Illuminati Confirmed!

Ahahahaha, I love saying that. The Illuminati conspiracies are my favourite.

But really, my youtube feed has been bombarded with a particular singer of late, someone that I’m so glad I found.

That Poppy.


This is Poppy. She is an art project who has managed to infiltrate a major record label (Island Records) with her over the top creepiness and blatant conspiracy-theory satire.

You have no idea how happy it makes me to see things like this. To go with her current pop music hits that she has on Vevo, she also has her own Youtube channel that consists of really strange, well, not really anything that’s easily explainable.

Here’s an example of said weird videos;

Her creator is Titanic Sinclair, he is a director as well as a musician with his end goal seeming to be to take the piss out pop culture and the mainstream music industry in general.

This guy… Genius. As I said, shit like this makes me happy, because it confuses the ignorant, which is amusing, while in turn makes important jabs towards what’s wrong with our culture as a whole. The fact that a major record label has also jumped on board with it is refreshing, and gives me a bit of hope that the future of pop music isn’t entirely fucked.


Even the lyrics to a few of her songs are pretty over the top, and shed some light on how Titanic feels about the industry and its capitalist nature and overall just makes some obvious digs at the mind-numbingness of pop music;

When I was a little girl

I used to think I was wrong for wanting diamonds and pearls

I never had anything no Chanel or Tiffany like all the popular girls

They say the best things are free but I don’t get what they mean

Cause I want everything

Gimme some of that cold cash

I want to stuff it in my couch

C’mon bring me those big stacks

I need them bricks to build my house

Give me all of that, all of that til the ATM runs out

If money can’t buy happiness then why is it so fabulous?

(*Money – That Poppy)

Everybody wants to be Poppy, Poppy

Everybody wants to be

Everybody wants to be Poppy, Poppy

Everybody wants to be someone else

All the people all around want to know

What to look like, what to think, where to go

But I don’t know, I don’t know

I don’t know what to think anymore

I’m not here to tell you, what to say or be

Why does everybody look just like me

(*Everybody Wants To Be Poppy – That Poppy)

Even in her hit song Lowlife, Titanic ironically sets up the whole scene with as many conspiracy references as possible with the very first frame having Poppy in the Baphomet pose with a pyramid with the eye of providence behind her (its a devil and illuminati reference in one!)

I love it when art projects and opinions are taken to a mainstream level. I love that it has people talking and thinking about it. Everything about the channel and the character, down to the non-aligning dates of when the Youtube channel was made to the eerie hidden messages in the Poppy videos themselves are so well thought out and on purpose, it adds a whole new layer of intrigue and mystery. You can’t even find information on the actress who plays Poppy, that’s dedication to a role.

Her songs a kind of, poppy too.


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