Real Talk – I Made A New Blog!

It looks like I haven’t written a blog in a while, but technically this is my third.

I decided to make another blog, I did it because I want to try and take my blogging somewhere, but I don’t I can do it with this blog.

The new blog is going to concentrate on pop-culture related topics, it may contain my personal opinions but it won’t contain my life on it like this one. I’m also going to try and be a bit more classy with the language.

Real talk though, I Like Things is a weird thing for me. I made it raw and real at the time because that’s what I needed, to some degree I still do at times, hence why these posts have been really personal lately. This page exists for me to speak my mind, to give no fucks about what I say and how I feel, I need that too. This page is therapeutic for me in so many ways. But at the same time, I’m not always the same, I feel differently and those are the times I cringe at everything I’ve ever written on this page. I start thinking about how people must envision me and I start regretting ever making this page. And I don’t want to do that, because I love this page, and for some stupid reason a whole bunch of people seem to like this page too. So that’s why this new blog needs to exist, so I can write in both styles.

So if you enjoyed these types of posts from me; My Friend Till The EndNew Found LoveLeave Pewdiepie Alone! (please look at me, I have Pewds in the title!)In My Darkest Hours… or any of the Best of Youtube series, then they will all be over at the new blog, most of these will probably be re-posted over there, as well as the new content on there (as I said, I’ve written 2 blogs, this is my 3rd).

Real talk again, I’ve been putting off this writing this post because I tried to make a pact to myself that I would try and blog everyday on the new blog, so I thought I’d write this when I was ready to commit to that (I made the blog on New Years Eve, I was wanting to write this post that day). I now realise that I can’t promise a fucking thing to myself, because promising something is a guarantee I’ll flake the fuck out on it. So whatever, I’ll blog when I want, but I’ll try and keep it regular. Because I need something, I have to commit to something in my life. 

So yeah, introducing I Like Things LITE, all the subjects I’m passionate about, without the angstyness of the actual page.

Seriously though, I need you guys to support the page, it’s encouragement for me to control my feelings and write objectively, I need it as much as I need this page.

I will still be writing on here though, but this page will always be the page where I speak my mind apologetically, it just won’t be as regular.

Lol, who am I kidding, it will probably be about the same regularity as now.


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