Fuckman & Donkey Dick Court

This is sort of old news now, but it got brought up again today on a random vlog I was watching on Youtube.

And I was tossing up whether to put this on LITE or not, because it’s sort of pop culture related, but it deserves to be here because of its blatant offensiveness.

I am of course talking about the ridiculous court trial that happened on June 20th, 2016. 

I really don’t care what your feelings are on this, it’s funny, stop being so serious. Just the fact that something like this happened is funny.

The trial was for Denver Allen, who was being charged for murder of a fellow inmate. I’m going to link the transcript here because it has to be read to be believed. But it follows along these lines…

The Court: Lis-listen to me.

Allen: – I’ll just hold myself in contempt.

The Court: Listen to me.

Allen: Fuck you.

The Court: Listen to me.

Allen: Go fuck yourself. I’m through here – Are y’all done?

The Court: I-I’m finding- I’m finding you in contempt of court.

Allen: I don’t care.

The Court: I know you don’t. And I sentence you to twenty days for that. And if you say anything else, I’m going to add twenty days to everything you say.

Allen: Fuck you.

The Court: Forty days.

Allen: Fuck you again.

The Court: Sixty.

Allen: Go fuck yourself.

The Court: A year.

Allen: Your mama.

The Court: Ten years.

Allen: Suck my dick.

The Court: You know something, this is going to be an interesting trial.

Interesting trial indeed.

And to make it all even better, this ended up being turned into a Rick and Morty short, with the whole trial voiced by Justin Roiland himself (creator and voices of Rick and Morty). Then some awesome animator, Tiarawhy, spent 2 months putting the animation into colour.

Man, I would’ve loved to be the person in the courtroom typing all that shit down…

So yeah, enjoy the Rick and Morty interpretation of this court case, it’s funny because it works as an episode.

Ahhhhh people….




6 thoughts on “Fuckman & Donkey Dick Court

      1. On a long enough timeline, there will always be some really absurd court dialogue. Australia probably has its own variety, though it might not be as common as here in the States or even in the U.K. due to difference in population size.


      2. I think the most stupid of things could happen here and at this point in time we wouldn’t even care. We are too interested in what the US is doing, it’s like watching a really depressing reality tv show.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Maybe it’s because I live here which is why I don’t find domestic affairs interesting. I’d much rather hear about awesome things from other parts of the world than about the train wreck that is U.S. domestic affairs.

        I hope things get more interesting in your part of the world. And I mean interesting in a good way, and not in any horrible way.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I hope so too, I barely hear about Australia anymore. Last thing we seemed to get excited over was how terrible Abbott was as our prime minister, but onion eating, threatening to shirt-front Putin and calling the Irish a bunch of drunks is kind of nothing in the grand scheme of Trump.

        Liked by 1 person

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