I’m Not A Second Option

Another one of the many reasons why Facebook is evil, because whether you’re on it or not there’s usually people in your life who are still friends with the people you don’t want to hear about anymore.

Thanks fam, I totally wanted to know that my recent ex is now in another state with his ex, or should I say, his first love that he is now reunited with…

Was I a good practise?

Was I a good mirror for you to witness all the ways you destroyed your first relationship?

Were you just settling for me? I mean, we look pretty fucking similar.

I hate you.

And as much as you’re fucking with my head without even being here, you aren’t the only one doing it either.

I guess my role is tits, oh and just a person to fuck with in general while you pine over a person you can’t have and who treats you like shit.

Fuck you.

I’ll deal with being treated in a lot of ways, I’ve come to accept the fate of my gender, I’m cool to use that to my advantage.

But I will NOT be a second fucking choice, or the second best option.

I would rather be alone forever, then be used. 

This is my message to any and all future men;


Fuck you if you think I’m putting up with your bullshit, because I’ve learnt my lesson. Next time around Ima gtfo the moment I sense any headfuckery.

(Yes, real tattoo, maybe you should read about it)

I don’t need this post to be long.

This is merely just to say.

Every part of me is almost completely destroyed.

Almost ready to start rebuilding.





3 thoughts on “I’m Not A Second Option

  1. Of course you’re not second to anyone, Kim. While it’s terrible what you’ve had to go through to come to this realization, I also just want to emphasize that you are important to the people that will care about you. They will care no matter what happens, because it’s who you are that is valuable. Just try to be gentle with yourself. Yes, it’s easier said than done.

    As for this guy chasing his ex, he’s showing all the signs of not knowing what the hell he’s doing. Clearly if he was interested in what’s best for him, he would have known how awesome you are. That you cared for him isn’t a problem or a chink in your armor; it shows your capacity for being a decent human being. He can have whatever he wants on social media, but he can’t have you.

    And that automatically means he can’t have as good a life as what might have been. It also means that you are free to determine a better life for yourself than being yoked to him. Let him be happy in his slavery, because your freedom is more precious than anything else.

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