The Media VS Reality

Since being here, I’ve been forced to endure what I have been avoiding for the past 6 years…

Mainstream Media.

And the only thing I could think to myself was…

What a huge, steaming pile of bullshit.


I also think, how in the actual fuck can people take this shit seriously, especially considering the way they turn their media stories from news into full action-packed mini films with their fancy powerpoint slides explaining every point of detail like it’s a new fucking crime series. No news reporter even cares about what they’re reading anymore (if they ever did), they all just sit there, trying to look presentable, just reading the news. They could be reading about the deaths of children, murder in the first degree, extreme acts of racism and gang rapings of women, they don’t feel a fucking thing. It’s just a story, just entertainment, pulled from the ugliest depths of our existence. And then people watch it, and it’s nothing more then a horror story that you regularly see on the news. We expect it, all that shit is just a story, almost impossible to distinguish from fiction writing considering how desensitised we are from feeling anything at all for our fellow human.

These reporters spend more time thinking of witty segueways and stupid puns to go with the story then the actual facts of the fucking thing.

Fuck me, what a joke. What a shitstorm. You don’t even need action, thriller or horror movies anymore, just put on your local news, and you’ll feel the fear.

Fear-mongering or scaremongering, is a deliberate use of fear based tactics including exaggeration and usually repetition to influence the public in order to achieve a desired outcome. It is a tactic used to scare or put fear into those viewing a campaign/advertisement and influence the outcome based on fear.

Wake up.

The world isn’t terrible, it’s really not. If anything, we have improved our opinions and knowledge on a lot of things. So why does the media have so much terrible shit to throw at us lately?

Because more people are starting to realise that mainstream media is nothing more then a mass form of manipulation.

I’m not writing this because I’m a tin-foil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist. In fact, I believe there are some documentaries on that side of the fence that are just as manipulative as the mainstream media. I’m writing this just from what I can see, from my own experiences and my own research. Because I don’t like being told by any group what I should and should not think. And this isn’t a post telling you to stop watching the news or anything. All I’m saying is;

See the media for what it is, and start thinking for yourself.

media malcom X

Everything happening right now, is nothing new. These are all the same problems that have plagued us for centuries. What cloud are you living on to think that just because it’s 2016 these problems should have miraculously disappeared by now? I’m telling you right now, they won’t. These are problems that have lingered with us since the dawn of time. They aren’t just going to go away because everything else is advancing.

I’m not debating that the world isn’t a fucked up place. It is.

But that doesn’t mean that YOUR reality has to be a fucked up place.

I choose not to watch mainstream media, or be on feacesbook, because I don’t want that bullshit as part of MY reality. You can view that in two different ways (or more if you’re a big thinker); I’m living in a delusional world I created for myself because I can’t deal with the harshness in the world or; I choose not to let what others do dictate the way I want to see things, so I can make as much difference as I can to what I see.

I see these as both correct, I live in a semi-delusional world where I chose to shut my eyes and go lalala nothing bad is happening. The reason I do this though is because if I went back there, I would lose my mind and my hope for existence, and if I can’t see the point in helping what can never be helped, then nothing will change.

If you want to watch the news, but don’t actually want any facts to back up stories, look no further then Australia’s biggest news coverage channel.

I understand where this supposed ‘renowned hostility’ comment came from about Australia. There is a minority group lobbying to stop some housing being built for Muslims or some shit like that. According to the world we are apparently a very Islamophobic country. I could start throwing the word ‘hypocrite’ to the person that said it in a passing comment, because they’d rather go to New Zealand over Australia due to this ‘hostility’ even though they are from America… But I’m not going to, that would make me just as ignorant and racist as they are.

It pisses me off that people choose to blindly follow the news and judge something, someone or somewhere even though they have never seen, met or been. It makes me see red when people choose to spread their ignorant, hateful opinions on a social platform. But I guess that’s why I’m a hostile Aussie, right?

People like you have no idea about our country, our history, or what we’ve been through as a nation. You only see what your media wants you to see. Yet most Australian kids know every single American holiday, why you have it and the history behind it, through all the cartoons and American media we live off. Do you even have a clue that we were just Britian’s convicts, or that we lost the majority of our troops on Anzac Day because we got used as fodder by the English, or that we’ve only been a federation for 116 years?

And for fucks sake there is nothing wrong with the kids of today! There is nothing wrong with advancing in technology and medicine! If anything, I hold all my hope in the Millennials because they are the smartest generation yet. They learn so quickly it’s astonishing, and that’s all thanks to the internet. All thanks to the new celebrities that the kids look up to, YouTube creators. All thanks, to the advancement of technology.

As each generation has passed, we have grown, yet it’s always the same stupid argument from the generation previously; the kids have no idea what it was like living in our time, they don’t appreciate what we had to go through blahblahblahblah BULLSHIT!

Of course we don’t understand, that’s YOUR generation, how the fuck are we supposed to understand anything we haven’t experienced ourselves? When you tell the kids that they’re a bunch of lazy, technology-obsessed whingers, can you not see that you are just as stuck in your ways, with your refusal to accept that the world needs to move forward. It’s not a bad thing, it’s an exciting thing. You can’t just sit there and fucking tell me that the generation you grew up in was fucking roses, because that’s fucking bullshit and you know it. And the last thing this generation needs is the over-criticising comments from the older generations who are starting to lose the power they once had in this world.

Stop saying the world is fucked. If it’s fucked, do something. Don’t just sit there and whinge about it. Talking doesn’t help, action does. The only person you are hurting is yourself. Why? What’s the fucking point?

Encourage the kids. Encourage them to be better then us.

Encourage them to speak up.

Encourage them to think for themselves.

Encourage them to learn.

This is the only way to change the world. Let the newer generations take control, they have fresh ideas, they have more knowledge. They are smarter. They care more, they feel more.

And most importantly, they’re the ones growing up in this day and age.

It’s Gen Y’s turn to rise up into power soon, my generation, the generation with double the numbers of the Baby Boomers. We are working on it. The majority of us want to change, want the world to change with us.

Stop concentrating on the minority who still wants everyone to suffer. These are not the majority, they are just the loudest of us.

Stop blaming the ignorance of the people either. You don’t win arguments by telling people they are stupid. You do it through understanding and educating.

The rest of the world is not your enemy.

This is:

free your mind



19 thoughts on “The Media VS Reality

      1. Considering only one corporation controls most of the worlds media, there’s not much hope for truth. We have to rely on people like Snowden who are prepared to risk their lives for the sake of informing others.

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  1. This was difficult to read. Several things you said hit me hard. And frankly I’m on the fence. I understand your rant towards older generations; I also understand some of what they say because I’ve said it myself.

    Every generation has its problems. Every generation makes a trade off. Not sells out, but makes a trade off. We give up one thing to embrace another. For your gen, it’s giving up a lot of true social contact in exchange for the internet. I’m not sure if the current phenomena of simply whipping out your phone and live streaming a rape or beating is all that helpful compared to actually getting involved. Nor am I sure that the trolling phenomena is anything to crow about. And the internet has fundamentally changed many things. Music and film have been greatly modified. It’s damned hard to make it when I only get paid .003 per stream for one of my songs. Is any of this any better or worse than any other generation? No. Your problems are uniquely yours, but the struggle and angst you feel isn’t new at all.

    Frankly, I’m ready to give over to a new generation. I just hope they’re people who are literate. People who want to do better. I know they’re out there. I also see a lot of people I’m frankly SCARED TO DEATH to leave the world to. Illiterate, ignorant, crass bastards who are completely (it seems) devoted to chaos and violence. Again, I don’t think that’s anything new. My generation had them; every generation had them.

    Go on: do better. Please!

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  2. Only the consumers of this neo-muckraking really would claim anyone’s delusional for not wanting to pay attention to big media outlets. The stuff they market is specifically written and produced to incite anxiety responses. Even worse is the stuff they put out on social media just so they can generate and then cover the inflammatory responses.

    Meanwhile, younger generations are losing out on good journalism – the kind that is done by newspapers. John Oliver did a segment about it (I can’t find it right now); a lot of the stuff that is news is just read by media outlet reporters. I really wish outlets would be forced to pay royalties to newspapers. I mean, they’re making money off of someone’s hard work.

    At any rate, some Americans do know about ANZAC Day. While I can’t remember the specific day it falls on (I want to say it’s in April), I do know it was related to the Gallipoli campaign in World War I. Y’all acquitted yourselves impeccably after basically getting dumped on a beach and left to the wolves. We also do know about Australia being a penal colony. From what I had learned in school and in undergrad, it picked up the slack after the Brits couldn’t send convicts to Georgia.

    Fortunately, we have the Interwebs now, so some of us can learn about other people. And if anyone gives you shit about not watching American media garbage, tell them that even Americans don’t watch that garbage.

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    1. I can’t say all American tv is bad, I mean we also grew up with shows like Daria and whatnot (that show shaped my teenage years). I’m glad some of you do know, I guess it was a comment that lingered in my mind for a while, the Aussie hostility.


  3. I just wanted to make clear that I think your analysis of media coverage is spot on. My earlier comment was agreeing with your assessment, but I forgot to specifically lead off with that. I apologize if I was being confusing.

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    1. Oh no it’s ok, for one I was trying to stay off my phone for the rest of the day. And two, I just rant sometimes and when I wrote that I was sort of angry and in all reality I only know the minimal information, so I made it hard for myself to comment back, hah.


  4. Faecesbook! Oh my goodness! I actually LOL’ed! Love it!

    Sorry I’ve been a stranger, btw… Got a new job, and its been a complete mish getting through the application, interview, and training processes!!!!

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