In My Darkest Hours…

I don’t turn to music, I turn to cartoons.

I turn to visual media, I turn to art. Cartoons are an art form, no matter what anyone says.

I’ve always felt comfort in cartoons, in viewing over hearing. I’ve always been the type to analyse everything I watch. And finally they’ve made a cartoon that gives me more then I can even analyse on most days, well, in recent times I mean.

This isn’t a review.

I just merely wanted to write about a show that I can continue to keep re-watching, and still gain a different meaning every time from…

I’m talking about Rick and Morty.


For anybody who hasn’t seen it, at face value it’s just another cartoon with some eccentric, dysfunctional main characters who go on adventures and is overall an entertaining, funny, somewhat offensive animation. But to anyone who has actually watched it, it’s the most philosophical, nihilistic cartoon created.

We place so much meaning on life, we spend our existence finding a purpose, living the best way we can. I don’t believe at some point or another that no one has thought about the why. Why are we here? What is the point of it all. 

What if I told you that the point is there is no point? What if we are nothing more then a microverse created to power a car battery? (Season 2, The Ricks Must Be Crazy)

Rick and Morty constantly challenges your point of view on everything, life, ethics, the universe. Rick is a reckless, nihilistic scientist, so void of happiness that most of the time he is completely morally corrupt. Morty is just an average teenage boy, so easily manipulated by his grandfather.

This show makes no point in trying to hide opinions, or throw situations at you that make you somewhat question your own morale beliefs. In other words, the creator gives no fucks if this show offends you.


(I know, the terrible spelling in this meme is bothering me too.)

Even though the message is bleak in most episodes, there are still words of wisdom that can be drawn upon and learnt by.


There really isn’t too much of a point to this post. I guess I’m just in a deep reflective point in my life. The thing is, the way I see it, what Rick believes isn’t wrong, and holds a lot of truth behind it. It’s the truth though that no one really wants to face up to.


That life is essentially pointless, that we are nothing more then tiny ants in the grand scheme of the enormity of our universe. That there is so much we will never get to see and experience, and what we will experience is nothing more then trivial motions that we go through to keep up with how society dictates we should act.

I don’t see the nihilistic view point as negative. Because it makes you start thinking further then just the giant sand box we all live in. Because if there isn’t really a meaning to life, why not try and explore further then Earth? Why is our own narcissistic ideas on giving meaning to our own lives the be all and end all? Is it really such a terrible thought to know that we aren’t really that special, and that we’ve still got so much to learn?

That maybe we aren’t alone in the universe, and no I’m not just referring to ‘aliens’.

That maybe the views we’ve come to learn and take on (God) is nothing more then an idea we created for ourselves to make this life more comfortable and meaningful? Although I may be agnostic, this is still an idea I debate in my head.

Do these ideas scare you?

If so, do you ever ask yourself why they do?

Because there isn’t anything wrong with thinking, with questioning. If people didn’t choose to break the mould and think about the hard stuff that we never really would of progressed as a society.

But I guess if you feel yourself getting worked up over this post, because I’m questioning your beliefs, or throwing you out of your comfort zone, then I guess…




4 thoughts on “In My Darkest Hours…

  1. Gotta find some Rick and Morty cartoons. 🙂

    As for any nihilistic feelings you’re having, try to remember if there IS no god, it’s all the more important we pull together and help each other because there ain’t no big, bearded, white guy in an oversized toga watching over us.

    I tend to think there is a universal consciousness, but it doesn’t really ‘care’ about us they way we think. It’s connected to us, yes, because we all carry a little sliver of it in us. But it doesn’t listen to prayers, it doesn’t watch over us. To think anything beyond this world acts as if it was IN this world is stupid. You’re talking about something beyond time and space; we can’t encompass what that existence would be like, much less how it would think. So for me, to personify god as a toga wearing bearded white man is silly. It’s a fairy tale version for simpletons. The reality is far weirder, far more mysterious than our poor language could ever communicate.


    1. I tend to agree with all of that, that’s why I identify as agnostic, as I believe that it’s still just as ignorant to say that there is nothing. But it’s still one of those things where I still think that even that idea itself is unrealistic. Just debate ideas, at the end of the day it doesn’t affect me either way, it’s just interesting to think about sometimes.

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