New Found Love

This is my new man;


This is Geralt of Rivia, he’s a monster hunter by trade, not really human, went through some mutations that ultimately made him a ‘witcher’, which pretty well just means he’s harder, better, faster, stronger then normal humans, oh, and he has these cool cat eyes.

He has 2 swords, one steel one, for human enemies, and a silver one, for monsters. Along with his epic badarse combat skills and added agility and strength, he also can stun target, control peoples will and decisions, and shoot fire from his hand!

I’ve spent a lot of time with Geralt over this past week and a bit, we play a lot together.

I play with him a lot… I mean, I play as him, damn…

(Oh Geralt, you are a beautiful beast)

At least he’s a man that won’t leave me! Till the death of the xbox shall we do part.

Ahaha, tricked you into thinking I was talking about a real person. This is the level of my loneliness at this point in time…

But seriously, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been simultaneously taking over my life but calming me down and getting me through the days. It’s been a great change playing such a huge, open world RPG (role-playing game for the non nerds) as an already established character. I feel like I’m getting to know Geralt on a personal basis, moulding him into the person I want him to be. Since there’s a lot of story and side quests, they added a glossary of things like monsters and characters you meet, just so you don’t forget story lines. Even though you have an already established character and a main story line, the dialogue options are up to you. You’ve got the choice to make Geralt a noble hero, or a bounty hunter only in it for the money.

I would show you a map, but in all reality, it would not do justice to the sheer enormity of how big the world is that you’re riding around in. It’s awesome, there’s so much to do, you don’t have to stick to the main story line, you can always just explore all the unmarked areas, or do the pile up of quests you’ve got from talking to randoms, or killing the monsters in the witcher contracts that are on the notice boards in just about every town.

I mean, sometimes your quests aren’t even violent in nature, a lot of times people want you to use your ‘witcher senses’ to find other people, or things. I mean, there are times where Geralt merely finds frying pans for weird old ladies.

frying-pan (Sometimes these peasants really crack me up)

Due to the sheer enormity of this game, and I don’t just mean the map. You have alchemy thrown into it, where you need to search for plants and kill certain monsters for parts, the crafting system, where you’re collecting junk to break down and turn into weapons or armour. The in depth combat system, where you actually need to manually dodge or parry, and every monster has a different technique to kill them with. Really, it’s a breath of fresh air to not just sit there and bash the same button till the enemies are dead, like most games.

It can get glitchy as hell though, ranging severity from the funny not rendering properly to the downright aggravating, your whole games crashed and your stuck kind of glitchy. Nothings perfect though, so hopefully with more updates they’ll fix it. Probably not on the xbox though, it’s kind of the consoles fault as well.

(Son of a glitch… Oh dear Geralt, how are you ever going to stay on your horse in that position?)

 You also get a horse to travel the countryside with. Geralt names all of his horses,and this ones name is Roach.

I sort of giggled at that, how appropriate a name considering bud just goes hand in hand with gaming.

This horse is great at first, turned into the bane of my existence after 2 hours in. He will get in your way, in every conceivable way possible. He will also stand in your way, he won’t move, even if you got off him the wrong way, and you really need him to move so you can get back onto the ledge before you topple off the cliff you stopped on. He has a tendency to get stuck in trees and bushes. He’s also slightly ridiculous in where he can and cant go. Gets stuck trying to jump over small fences, but somehow manages to slide down embankments.

(Sometimes the only way your horse can get down embankments, is on two legs. The struggle is real!)

I know I’m not a reviewer, or the best of gamers, and I know a lot of the people that read my stuff don’t really game, but I had to talk about a thing I like for once.

It may be little, but it’s something.

Oh, and happy 1st year anniversary to me and this blog I Like Things. Been exactly a year since I started.


9 thoughts on “New Found Love

      1. lol! I’ll have to look into it. The key would be the controller option. My hands can’t do button pushing for any length of time. I’ve tried it with other games and my wrists really hurt after a while.


  1. Yay!!! I’m so glad you found someone who makes you happy :-* Your post made me laugh, even though I’m not a gamer. I’ll have to tell my son to try it out – he has an Xbox, and he fancies himself a full-on gamer 😉 Bless him 🙂

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