RIP Chester Bennington…

Linkin Park meant a lot to me growing up…

I wouldn’t say they were in my top favourite bands or anything, it was more that they had a couple of albums that got me through some of the roughest years of my life, the ages of 12-17.

I was introduced to the band in 2003 with the song Somewhere I Belong becoming popular on mainstream radio. I was in grade 6 and I connected with that song in a way I hadn’t experienced before with any other band. If I could describe their music in one word it would be Raw. Because the lyrics were meaningful but painful, and Chesters vocals were so angry, raspy and full of expression. Coupled with the brilliant rhymes of Mark Wakefield, and the grimey guitars that just had the ability to express all the shittiness you were feeling inside.


It was like the band was perfectly describing how much I hurt, and it was done so beautifully and raw.

It’s horrible to think that you felt that there was no other way out except the one you took…

You never truly know how close anyone could be to the edge.


I Support Net Neutrality

Because I’m awful about talking about these things, here’s a post that explains it a lot better then me.

And to everyone who isn’t in the US and thinks this doesn’t affect you; it does.

This isn’t just a US problem, this is a problem that affects everyone

The free and open internet depends on Net Neutrality. Join us in the fight to preserve it on July 12.

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