What A Tripper…

So, about me then…

Guess I’ll start with the standard shit then. My name’s Kim, I’m 24 from Australia currently not working from only recently blah blah blah blah.

I’m not really a blogger, it’s a big stretch to even call myself a writer or even decent at english full stop. I stumbled upon this website whilst enjoying a blog that randomly came up on the googles search. It encouraged me to start a page, me not really understanding what things are about just thought yeah whatever I’ll make a profile, then all of a sudden I came to the realization I made a whole site and people still look at it and like it even with the lack of content on it.

I did call this page what I did with the most honest intentions, I came on here to like things. I highly doubt this page is going to be much about the things I like, because writing witty stuff about things I like is fucking hard and it’s sometimes pretty lame and that isn’t the type of person I am.

I’m going to use profanities, because I type the way I speak. I’m going to speak deeply aka rant about things that anger me. I may review stuff, I may put up my art, there might even be some times where I talk about things I like. None of this will probably be that often. I have a very limited attention span and I’m at my most motivated to write when I’m pissed off.

All of this is probably pretty standard for the internet nowadays. But you wont find me anywhere else but here, and buried deep down in Tumblr with no followers. I am not on Facebook. I am not on Instagram. I am not on Twitter. There’s probably more social media sites now but if I can’t think of them I’m clearly not on them. I am a lone ranger on the interwebs and prefer to stay that way.

I’ve always been the weird kid. Not the dresses up different and looks kinda cool weird. I mean the gives off an intense vibe and has no friends kind of weird. If I say that that is the reason why I’m so snide and sarcastic all the time, will I get less hate for my posts? Don’t know, don’t care. Lets see where this page goes.

Standard pretentious selfie for About page. Check.



16 thoughts on “What A Tripper…

  1. Your site is very interesting, well-written, and nicely arranged. The theme works well for you. I’m probably not in your target audience, being ancient and have lived a very long time…but I intend to be around longer. I enjoy following and reading all types of blogs, and have a pretty diverse following on my blog. 🙂

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    1. Thankyou, I really appreciate your words I’m never sure if what I write is just me babbling or not. Honestly, I don’t really have a target audience. I just write what I want to write without giving too much thought about what the people that read my stuff think. I think diversity is a good thing.


      1. Your content is varied and interesting, and I think people of all ages will find things to relate to or that interests them. Diversity is a very good thing…I write about all kinds of stuff, poetry is my favorite. I like that I have readers from all levels, teenagers to “old people” like me…

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      2. Old people.. I see you as wiser people with a range of interesting things to write about because of life experience. I love WordPress, some teenagers that follow me have some very valid things to say, the level of wisdom and intelligence from all age groups almost make the age number irrelevant if you know what I mean.


      3. I think the human race is maturing and advancing rapidly. Take young children, for example, they are better behaved and more knowledgeable than previous generations. I suppose some of that is due to the level of education, also benefits from television and the like.

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      4. somebody on here refers to being at Level 80, instead of 80 years old. I like that…it doesn’t put adjectives on people just because they have managed to last and do cool stuff for a long time. 🙂

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