack the other teams terminals. So the Poke world was set up by the public which is also pretty cool.

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