A Light-Hearted Disney Post

I know I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I’d write about my feelings on Disney films, because somtimes I actually do want to write about stuff I like..

Oh snap, what a meta inside blog reference.

The internet ruined my ability to see these movies through innocent eyes anymore. Not with the endless amount of conspiracy theories about Mickey and satanic references, the hate against the portrayal of women, Walt’s past in general, and the dreaded rule 34 of the internet…

rule 34

When I was a child though, I didn’t even see shit like that, and I consider myself a fairly perseptive child.

But as a child I was mesmerised by the music.

Especially the Disney films I grew up with, in the 90s, when I was 4 and Disney brought me childlike wonder and joy even in my already darkening soul.

So I’ll always appreciate Disney for that.

Sometimes it’s just calming as shit to stop adulting for one second, stop the cynical basterdry of your mind that comes from getting older, and experience the amazing beats of the 90s Disney.

Let me leave you with my favourite Disney song of all.

I know, it’s super catchy cool, you’re welcome.


4 thoughts on “A Light-Hearted Disney Post

  1. Under the Sea has been permanently ruined for me, but mostly because Sebastian is constantly focused on physical love. He sang Kiss the Girl, wherein he tries to get a prince to make a physical move on Ariel. Even without Sebastian, there’s the priest with the erection and Ursula going on and on about getting Triton’s trident.

    Come to think of it, The Little Mermaid is just bursting with innuendo.


    1. Look, I understand that old school Disney films have an aspect of this old school mysogony. But the soundtracks to these movies are great, and again, I didn’t notice this shit as a kid, was only when I became an adult and started overanalysing everything did I realise the faults in Disney. What I feel about the content and story of the films as an adult has nothing to do with how I feel about the music, which is what drove me as a child. That’s all I was sharing.

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      1. I’m sorry, Kim. 😦

        I meant for my comment to be tongue-in-cheek (I ended it with two double-entendres). Really, I don’t think negatively of Disney movies or songs in general because I don’t think too much about them. It took being around people who go on about Under the Sea being dirty for me to realize that people sometimes read adult stuff into the older movies. I was 30 when that happened. Before that, I was oblivious.

        People can contort whatever Disney movie they want into being awful, for whatever reason they want. I think it’s great that you can still enjoy the songs, and I don’t think you should let others get in the way.

        My own failed attempts at humor included. 😦

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      2. My bad, I really struggle to see humour in text if there isn’t an overuse of ‘lol’ in there, the entendres just went over my head entirely . I was kind of like awww Sirius doesn’t like me anymore… But I can understand how people read dirty stuff in that song, especially with the line ‘Darling it’s better down where its wetter’ but again, that took 16 year old me to start hearing that line. And aside from that line if you do take the lyrics literally (like me because I’m incredibly literal) then it’s a pleasant song about happy crustaceans that live happily under the ocean, because fuck being human.

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